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( Managing First Voucher Investment Fund, the president of the First Voucher Bank, CEO of Pioneer First ")

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Biography CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
Born in 1957.
. In 1977 he graduated from the High School of USSR State Security Committee, specializing in applied mathematics.
. In 1977 - 87 - engineer, deputy chief designer of "closed" research institute.
. In 1987 - 90 - Head of the sector information of the Kirov district committee of the CPSU (r
. Moscow).
Since December 1990 - President of Investment and architectural company "House".
Since 1991 - Head of OOO "Center for Labor Organization in the food industry". Since 1992 - head of the firm "Interspen.
. Since 1992 - Managing the First Voucher Investment Fund.
. Since 1994 - President of the First Voucher Bank.
. Since 1995 - Manager of the Company's investment fund management group Pioneer - First Voucher.
. Since 1997 - head of the Governing Council of mutual funds in Russia.
. Since June 1998 - Director of Investment Group "Pioneer First.
. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the hotel "Cosmos", a confectionery factory "Red October", JSC "International Business Center
. Member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Polyplast.
. Member of the Presidium of the Round Table business of Russia ".
. He is fond of boating.

Curriculum Vitae available IPC "Panorama"


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  • Gennadiy for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • My wife has 200 shares of the First Voucher Investment Fund and does not want to engage in design will in favor of his granddaughter, arguing that not worth powder and. I tend to think optimistically. Who of us is right? Sincerely, Mr.. Poloudin.
  • Voucher for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • Do you remember my dear CHMYU the millions of ordinary Russians who in the distant Nineties delighted him with their vouchers. Dividends are not paid for all the years never that CHMYU too .. x. sucks, like all deceived them Russians? Good kaites, MONEY WHERE?
  • Igor for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • Probably his wife. It is unlikely that we will get something. Shod us these Chebotarev. It is a pity that the authorities at the actions of these thieves look through your fingers.
  • Nina for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • I have vouchers. I put them in the first vauchernyy.Kak can I learn about their fate
  • sergei 53 for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • my wife 400 shares who can explain the fate of all this cheating or if you want to take on ... whether the receivers of the first vauchernrgo Bank all bought it a few times where the ends of all this, and where the money is.
  • Patrul for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • Where to find the phone numbers of the First Voucher Investment Fund? "I have shares pomenennye on vouchers. I want to dividends!
  • CHMYU tell when you pay dividends? I have 20 shares of your fund. Why are these machinations condoned the relevant State. bodies? So much to grab anything for it not to get (the penalty), and other laborers per a thousand may fall to prison! And billions of stolen and all comes down to the hand! Bastards!
  • When you pay dividends Mikhail?? I have shares of your fund. 13 years have passed, and in one spot, marking time ... Rather, we are standing in one place .. and you're already far outsmarted us all, turning his billions!
  • alibaba for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • Dear Sirs and yes we are! Sun who seek their voucher funds! Continue to look for them, . sufficient quantity sustvuyut to this moment! As Pervoigo Voucher Fund, . is seychason called PIO GLOBAL, and there is still time (14.03.07g.) swap your old paper stock PIO GLOBAL! Website: www.pioglobal.ru Phone: (495) 960-2903, . 960-2960, . 974-3044, . 956-6056 Fax: (495) 960-2905, . 974-3045 email: [email protected] Address: Russia, . 125993, . Moscow, . Newspaper lane,
    . House 5 Sincerely, alibaba.
  • tom for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • please tell me whether the dividends paid on shares of the first voucher investment fund in Kazan, and you need to do? tel.5102873 Tamara.
  • ilku for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • What to do with your shares of First Inv. vauch. Fund? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  • Vasya Gaykin for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • I gave you vouchers of his entire family, have a conscience, return the money.
  • Shorin svetlana for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • how to use aktsyami 1 Voucher Fund
  • pivnao for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • who sell shares of First Voucher Fund in r.bashkortostan?
  • Nadezhda V. for CHEBOTAREV Mikhail
  • Mikhail, in 1993, I purchased 40 shares of the second issue of ordinary registered. For 14 years I have never received divevidentov. Kindly advise me where can I get dividends for those 14 years.
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    CHEBOTAREV Mikhail, photo, biography
    CHEBOTAREV Mikhail, photo, biography CHEBOTAREV Mikhail  Managing First Voucher Investment Fund, the president of the First Voucher Bank, CEO of Pioneer First ", photo, biography
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