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Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich

( Deputy Director General of JSC "Manege Square")

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Biography Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich
photo Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich

Born June 28, 1958 in g. Grozny, the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, the Chechen.
In 1973, entered the fur College in Moscow.
In 1977 - 79 passed compulsory military service in the Strategic Missile Forces in g. Korosten Zhytomyr region.
After the army entered the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), but could have collected points. He graduated from training courses at MGIMO.
In 1985 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics MGIMO specializing in International Economic Relations. Received a free allocation. About a year could not get a job because of lack of registration.
. In 1986 - 88 - laboratory MGIMO.
. From 1989 to 1992 worked as a representative of Western companies in Moscow.
. In December 1992, founded his own company "Danako" (supply of petroleum products to state enterprises).
. In 1994, became acquainted with an American businessman Paul Tatum, founder of JV Intourist RedAmer Hotel and Business Center, and helped him win a case of eviction from the hotel "Slavic", which rented JV Intourist RedAmer.
. From July 1994 until 1997 - first deputy
. Director General, and. about. director general of "Intourist-RedAmer Hotel and Business Center.
In 1996, P. Tatum Dzhabrailova accused of intending to kill him because of the desire to withdraw American businessman from among the founders of JV. In November 1996, P. Tatum was killed.
. International Court of Arbitration in Stockholm, allowed the claim, prepared by Dzhabrailov, the contract avoided with Amerikomom "to manage the joint venture" Radisson-Slavyanskaya ".
. Since December 1996 - Deputy Director General, director of marketing and leasing of JSC "Manege Square.
. Since October 1997 - Advisor and
. about. Director General of the complex "Radisson-Slavyanskaya".
. Since 1997 - president of the Group Plaza.
. Was a member of the Board of Directors of the bank "Russia's capital."
. February 21, 2000 was registered by the CEC as a candidate for President of Russia.
. February 29, 2000 The Moscow city prosecutor's office brought criminal charges of fraud initiative groups of signature sheets in support of the
. Dzhabrailov.
In the elections of the President of Russia March 26, 2000 took the last, eleventh place.
He is divorced and has two daughters (Donat and Alvina, live in Monaco). Brother, Husain Dzhabrailov, directs oil company Danako 'instead of' Umar.
. He speaks English, German, Italian, understands French, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian.

Curriculum Vitae available IPC "Panorama"

. Official site
  • Official Site U
    . A. Dzhabrailova. News, lifestyle, business, politics, publishing, meditation and much more.

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  • Anonymous for Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich
  • Rome for Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich
  • Umar Alievich as art connoisseurs, I want to invite your attention a graphical picture of the "Little musician, performed in the medieval manner of performance (the effect of candle lighting). The originality of the painting lies in its performance. The picture is made by depositing a small cross strokes with a clean sheet m. e. without the prior figure. And the painting itself is impressive in its mood and plot. A small child is exhausted everyday lessons in music, lay down on the lid of the piano and not letting go of their children's hands the bow, a tired looking at the viewer. Unable to fix the photo in the comments if you have a desire to see a picture, send your n. and. [email protected]
  • liana for Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich
  • He's such a beautiful and intelligent! I am proud that Chechen OH!
  • Jon Irazabal for Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich
  • Dear Sir Umar : I have a Kazimir Malevich oil on canvas for sale. If you are interesting , please contact with me. Jon Irazabal
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    Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich, photo, biography
    Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich, photo, biography Umar Dzhabrailov Alievich  Deputy Director General of JSC "Manege Square", photo, biography
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