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Malashenko Igor

( First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors)

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Biography Malashenko Igor

Born Oct. 2, 1954 in Moscow. Father, Eugene Malashenko - Lieutenant-General, retired.
In 1976 he graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University, in 1980 - postgraduate Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University. Candidate in Philosophy.
Since 1980 - Associate Fellow of the Institute of USA and Canada, USSR. In 1982 - 83 was on probation in Washington (USA). From 1983 to 1989 - Senior Researcher, Institute of USA and Canada.
From March 1989 to March 1991 - Senior lecturer of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee. Was one of the developers of the concept of "new political thinking."
. From April to December 1991 - Consultant Staff of the USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev.
. Were published in American magazines and newspapers of "Time", "New York Times", "Newsweek", "Los Angeles Times".
. In December 1991 - on the I channel television
. From February 1992 to July 1992 - the political director of the Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RGTRK) "Ostankino". From July to November 1992 - CEO RGTRK Ostankino, the first deputy chairman RGTRK Ostankino.
On November 26, 1992 - and. about. Chairman RGTRK Ostankino.
. March 2, 1993 was dismissed from his post as first deputy chairman of RGTRK Ostankino "at his own request."
. From March to June 1993 - Adviser of the Department of political and international problems of an International Fund for economic and social reforms "Reform" ( "the Fund Shatalina").
. In June 1993, Igor Malashenko, Oleg Dobrodeyev, Yevgeny Kiselyov, and Alexei Tsyvarev registered LLP "Results" and were the creators of the commercial NTV television.
. From June to September 1993 - Consultant of working with NTV LLP Group "MOST".
. From September 1993 - President, CEO LLP "TV Company NTV
. Member of the partners of JSC "TV Company" NTV ".
From April 1994 - Consultant, a media expert, LLP The "MOST".
In 1996, became one of the founders of the company "NTV Plus". From July 1996 until December 1997 - President of JSC "NTV Plus".
In January 1997, became one of the founders of ZAO Media-MOST ". Member of the Board of Directors of ZAO Media-Most.
. Since February 1997 - General Director of OOO "Group of 96".
. Since December 1997do September 1998 - General Director of JSC "NTV-Holding.
. From September 1998 - First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZAO Media-Most.
. Since 1998 - Member of the Board of Directors of CJSC JSCB "Image".
. Since 1992 - Member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (SWAP).
. Since 1995 - Member of the Coordinating Council of the All-Russia Association Roundtable business of Russia ".
. Since 1998 - member of the movement's leadership, the media against drugs.
. June 16, 2000, after his arrest in
. Gusinsky, said at a press conference that against possible provocations by security forces.
Enjoys photography and golf.
Study of Chinese philosophy of Tao (favorite philosopher - Lao-Tzu). Collecting badges since the Soviet Union and beads of precious and semiprecious stones.
. In an interview with the Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily said: "I have no friends: I am working with people, not friends."
. Fluent in English.
. His wife, Helena Malashenko (Pivovarova) - the former artistic director of the gallery "Manege"
. Daughter Elizabeth (studying in the UK) and Elena (1996).

Curriculum Vitae available IPC "Panorama"

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Malashenko Igor, photo, biography
Malashenko Igor, photo, biography Malashenko Igor  First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, photo, biography
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