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GORDON Alexander Garrievich

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Biography GORDON Alexander Garrievich
photo GORDON Alexander Garrievich
Garrievich Alexander Gordon was born on February 20, 1964 in the village Belousovo Kaluga region. Father - a poet, writer and artist Gary Gordon, a native of Odessa, but Alexander could be a different name.

It could be Alexander Strigoi (this is the maiden name of his mother), could be Chichinina (this is the name of his mother after the second marriage). But it so happened that this man is on life bright surname Gordon.

Here is what Alexander Garievich on this subject: "In fact, that my name was Gordon, a real grandmother on my mother - Vorobyov Marina Mikhailovna. She comes from a peasant family, lived a hard life. She worked as ushers in the club in the village Belousovo, in the same building lived their family. Was a fire, and all their belongings burned. Grandmother had a stroke. It was her then thirty-seven years. Since that time, she remained paralyzed. But what was the force of will on the man! Parents, as usual, were busy, and most of the time I spent with her. She raised and nurtured me. This - I believe - my Arina. Grandma was not happy that my father and mother parted. From her, I learned about his father. My grandmother insisted that I should have kept the name Gordon. "

In general, about his childhood, little is known of Alexander Gordon. In one interview he told me that learning in school, gave a friend a comic ad for the sale of helicopters, which have their phone, for which he was summoned to the KGB.

. After graduating from high school Sasha Gordon entered the Moscow Institute of Culture, but to learn it did not
. He lived in Chertanovo, and the institute was not close - at Left Bank. And go far, and the girls' bibliotekarskogo type "- ugly. In short, no incentive to learn from him was not.

But the army did not want to Sasha. From the military office workers hiding in the Mental Health Hospital. P. P. Kashchenko with a diagnosis of 'psychopath with a penchant for chicanery. "

And yet the line of fate led him to the art. At the suggestion of a school friend, known clipmaker Gregory of Constantinople, he enrolled in the Yaroslavl Theater School ( "There gleaning two boys" - told him of Constantinople). But Alexander Gordon is a nice long spoiled school with their presence - at the end of the first semester, an order was issued: "In the process of learning a student, Gordon was an apparent unwillingness to learn, . systematically skipping classes, . avoiding misconduct, . is incompatible with the rules, . dictated by the students and the ethical standards of conduct,
. Recently a student himself had applied for dismissal. Based on the foregoing, I order: expelled ... "

Alexander filed an application, because nothing else to do. Everything that he taught the first course in Yaroslavl, he knew for 6 years before studying at drama school, which led graduates GITIS. Yes, and all operations in Yaroslavl has become for him at the student drunkenness.

Returning to Moscow, he went to work montirovschikom scene in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. At that time there was still serving the great Russian director Anatoly Efros. Alexander in the year every day after work, sitting in on rehearsals Efros. And this was his first real theatrical universities. The year was 1982-th. In the same year he entered the Shchukin Theater School name and immediately met with his father.

In 1987, Alexander successfully graduated from Shchukin School and worked for a year in the Theater-Studio of. Ruben Simonov, has also taught acting in the children's circle. And in 1989 with his wife and year-old daughter went to the U.S., where the first time to install air-conditioners, prepared and delivered pizzas.

Today the causes of their exile, Alexander considers the age and the urge to change places. Twenty-five years of an actor, he did not want to be under any circumstances. Yes, and the material side of the case prompted him to leave the USSR. In the United States at that time had already lived his cousins, foster brothers. Alexander supported the issue of emigration and Maria Verdnikova - his first wife. She graduated from the Literature Institute in the United States began working on the first Russian TV RTN. It was then located in the basement of a mansion. There were assembly work, voice. Ready cassette was taken to Manhattan, where air was. This proved invaluable for Alexander School. At that time he had not imagined that such a television, and had to do everything at once: from filming to editing and presence in the frame, to writing and editing scripts. All: just to and from. These two and a half years of work in New York have benefited - he received his primary education television.

