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Alec Baldwin (Baldwin, Alec)

( Actor)

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Biography Alec Baldwin (Baldwin, Alec)
Born 3.4.1958 in Emitiville (pc. New York).

Tall, dark-haired, with bright blue eyes and broad smile, charming, Alec Baldwin is not by chance given the title "Prince charming". Some call it a modern Cary Grant, others - young Burt Lancaster.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin and never dreamed of becoming an actor. As a student of political science faculty at George Washington University, he was looking for an easy perquisite and found him on-set TV series "The Clinic in Texas" (1982). TV reporters said photogenic and naturalness mute and advised him to change profession. Baldwin went to New York and joined the faculty of Drama at New York University. In New York he continued to work in television, playing a minor role in the soap opera ". In 1986, the actor has made his Broadway debut, and even receive a prestigious award.
. The debut of Alec Baldwin in the movie took place in the film Israeli director Amos Kollek's "Lou forever", . and since his appearance in the small roles of the second plan ( "She has a child is born", . 1988, "Married to the Mob", . 1988; "working girl", . 1988; "Beetlejuice", . 1988) was a regular,
. The man who believed in the ability of Baldwin to be the main hero, became director George Armitage. In the film "Miami Blues" (1990), Baldwin played a gangster who was using stolen credit cards suit himself a splendid life in an expensive hotel, furnished rosewood. But following on the heels of a detective thief does not enjoy the pleasures of a luxurious life. Always charming and gentle, in this movie, Baldwin demonstrated stormy temperament, aggression and sarcasm.

It is this seriocomic thriller in many ways changed the idea of the Baldwin-actor.

Along with "Miami Blues" on the screens out "The Hunt for Red October" (1990), Ostrosyuzhetnaya strip about the adventures of a Soviet submarine captain who decided not to return. Alec Baldwin played a CIA analyst Jack Rayena, which becomes a direct participant in an exciting operation. For many years he studied the naval forces of the Soviet Union, and now, finally, he was able to get in touch with a powerful enemy. In the role of Jack Rayena Baldwin showed not only the intelligence, wit, and excellent physical training, appeared before the audience a sort of new Indiana Jones.

Baldwin refuses and the roles of lovers, showing them uncommon craftsmanship. Because short-tempered, and sometimes impudent man in the movie "The habit of marrying" (1991) quite unlike the soft and timid bow-pant Alice in the eponymous film directed by Woody Allen (1990). By the way, to remove Allen, Baldwin refused to accept F. Kaufman's play Henry Miller in the film "Henry and June".

Actor still not married. And because journalists are closely watching for his love novels. And they were many - with Elizabeth McGovern, Julie Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger. It seems that the acting profession is a Baldwin family. In the footsteps of his elder brother went and William.


. He does not believe in omens and mysticism.

. The day he starts with the newspaper - monitors the shares on the exchange.

. He is punctual and does not forgive the journalists late for an interview.

. He never parted with a cell phone and never shuts it down.

. He heads the union advertising artists.

. He was tipped as the future of politics - he is an active member of the Democratic Party USA.

. He willful - offered to deduct $ 150,000 from its own fee to remove a key scene of "Habits marry" in their own way.

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Alec Baldwin (Baldwin, Alec), photo, biography
Alec Baldwin (Baldwin, Alec), photo, biography Alec Baldwin (Baldwin, Alec)  Actor, photo, biography
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