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Moiseev Boris

( singer, dancer, choreographer)

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Boris Moiseev - dancer, choreographer, singer, artist of the spoken genre, writer, actor, head of the dance group and author of the popular show in Russia - the most successful people on Russia's stage. He always goes on unexplored paths, looking for new, unknown, sometimes forbidden territories. He boldly and desperately intrudes where never set foot artist, at least, Russia. Its programs are imbued with the most powerful sexual energy, built on a mad, mad freeing creativity, without boundaries and prohibitions.

Boris Moiseyev was born on March 4, in prison, as his mother, resentful of authority, in those years was a political prisoner. He spent his childhood in a small Jewish ghetto in Mogilev provincial. He grew up without a father, and, moreover, was a very sickly child. In order to improve health, my mother gave Boris dancing in a circle. Since then, he realized that dancing - his life. He organized outdoor concerts for residents of his home, and after graduating from school, brought a suitcase with a modest wardrobe and left alone in Minsk. There, Boris entered the ballet school, which graduated as a classical dancer. He studied under the great ballerina Mladinskoy, which once danced with Anna Pavlova. It was the last of the Mohicans present in St. Petersburg Imperial School. In classic succeeded Boris. But he was drawn to the characteristic and pop dance. At the end of the school of freedom, for the acute and frank language, inherited from his mother, he was expelled from Minsk.
The spirit of protest has always lived in it. Freedom - a sign, a symbol of my character, my life, that constant striving for independence, which from early childhood spurred me and identified a lot in my life ".

Boris came to the Ukraine in Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theater, where the prime actor reached Choreographer. But because of the free nature of its expelled from the Komsomol, and he left Kharkov. In 1975, Boris moved to Kaunas, one of the most independent cities of the then Soviet Union, where dancing in musical theater, and later became the chief choreographer of the Lithuanian orchestra "Trinitas". In Kaunas in 1978, he created a dance trio "Expression", which, together with Boris worked for 2 lovely girls - black and white. The trio quickly became popular and, having conquered Lithuania, moved to work in the "Theater of the song" Russia's famous singer Alla Pugacheva, with which they have participated in the popular world competitions and festivals, such as at a festival in San Remo. But then Boris has been working closely and in this framework and in 1987 the trio came out of the troupe Pugacheva and start a solo career. Showered with invitations from different countries and from 1988 to 1989, "Expression" performed in clubs in Italy, France and America. In addition to trio concert halls for a long time worked on Italian television "RAI-2" TV show "Raffaella Cara Presents". A few years later, Boris has worked as a choreographer in theater and dance show America, where the honor of being the main director-director of the municipal theater of the city of New Orleans.

In 1991, on his return to Russia, the team went on television documentary "Expression", telling about the creative ways Boris Moiseyev and his trio. This was the beginning of his solo career in the country. In 1992 he published his first play, which turned the small trio "Expression" in the big show-project "Boris Moiseyev and his lady". "What scene?" This is a sacred action. There can be an actor on stage and on the street among the people in the same form, in the same suit. There is a strict distribution - this is a scene, it's life, this is the pathos. But always have to be yourself, to fight for themselves. Life - it is a front. And every room, every performance - my little victory ". And he won.

In 1993, there was a new play "Boris M + Boney M" with the popular group "Boney M", who became Russia's explosion on the scene. But it is not relieved Boris. "I work a lot, because it's interesting to me. Interestingly, my team, it is interesting to learn professionalism, discipline is interesting on stage ". And in the same 1993 he released yet another performance of "Show goes on - the memory of Freddie Mercury," which Boris Moiseyev got Rossiyskuyu national music award "Ovation" as the best show of the year. And in 1994, there is a new light show program "Caprice Boris Moiseev".

In 1995, Russia Boris shocking performance "Child of vice", after which his work is called "religion of shock and outrageous". It is this performance has given birth to a new offspring of Moses - the creation of his own show theater. Now is a professional and international team, that Boris was able to collect while traveling around the country and abroad. It is the Poles, Germans, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and Georgians. "I have professionals who are very quickly learn and understand my ideas. We have a very nice company, fashionable and stylish. "
. Having its own troupe of like-minded, in 1996, Moses released his second play after the "Child of vice" - "Fallen Angel", a performance-confession, which clearly traced his own fate
. "I sing about tragedy and love. Crazy + I want to show is not erotic, as such. I always show the depth of human feelings, no matter who they connected - a man and woman, man and woman. It's love with all its ups and downs. I play on the stage of history of the senses +. Moses is looking immaculate in a vicious, sexual in chaste. Someone thinks that the shocking name of his performances "Child of Vice," "Fallen Angel" - just a gimmick to attract public. Moses himself refers to this somewhat differently: "I play in their history. I do not care how it relates to the public, the political elite, top showbiz. I am interested in my life and my career as an artist. The audience likes it, it kicks from this. I am for them brittle, resentful, naked baby. Naked King, clown! ".

Confirmation of this - the stunning success of the performance in Russia, Germany, Israel, Spain, and, finally, the long-awaited triumph in the "Beacon Theatre" on Broadway in 1998. Is not this confession? This success of the performance due to the fact that all this is deeply sufferings by artist. Of all people, and he has the right to talk about vice as a source of purity. "What is my topic? This is the theme of the actor, the theme of his feelings, or rather, a labyrinth of feelings, through which, for various reasons not everyone can go". As the completion of this topic in 1998, Boris has released the third performance of "The Kingdom of Love", some of the rooms, from which have become pop hits Russia. "My family - is the audience, these are my friends. And to me this is enough "- said Moiseev. And the audience responds to him reciprocate.

But this is not all that famous in Russia, Boris Moiseyev. He worked as a model for a famous Russian couturier. He acted in films "came in and said," Season of Wonders "," Field neposeyannoy Rye ". He played a major role - the role of Rigoletto in the movie "Revenge of the jester". And now, famous Russia journalist, writer and director of the acclaimed all over the world the movie "Purgatory" Alexander Nevzorov invited Boris to the main role in his new film "The Third Coming". Moses wrote about his book and screenplay for her immediately. Addressing the audience on the eve of its performances, Boris said: "Nervous people, playing in Puritanism, to come to them should not. But people with an open mind and heart, I invite to see the best show Russia's Variety. I want that together we played them ". And the audience gratefully accepts his invitation. In Moses has a spectator. He was going for many years. And the criteria for this selection were sufficiently rigorous. "If a man can not fly with me in a balloon and shoot through the clouds, so to me with him on the way".

And its role in the world, Boris defines as: "I feel like a speck of dust in a vast vacuum. I way fight for the planet. I urge everyone to get out of their casings and tell others: "Good morning!".

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