Then Alexander had quarreled with the owner and went to another TV - WMNB, which kept the Italian Mafia - Family Morro. But there he paused briefly. In 1993 he created the company 'Wostok Entertainment'. Later in his life came Garik Antimonov friend Seva Abdulova and Volodya Vysotsky. He became the first producer of "New York, New York, with which Alexander began in Russia on Channel 'TV-6'. This program was perceived by the Russians with a sudden interest, which gave Alexander a chance 2 years after the beginning of her show to return to Russia.

In 1997 he returned to Russia. Since 1997 - the correspondent journalistic program Igor Voevodin 'special case'. From March to December 1997 - author and presenter of the program. Alexander did "special case", guided by a rather cynical motives: he was in Russia for 8 years, it was interesting, what country lives. For six months he had fully learned it, and even become an expert.

. Also in 1997 started a radio station on the 'Silver rain' program 'Gloomy morning', which in 2001 came out well and on television (on channel M1).

. April 20, 1998 called I (constitutive) Congress Party of public cynicism (shmuck)
. On the same day he was elected General Secretary shmuck. Announced his intention to run for President of Russia in 2000. The party consisted of more than three thousand members of. In 2005 the party was sold to Gordon for $ 3 an unknown person.

From January 1998 - author and presenter of journalistic program collection errors "on the TV channel ORT. Acts as a "Guardian".

. Between 1998 and 2000 - author and host of journalistic television program 'Meeting of errors', as well as co-host (together with Vladimir Solovyov) in the TV program 'Process', which appeared on the TV channel ORT
. Alexander himself believed the work in the 'process' step back in his biography.

Here is how he spoke about this: "The program operates very bad in people - a craving for politics. Our conversations about politics can not solve the one-hundredth of the problems is a kind of laundry, wash again with a dirty political laundry. I think the need for this transfer - and for society, and, most importantly, for those who order the political music - soon will no longer. I may be wrong, in this case I'm doomed to exist in this program for some time. "

Despite this, the program was needed to Gordon that he began to learn. Alexander was just going to take a feature film for which he had to collect a large amount. It is difficult to imagine how this can be done simply by having come from the street.

In 2002, withdrew the film 'The shepherd their cows' scenario of his father - Harry Gordon. Painting received the award jury IX Rossiyskogo Film Festival 'Literature and Film', 'The best directorial debut'.

. From 2001 to 2003 conducted a program on NTV 'Gordon'.

. In March 2004, at the stage of 'Schools of contemporary plays' saw the premiere' Possessed '(the novel by Dostoevsky's The Devils') directed by Alexander Gordon

Since September 2004 - Senior Program 'Stress' on NTV. Since the beginning of October 2005 - a leading television broadcast 'Gordon 2030' on the First Channel.

Also, since 2005 A. Gordon - Secretary and ideologue of the Interregional Public Movement 'The Image of the Future', dealing with the support of social projects in the regions of Russia.

From 2006 until the fall of 2007 once again led the transfer of 'Gloomy morning. Ten years later, 'radio' Silver Rain '. Ironically, the program was on Wednesday evening.

Founds 'PI' - 'Party Intellectuals', the basic idea of which - All-Russia Internet-voting. Slogan Party - 'PI here'.

Since 2007, the broadcasts 'Private show', which are actively discussed at the premiere of ORT. In August-September, took the material for the new movie again on the novel by his father 'Lights brothel', which tells the love story of the last 40 years 'prostitutes retired' Luba on the background of the colorful Odessa 58-year. The film is in the process of installation.

. Since 2008 the program is Gordon Quixote "on First Channel and 'Gordon Giovanni' at the radio station" Silver rain ".

. Since 2009 - the leading program 'Gordon in ambush' TV 'Hunting and Fishing'.

