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Kim Basinger

( Actress)

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Biography Kim Basinger
photo Kim Basinger
Born 8/12/1953 in g. Athens (pc. Georgia). Her father - the President's own financing company, his mother - a young showgirl water show.
. Blond, bright, Kim was perhaps the most visible stars in a hurricane seksbomb "which, according to critics, the U.S. brought down the screen to the viewer to the beginning of 90's
. Basinger different charm, sensuality, but the main thing - originality. It is free and unfettered in life and on screen, masterfully portraying its plastic, beauty and physical perfection. At the same time she managed to become the embodiment of femininity and tenderness, joy and guile.
His first step to fame she has done in 18 years, taking part in a beauty contest and won a state prize of Miss pagan ". Luck inspired Kim, and she went to New York in search of happiness. She worked in advertising, fashion model, photo model, participated in the revue, danced, sang, played in amateur theatricals. The work brought her financial and personal independence, but did not give satisfaction, and she went to California. Here, Kim starred in television movies, liked, but this success was not. After long hesitation, she decided to use its last chance - agreed to work in the magazine "Playboy". IV.. achieved the desired. After the publication of her photographs offer it to appear in big movies followed one after another.
At first it was a comedy role in the movie "The Man Who Loved Women" (1983) B. Edwards. But the main success of the same year became the Domino Petachi in Bond film "Never say" never "and. Kershnera. Participation in this tape made it possible for Kim to show virtually all of their abilities and dignity - plasticity, . sportiness and even his "supersensible" mouth in the final frame, . when it is traditional to kiss languidly and slyly asks,, . became the title belt,
. In this movie, the actress has created an attractive image of some mysterious, erotically attractive golden-haired beauty, turned up in the "networks of demonic evil". This image became the hallmark Basinger - irresistible blonde, struggling with the dark forces of vice. Tape was a huge box office success, went on the screens of the world.
However, "the star" Kim began painting movie "9 1 / 2 weeks" '(1986) E. Lyne. It was an instant success in the video, became a hit in Europe, has brought 100 million. dollars income. Frank eroticism of the film in some countries, prompted an outcry, but it helped even more in advertising. Endowment Kim in this tape was revealed in a combination of the two professions - actress and model. Her "sense of the camera," possession of her body, musicality - all "play" in the love episodes: after the film Basinger became known as the Golden Lady eroticism.
After nine and a half weeks, "Basinger successfully played back at the B. Edwards in "The Remote Rendezvous" (1987), the thriller "No mercy" P. Pierce, comedy "Nadine" (1987). In the latter it - mobile, resourceful, sense of humor girl. Directed P. Benton, himself a man of great comedic talent, a master of tall tales, fables, needed just such an actress like Kim, has made a film in a sparkling, effervescent like champagne vitality and optimism. In the movie "Batman" (1989) Basinger played the role of Vicki Veni - fotokorrespondentki, join in the fight with the villain Joker, along with a young millionaire Bruce Wayne in the performance of Michael Keaton. Here she continued the theme begun back in "Never say never". Just catching the conventional style of the film, she again plays a blond beauty who courageously came into confrontation with the forces of evil. But in "Batman" Basinger has proved more interesting and subtle. Her game is not deliberate sex appeal, but there is another - the irony, humor, fun approach to a scary story, interesting adults and children.
In private life of her say she was more like a resident of a village than a movie star. Do not apply cosmetics. Her clothing is simple and stressed careless. She likes white. And also likes to be in sight. About her hobbies, novels, links immediately become known to all. Was a noisy divorce with producer Ron Britten. Now the press is much talk about the ups and downs of her latest whirlwind romance with Alec Baldwin - partner Basinger in the film "The habit of marrying" (1991), sparkling mischievous comedy, where he showed another talent of an actress - the ability to sing. Life on the audience - this character and ... More ads. Having plunged since his youth in the entertainment business, Kim has managed to master the machinery of Hollywood's world. And she became part of it.

About me: In my childhood I was very curious and wanted to try everything, everything that she had seen in movies. When I first tried sex, I was still a minor. I thought it would be something absolutely amazing and wonderful, but the first experience I was terribly disappointed. I did not want to believe that was wrong in their dreams. I continued to experiment, and now I am absolutely clear: sex - this is wonderful!

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Kim Basinger, photo, biography
Kim Basinger, photo, biography Kim Basinger  Actress, photo, biography
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