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Rutskoi Alexander

( Head of the Administration of Kursk region, a member of the Federation Council)

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Biography Rutskoi Alexander
photo Rutskoi Alexander

Born September 16, 1947 in g. Kursk in a family of military, Russian.
In 1964 - 1966 worked as aircraft mechanic and turner at the aircraft factory.
In 1966 he was drafted into the army. In the rank of sergeant in 1967 entered the Barnaul Higher Military Aviation School.
From 1971 to 1977 served as an instructor pilot at various positions in Borisoglebsky aviation school name in. P. Chkalov.
In 1980 he graduated from the Air Force Academy named after NE. A. Gagarin. Was sent to the Soviet Army Group in Germany.
In 1985 was sent to Afghanistan as commander of a separate air assault regiment. In April 1986, was shot down by Stinger "during the assault and landing on a rebel base in the fortified area Zhevara 20 kilometers from the border with Pakistan. When hitting the ground seriously injured spine and was wounded in the arm. After the hospital was removed from the flight and was assigned to Mr.. Lipetsk as Deputy Chief of Combat Training Center Air Force (IAF) USSR. In 1988, again was sent to Afghanistan, Deputy Commander of the Air Force, 40-th army.
. In August 1988, was shot down and captured by the Mujahideen of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
. August 16, 1988 in the premises of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry was handed over to the Soviet diplomatic missions in Islamabad.
. In 1990 graduated with honors from the Military Academy of the General Staff.
. From May 1989 - Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Moscow Society of Russian Culture "Fatherland".
. In 1990 he was elected people's deputy of the RSFSR.
. 12 June 1991 became vice-president of Russia.
. September 1, 1993 "temporarily relieved of his duties.
. September 21, 1993, after President Yeltsin's decree dissolving parliament Rutskoi assumed the duties of the President of Russia, . in accordance with Article 121-6 of the Constitution of the RF, . includes the immediate termination of office of President in case, . if he uses his powers to dissolve the legitimately elected authorities.,
. October 3, 1993 called on the defenders of the parliament to storm the White House is located opposite the building of the Moscow City Hall
. Less than an hour the building was taken.
Decree B. N. Yeltsin Rutskoi was "relieved of his post as Vice-President of Russia," and dismissed from military service.
. From April 1995 - Chairman of the National Council of Traffic Power.
. October 20, 1996, was elected head of the Administration of Kursk region.
. By post - a member of the Federation Council of the second convocation.
. Member of the Political Council EPR "Unity".
. Hero of the Soviet Union.
. Is the third marriage
. Wife Irina Popova pedagogical school and graduated from the Plekhanov Institute.
Has three children. The eldest son Dmitry (from his first marriage) graduated from medical school and works in Kursk, where the head of OAO Kurskfarmatsiya ". Privatization of Kurskfarmatsiya "was held by order of the head of administration Rutskoi and was recognized by the arbitral tribunal as illegal.
Middle son (from his second marriage) Alexander learns in financial institutions, graduated from the Suvorov military school. In December 1998, the average son Rutskoi was sentenced to 1.5 years probation for smuggling currency. April 22, 1999 son Rostislav.

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Rutskoi Alexander, photo, biography
Rutskoi Alexander, photo, biography Rutskoi Alexander  Head of the Administration of Kursk region, a member of the Federation Council, photo, biography
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