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Marinina Alexander B.

( author)

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Biography Marinina Alexander B.
photo Marinina Alexander B.
Hobbies and passions
Hobbies: A. Marinina collecting bells.
. Literature: detectives.
. Music: Verdi's opera.
. Painting: no bias.
. Movies: melodrama and psychological detectives.
. Products: crab sticks, cheese, sweet corn, Chinese cuisine.
. Drinks: grapefruit juice, Martini Bianco.
. Cigarettes: Fine120 with menthol.
. In his spare time: preference with your computer.

. Marinina (real name - Alexeeva Marina) was born in 1957 and until 1971 lived in Leningrad, in 1971
. - Moscow. She studied at the British Special School (in Leningrad - N 183, Moscow - NN 17 and 9), a music school in Leningrad Rimsky-Korsakov.

In 1979. graduated from the Law Faculty of Moscow State University and received a distribution in the MVD USSR. Official career began with the post lab, in 1980. was appointed research assistant, received the rank of Lieutenant. Been studying offender with mental abnormalities, as well as the perpetrator of repeated violent crimes. In 1986. defended her thesis on the topic: "A person convicted of a violent crime and prevent recurrence special.

Since 1987, Mr.. involved in analysis and forecasting of crime. He has more than 30 scientific works, including the monograph "Crime and Crime Prevention in Moscow", published by the Rome Institute for the UN Interregional Crime and Justice (UNICRI).

Since 1994. worked as deputy chief and chief editor of research and publishing department of the Moscow Institute of Law Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (before renaming - Moscow Higher School of Police).

In February 1998, Mr.. retired as a lieutenant colonel of militia.

In 1991. together with his colleague Alexander Gorkin wrote a detective novel "The Six-Winged Seraph", which was published in the journal "Police" in autumn 1992. The story was signed by the pseudonym "Marinina, compiled from the names of the authors.

In December 1992, Mr.. after the publication of "six-winged Seraphim" A. Marinin decided to try to write a detective story itself. "The confluence of circumstances" which first appeared constant heroine Anastasia Kamenskaya, was written in December 1992 - January 1993. and published in the journal "Police" in autumn 1993. During the 1993-94 i.i. were written the story "Playing in a foreign field" and "The Stolen Dream".

In January 1995, Mr.. to Marina's turned Publishers EKSMO "with the proposal to publish her works in the series" Black Cat ". The first book published "EKSMO", appeared in April 1995, it published the story "Six-Winged Seraph" and "Murderer willy-nilly". (After this book rights to the story "Six-Winged Seraph" no one passed, and the author is adamantly opposed to its further publication).

In 1995. Marina's Award Interior Ministry of Russia for the best work on Russia's police (for the book "Death for Death" and "Playing in a foreign field").

In 1998. at the Moscow International Book Fair A. Marinina recognized as "Writer of the Year" as the author, whose books in 1997. were sold to the largest number of runs.

In 1998. A. Marinina became the winner of awards Ogonyok magazine in the nomination "The success of the year."

In the past three years Marinina books were published more than 20 languages.

The first contract with foreign publishers had signed a. Marina's in 1997.

And Novels. Marina's started to film in the 1999th year. Company Rekun-movie "created the television series" Kamenskaja "of eight novels A. Marina's, which was shown on Russia's national television, as well as in Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, France. In 2001, the same company produced another sequel "Kamenskaja-2" on the following four novels.

Official site
  • Official Site A. B. Marina's in Russian and English languages. Biography, press, discussions, news.
  • Page A. B. Marina's on the site "Ozone". Biography, bibliography (about 100 books issued by various publishers), filmography (about 10 films produced by her works). Photos, reviews, interviews, links, guest readers.
  • A Detailed Biography. B. Marina's in the "Dossier on newsmakers" on the site weekly "interlocutor".
  • Two novel A. B. Marina's on the website "Library Maxima Moshkova". Interviews, links to other resources.
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  • Marinina Alexander B.

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Marinina Alexander B.Marinina Alexander B.Marinina Alexander B.Marinina Alexander B.

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Marinina Alexander B., photo, biography
Marinina Alexander B., photo, biography Marinina Alexander B.  author, photo, biography
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