. Relatives

. With his father, Alexander Garievich met in nineteen
. When his parents separated, he was unable to remember the name and even the appearance of the father. Alexander grew stepfather, a real man, hero and craftsman - so says about him he stepson. My mother and stepfather, Alexander now live in the U.S., and Jewish father - in Moscow. Irony.

Gary B. - quite a famous poet in Moscow. When he moved from Odessa, many writers were delighted: there, in Odessa, in the early 70's he was considered the first poet. And for this post, as you know, many claim. Gary B. wrote poetry, and now writes fiction. He is the author of the novel "Late. Dark. Far away, "the story" The Shepherd of his cows, on which was filmed, the series of Odessa stories under the general title "bonanza". A recently completed work on the story Comment to irretrievable verb.


With his first wife, Mary Verdnikovoy, Alexander met in Russia. A year after the birth of their daughter, their whole family emigrated to the United States, where Maria worked with her husband in Russia TV. However, through time Dumb wife decided to disband and daughter stayed with Maria (officially divorce papers were signed only in 2000).

Once in New York brought miraculous icon - a list of Iver. At Tolstoy Farm organized the service, and Alexander went there with the crew of the Moscow TV-6. He had long wanted to meet with thick, but the cautious attitude to immigrants from the Soviet Union. And then the whole family was assembled and readily available.

Together with Tatiana Tolstoy in the church attended by actress Nana Kiknadze. Later, Alexander told me that he saw Nana in the church from the back and said: 'My God, this is it'. Came up to her and looked around: sure - She. And Nana, in turn, saw him with the journalists, present and discuss their proposed television stories. They liked them and so she became a correspondent for the transfer of 'New York, New York'.

. Gradually, professional relationship grew into a stormy relationship with the equally tempestuous quarrels - met two independent, self-sufficient person and no one was willing to obey ..
. Once, after a serious quarrel, when Nana finally decided to sever their relationship, Alexander at full speed and smashed the car miraculously survived. However, at this moment Nana, too, sat in the car ...

Alexander and Nana lived together for seven years. Disputes, almost developed into a fight, sublimated in the magnificent scenes transfer 'New York, New York'. It is published every week for two years. Then both offer interesting TV projects in Moscow.

Next was the 'special case': Alexander became leader, and Nana chose the theme and made reports. Six months later came 'collection errors' on the ORT channel: Nana - 'agent', Alexander - 'keeper'. Together they searched the topic, come up with scenarios. Regular flights, shooting. So one can say they have not lived so much, how many have worked together all these years. Moreover, despite such a considerable period of time Nana refused to take the name of Gordon.

That's what she said about the actress: "First, Kiknadze - an ancient princely family, known since the days of Queen Tamara. I very much value my name. And then ... Was I wife Gordon? We were friends, associates, lovers. Word of the wife or husband is hardly suitable for our relationship. Moreover, we do not intend to register them officially. What's in it, except for a stamp in your passport? Gordon was for me, as they say in America, boyfriend. Several times he made me an offer but I refused. I think I subconsciously knew that once it all ends ... We lived happily ever after and left him at one and the same day ... "

In 2000, Alexander met with Katya. She was twenty, she was sitting in a cafe with a friend at a nearby table. Having Alexandra, a girl came up to him with his book in his hands and said: "Alexander Garevich, could you please send this book to your father?" I am very interested to hear his opinion ". When she left the cafe, Alexander was still sitting there, had already begun to read and said goodbye to Kate, that she wrote - and is very observant of him, although it can not be called literature. The girl thanked him, and later, when he had the idea to do with his father, television master classes with poets, he called her and they began to communicate.

Alexander invited Katya to the set of his film, and somehow, gradually, they became friends. As world view they were really very close to each other people, in spite of the seventeen-year difference in age. Already on the third day of our acquaintance, Alexander jokingly called Katia married, although there was no personal relationship they did not yet exist - they are long enough to just talk like minded and have not been overwhelmed by any passions.

