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ROSENBAUM Alexander Yakovlevich

( singer, poet, composer)

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Biography ROSENBAUM Alexander Yakovlevich
Born September 13, 1951, Mr.. Leningrad. Father, Jacob Shmarevich - Urologist. His mother, Sophia Semyonovna - an obstetrician-gynecologist. My grandfather, brother, uncle - also a doctor, which could not but affect the choice of the initial occupation of the young Alexander, though, the words of an adult A. Rosenbaum, a profession he chose himself 'no pressure' from relatives.

In the music began to work with the age of five. He graduated from the School of Music in piano, played guitar, took part in the initiative, then graduated from the evening school as a musical arrangements. He played for friends, playing house, playing in the yard. In general, in the words of Alexander Yakovlevich, on 'the scene with five years'. Musical from childhood was fairly decently educated, which could not be said about poetry. In childhood the future poet did not know it. It was raised and the court, and the boys' relationship. Then he discovered Mayakovsky - 'amazing lyrics', now well acquainted not only with domestic but also world poetry.
Intelligent boy's mother took her on the violin, and figure skating, but the yard and fight education made itself felt, and seventh graders Sasha ran away in a box. Ran away, though not in order to hone the ability to hit in the face. Simply because of the nature of the soul it more manly sports. Hope in the box Sasha handed bad, but combine for a full training program with studies in the First Medical Institute, it was impossible and had to leave the box.

Music education and guitar marked the beginning of creativity. Songs began writing while in high school. First hundred pieces - a tourist, it is imitative. Especially 'played out' at the Institute. In primary health, according to the memoirs of Alexander Yakovlevich, life was interesting. They put the amateur performances, prepared 'skits', went on hikes. And everywhere with him was a guitar. At that time there appeared the first review of its performance in the student newspaper 'Pulse'. A lot of singing, a lot of composing. And those songs 'Odessa-cycle', which are then dispersed throughout the country in the tape recordings were then written to the 'Odessa Stories' Isaac Babel. Cassettes with recordings of these songs have appeared, probably in every home. However, few people knew then where he lives by them: whether we have, whether in America, and perhaps in Australia?

Early Rosenbaum, of course, was impressed by songs Bulat Okudzhava. When he heard of Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava relegated to the background.

In the mid-70's songs composed by 8.10, which unknowingly turned out the same as they could write himself Vysotsky. Until recently, even a little ashamed of this imitation. Convince composer Alexander A. Dol'skij: 'What is terrible? This was a period of apprenticeship '. But write it so that was like Vysotsky - this also must be able.

While the song was a hobby - in the first place was a medicine. In the institute in his life came in the fleet: he trained on the ships of the Pacific Fleet. After graduating in 1974, First Medical Institute, Alexander Rosenbaum during the year he served on warships of the Baltic Fleet, and then worked as anesthesiology and intensive care at a specialized emergency. So all and all was: the main work - the pauses songs. By that time, carried away a podium, rock music. In the early 70-ies musical talent is increasingly demanding professional attitude towards him. It was necessary to make a choice. Favorite work should be given entirely, without a trace. Did not want to be the best singer among the doctors or a doctor among the best singers. In 30 years, A. Rosenbaum, rushed into the maelstrom with his head - went on stage. Then it was almost unconsciously, only later, Alexander Yakovlevich realized that internally wanted and knew beforehand what people say.

The path to official recognition was not easy. Seven years of working without Billboard. Simply: 'Author and performer on the stage'. Rosenbaum - not only a poet and singer of copyright songs. Rosenbaum - composer. Powerful psychological impact of songs Alexander Rozenbaum is achieved not only the meaning of words, but her musical background. Rosenbaum - a professional entertainer and that says it all.

A special place in his art is a military theme. This recollection of the past, the percentage of the people, of his exploits - and the denial of the war of the future. Is no accident his first record 'Epitaph' is dedicated to the military theme, according to the surveys took first place in the work of A. Rosenbaum. As a continuation of the war theme - 'The Afghan cycle' - the ratio of the folk musician's trouble, the people's tragedy, which should not be repeated. In these songs - not only compassion for our boys who died in Afghanistan, but also thinking about why they were there.

As their own pain experiences Rosenbaum indifference of the State, who sent troops to that senseless slaughter and then turned away from them, maimed in body and soul. 'What are you, a country that has awarded us this share? " Without someone prodskazki, but simply on the dictates of his heart and soul, put Alexander Yakovlevich began a tradition: in May, Victory Day, he arranges his solo holiday concerts in the hall 'October'.

A great place to work as an artist took a series of 'Cossack songs'. This pastiche songs of the Kuban and Don Cossacks. Here and daring, and mischievousness, and 'exiles' grief, and sketches of ancient Cossack way of life ...

Many songs, Alexander Rosenbaum dedicated to his city. He loves and St. Petersburg, but with great tenderness, preserves the memory of Leningrad, where he spent his childhood and adolescence. The collection of poems 'White Bird luck' is devoted to the theme of the whole cycle under the heading 'I will ask the Palace Bridge, as a reward ...'

. Many of his songs, Alexander Yakovlevich reveals deep-rooted flaws in human relations: the hypocrisy, servility, fear of the truth and greatness of mind
. He believes that a song can change a lot, though not all, it can become a weapon. Fearing to remain misunderstood in his songs, Alexander Rosenbaum pays great attention to his art semantic load. 'The song should give emotional message. Entertainment - truly entertain, problem - the most delicate touch on the strings of the soul, and to consider '.

By his popularity A. Rosenbaum is quietly considering it advances to people without feeling awkward, because his pedestal he built himself: his songs, their labor. Many lines of his poems have hristomatiynymi, some of which are already embodied in life as a prophetic: 'My dream is to remove wood from the Savior on the Blood:'. Rozenbaum the good fortune to know how his words echoed in the hearts of his contemporaries. His creative biography can be characterized by the string F. Tyutchev: '... and the recognition given to us, as we are given a grace'. What could be higher for artists, poets and the composer, than 'grace' of the national recognition.

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

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ROSENBAUM Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography
ROSENBAUM Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography ROSENBAUM Alexander Yakovlevich  singer, poet, composer, photo, biography
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