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IVANOV Vyacheslav Ivanovich

( Writer)

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Biography IVANOV Vyacheslav Ivanovich
Ivanov, Vyacheslav Ivanovich (1866 - 1949), poet.

Born February 16 (28 NS) in Moscow in the family of an employee. In five years, lost his father and teacher of the future poet became a mother, a romantic woman at heart whose admiration for Belinsky at odds with the love of ecclesiastical. The terms of her hobbies was the first "spiritual home" Ivanov.

School years were among the hard work: the family impoverished, and the boy had to give so many private lessons, that "had the freedom to read and to think only at night". In twelve years of self begins to explore the ancient Greek language, retaining the fascination with antiquity for life.

After graduating from high school he studied at the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University. In 1886 he left for

Germany to work in the workshop of the famous historian Mommsen.

Abroad Ivanov conducts ten years: a lot of traveling, collecting materials about the Hellenic cult of the god Dionysus, completes the dissertation on the history of Berlin, wrote poetry, rather than attempting to publish.

In 1890 major events that influenced his life: he became acquainted with the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (a particularly strong impression on his idea of "the spirit of music" and the idea of Dionysian and Apollonian started). At the same time he meets L.Zinovevu-Annibale, his love, a few years later became his wife.

In 1903 he published a collection of poems "Helmsman stars", which brought him fame loud, then a collection of "Transparency" (1904) and the tragedy of "Tantalus" (1905), enhance its reputation. As a poet he has not had a noticeable impact on the development of Russian poetry, but in the development and substantiation of the theory of Russian symbolism, it has a critical role.

In 1905 returned to Russia and settled in St. Petersburg. Ivanov couple's apartment in the ledge above the five-storied house in Tauris street for many years to get the name "Tower" and soon became one of the centers of Russian cultural life, . where every Wednesday to midnight gathered writers, . artists, . Actors, . philosophers, . scholars and public figures from all directions, . to read poetry, . give reports, . exchange ideas, . argue,

The events of World War I stirred the poet, but he sought to preserve the philosophical calm. He tries to interpret the historical fate of Russia in the context of the fate of all mankind, which devotes a lyrical and philosophical cycle "Man".

The October Revolution and its ideas were profoundly alien Ivanov. After a period of loyal co-operation with the Soviets (1918 - work in the theater department Narcompros, . 1920 - 24 - Professorship, . then the Rector of Azerbaijan State University) Ivanov emigrated in 1924 to Italy, . maintaining a Soviet passport and citizenship, . that subsequently hinder him from being elected professor of Florence and University of Cairo,
. Ivan lives in Rome, engaged in translation: it translates into Russian as Dante, the European languages - poems. In 1925 published "Roman Sonnets".

During the Second World War, he returned to poetry. In the verse "Rome diary in 1944" there are memories of long life, images of "dark commotion" - the hardships of war and the horrors of German occupation, "Eternal City". Died Vyach. Ivanov in Rome on July 16, 1949.

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IVANOV Vyacheslav Ivanovich, photo, biography
IVANOV Vyacheslav Ivanovich, photo, biography IVANOV Vyacheslav Ivanovich  Writer, photo, biography
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