After Masha - the first official wife of Alexander, with whom Kate was on very good terms, - to come from America, has signed all the papers for divorce, the couple went to the registrar. Luxurious wedding was not - they came in jeans, signature and left.
Husband of 6 years, in 2006 the couple decided to divorce. The official reason for divorce - different ideological views.

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  • Gordon and Soloviev
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  • GORDON Alexander Garrievich
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Photos of GORDON Alexander Garrievich
GORDON Alexander GarrievichGORDON Alexander GarrievichGORDON Alexander GarrievichGORDON Alexander Garrievich

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  • In the debate on the channel "Culture" with Loshakov. Your irritation about the onset of apparent inhumanity of the vast expanses of Russia - was adopted, but the vision of the outputs from this extremely doubtful. The purely materialistic approach to the "backswing on spirituality", more precisely, his heartfelt, does not allow to see the essence of. Do not blame the car, driving on a pedestrian, and often the driver. On the driver - said little. Reaction - well, wrong, man, with all happens! It is flawed. Because that is, someone makes a mistake and, as anyone - comes over (to the Inland cynicism). And there are many. We should think about. And from those - close vents. But for this we must learn to recognize - from nelyudey.I then think about fortochkah.I build their Heartfulness - among his. I have material on the subject, on 6 pages. A 4.Esli interested, please address. I wish you happiness.
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  • Nothing is said about the remarkable series of scientific programs on TV 2002-2003 (more than 100 assists). Here in Toronto, these transfers are absolutely at all on an MP3 player. In the west there was nothing like. It is a pity that the transmission ended. Aleksey
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  • Gordon Quixote look now ... but would you propose this glamorous Ksenechke and Tinochke glamorous work in a hospice or a nursing home in provincial Russia to promote the glamor;) looking and would have knocked the stuffing out of them glamorous
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  • For me this has not happened: a man unknown to me, . bald, . 20 years older ... just opens his mouth ... and excites me physically, . and every word of it and it seems clear to me by my, . like a cry for help, . because despite an assumed his confidence - his whole life in a constant search, . and still have not found the answers, . and I want to embrace him as a child.,
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  • Dear Gordon "ambushed" kindly requested to leave this gear! If you know nothing about hunting and fishing, . there was nothing clever, . speak maliciously on the screen and scatter their ridicule people, . who want to communicate with hunters and fishermen! Please, . fall from the channel "Hunting and Fishing.,
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  • not learned not served .... but loves to talk about everything, young man
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  • A long time writing you a comment, but you have limited time. It is very convenient, no one writes anything bad. I am ashamed for you. Wild field spread out, as they could, with your help. And this is not the first film. Do you have any order, or you need a shocking. If you keep just your transmission will die soon. In a previous letter written a lot, but time was over, and that you probably do not prochitavete. But you consider yourself as Erofeev nepogrshimym, and force all creators to justify and feel flawed. I feel sorry for. You also Rublyovka, like the rest of Show Business. Elena.
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  • A unique phenomenon - Gordon Alexander Garievich! Hello, lazy, talented intellectual. Your transmission is very necessary and important for us, because awaken the conscience and leave no chance of indifference! Thank you great! New creative discoveries and good luck!
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  • I try not to lose sight of you. The most important thing to you - originality of thinking and a heightened sense of truth. Both - a rarity. I can imagine how stuffy you were pressing primitivism and stupidity. But hold. People like you ... oh how little! Galina Safonova from Bryansk. Alas, already retired.
