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Vladimir A. Gusinsky

( Chair of the Board)

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Biography Vladimir A. Gusinsky
photo Vladimir A. Gusinsky

Born Oct. 6, 1952 in Moscow, the Jew. Gusinsky's grandfather was shot in 1937, my grandmother at the same time was arrested and imprisoned for 9 years.
In 1973 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry of. L. M. Gubkin.
In 1973 - 75 served in the Soviet Army in the Ukraine in the Army Chemical Intelligence.
From 1975 to 1981 he studied at the Directing Department of the State Institute of Theatrical Arts. A. V. Lunacharsky. Diploma play - "Tartuffe" play by Jean-B. Moliere.
He worked as a theater director in the province (in particular, in Tula).
In the early 1980's he moved to Moscow. As a Head of Arts and staging of the International Youth Festival in Moscow, was the chief director of cultural programs for foreign participants of the Moscow Goodwill Games. Organized various mass actions - the days of culture, the days of printing, holidays areas.
In October 1986 the internal affairs agencies of the Soviet police department filed against Gusinsky's a criminal case under Article. 147 h. 1 RSFSR Criminal Code (fraud). In December 1986 the case was dismissed under Article. 8 Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment situation).
. In 1986, together with Boris Khaitov created cooperative "Metal".
. In 1988, opened a consulting and information cooperative Infeks ", which became CEO.
. In 1989 cooperative Infeks "acted as one of the founders of the joint venture" BRIDGE "
. General Director of "Bridge" was in. Gusinsky. In 1990, "Bridge" was 100% of Russia's business.
. From October 1989 to December 1997 - President of Bridge Bank. "
. Since 1992 - General Director of JSC Holding Company "Group" Bridge ".
. Fall of 1992 participated in the creation of "entrepreneurial political initiative-92.
. In December 1993, was included in the composition of the Commission on a draft concept of the monetary system of Russia.
. In October 1994 the court granted 2 search Gusinsky on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of the newspaper "Tomorrow" - totaling 100 million
. rubles. In two articles the newspaper name Gusinsky mentioned among those who, according to the newspaper, "unleashed a fratricidal carnage in Moscow in October 1993.
. December 2, 1994 GUORF officers raided the office of "bridge bank" in City Hall on Novy Arbat, blocking it for several hours
. Criminal case on this fact has been closed "for lack of evidence."
. Since January 1996 - President Rossiyskogo Jewish Congress (RJC).
. Since October 1996 - Member of the Board of banking activities under the RF Government.
. On January 27, 1997 - President of ZAO Media-Most.
. From September 1998 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZAO Media-Most.
. From January 2000 - Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress.
. June 13, 2000, was arrested on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement of state property for an amount not less than 10 million
. dollars (st. 159 CC).
June 16, 2000 Gusinsky was accused of stealing another's property on a large scale group of persons through deception and abuse of trust in an official capacity (Article. 159, h. 3). Penalty has been changed to the recognizance not to leave.
Award TEFI "in the nomination" For contribution to the development of national television "(1999).
Member of the Board of the Moscow Bank Union.
Contains the second marriage. Wife Helen. Son Ilya from his first marriage, Stanislav and Vladimir-Daniel on the second.

Curriculum Vitae available IPC "Panorama"

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Vladimir A. Gusinsky, photo, biography
Vladimir A. Gusinsky, photo, biography Vladimir A. Gusinsky  Chair of the Board, photo, biography
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