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  • Shura, Saw, Saw ... it is gold. bring down, bring down .... with the programs and Gordon in an ambush! "When sit in his soft hard in the woods, and popesh with water from swamps, then you will understand that this is not similar to pushing vanyuchey shnyagi with the blue TV screen to good people. Leave the program on the channel "hunting and fishing," your calling, the most chmyrnaya transfer - is DOM-2. Good luck!
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  • Thank you for the transfer of Gordon Quixote with Zhirinovsky VF, where ignorance and Ham cynic publicly gave his name. And although he "like water off a duck", anyway it was a very useful channel. Watching these politicians, I became convinced that most normal people just do not want to be contacted, and some of the people he sees and hears from him just what he wants to see and hear. This policy from the very beginning of his political activities fully absorbed in a single purpose - to obtain unlimited power over people and he achieves it by any means. It's a shame that his public behavior of this politician breaks down part of society, especially youth.
  • Oleg for GORDON Alexander Garrievich
  • There is a theme: "magicians against scientists'. Mages want to "smash" team of scientists in any part of their platform. It is about magicians using magic methods for investigating the nature of things, the picture of the world which is based on "different math and who have managed to build amplifiers intelligence. Result: sensational discovery and shame of modern scientific system of knowledge. I imagine these great and unknown.
  • Sasha for GORDON Alexander Garrievich
  • Hello, Alexander Garrievich! I have a friend, you can even tell a friend, he's just your copy. But if it was just outside your copy, it would have been not so interesting. It looks like you behaviorally. The same manner of speaking, sluggish hissed constantly looking inward, forgetting I began. Exactly your gestures. Obsolyutnoe identification of vital position. Persistent allegations that he owed nothing to anybody, and that "to hell he did not need anything". In addition, many facts in the biographies of your matches. I think it may be your third brother? If you are interested, I prshlyu photo. Sorry that so sbivchego and chaotically written. Sasha
  • Catherine for GORDON Alexander Garrievich
  • Alexander Garrievich, . how do you refer to, . that Christ was a true Aryan appearance, . and he called the Jews children of the devil? I mean not nationality, . For as Russian can be any, . who loves Russia, . and a Christian can be just, . who loves Jesus? I think you are one of the most intelligent, . and that even more valuable, . SETL people on our TV, . and the light in the soul - this is the Christ,
    . Here, for example, Nikolai Svanidze polnyvy and darkness in the soul, and face.
  • Michael for GORDON Alexander Garrievich
  • Alexander Garrievich, your ostentatious cynicism at the age of 45 is a dual sense. You do not like people. Then why preach your views. Polemical programs Zadornov and priest Kuraeva you left pobeditelem.Sravnivat you with Christ, as others write makes no sense. If programs do provoke people. The true face can open. Leading Independent In my opinion S. Driver, etc.. away from the central channel. Will-more expression. Transmission Posner appreciate 4 +. Of the means of communication only п=пёп?п•п-. GOOD LUCK.
  • Elena for GORDON AG for GORDON Alexander Garrievich
  • Hello, Alexander! I live in another state, the TV, listen to their backs, "as teaching the" PLO "(it should be - I say), well and sit in the evenings for computer. Channels switching on the principle: oh, something about the ears go ... and found a lovely canal HUNTING AND FISHING. I am writing to let their programmki Manuals, and behind the men so peacefully, with pauses, talking. About the nozzle, about hooks ... (yes, God is with them - a program to write something not interfere). And just lead me to the heart: a word too much, but only so uyutnenko: "Uh-huh, yes" Yep ". I even recognize him by his voice became. And then once described by the variables for sorting, only written BUF, a leading utters the magic "baffalu". Here I am not too lazy, and turned around, and so it stuck at the TV: Well, the eyes, blue-blue, infinitely dear, it seems like I've known him all my life ... handsome man. So, now I too am sitting in ambush - waiting for Gordon's show!
  • Vladimir for GORDON Alexander Garrievich
  • Download 9 GB of night broadcast MP3 (dialogues), lost both drives. Where can I download do not recall, listened to one disc at a number of art again. I want to Resume (terribly interesting opinion and reasoning of scientists), but can not find. Weц¦can address. Why not sequels, and why these transfers in St. Petersburg did not broadcast or I "missed"? Thanks
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