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Paul Newman

( Actor)

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Biography Paul Newman

Born 26.1.1925 in Shaker Heights (pc. Ohio). In 1951 - 1952 he. studied at the Yale School of Dramatic Arts and the Actors Studio in New York.
It seemed as if nature herself has destined this stately, handsome guy with a medallion profile and piercing blue eyes in order to be in plain sight: on stage or on screen. However, the circumstances that prevented a long time: first service in the Army, where at the end of the Second World War he was a flight radio operator. Then - a family debt - after the death of his father someone had traded in a shop sporting goods, bringing Newman livelihood. In addition, will have its own family, a son.
But calling, in the end, prevailed. Began a long and difficult journey, first on the scene, and then on screen. Sure, . assisted-found under Lee Strasberg and Elia Kazan skills, . but the greatest confidence he gave first tender friendship, . and then - after a divorce - married well then just beginning their careers actress Joanne Woodward,
. She became not only his beloved wife, an alliance which has lasted for the fourth decade, the mother of three daughters, but also intelligent sovetchitsey through which an actor more carefully chosen roles and worked on them.
Noticing the success of Newman in 'Picnic' on the Broadway stage, the firm 'Warner Brothers' offered him a contract. In 1955, Mr.. Paul made his debut in the costume biblical blockbuster 'Silver Bowl'. His character - a Greek, sold into slavery to the Romans, made the case for the vessel from which Christ drank at the Last Supper. Critique novice did not like. He blamed a lack of emotion, imitation of Brando, excessive prettiness. The actor was waiting for the fate of the star, using only their external data.
But as they say, there would be a blessing in disguise. In 1956, Mr.. James Dean died and was left an orphan destined for him the role in the film by Robert Wise 'Somebody up there likes me, I'. And Newman has just created a similar image in a television adaptation of the story E. Hemingway's 'champion' Arthur Penn. This decided the matter. Playing a real boxer Rocky Graziano, . Paul showed this guy from a poor family, . managed to catch the tail 'American dream', . not walking moralistic words, . a living person, . a rough appearance of the wings and multi-dimensional nature, . and passion, . and tenderness,
. Laudatory critical feedback and bonus 'Golden Globe', a promising novice actor in 1956, approved the reputation of Newman in the film.
Along with Marlon Brando, he became the leading master of Hollywood, which has meant the most complex and subtle role. Ben Quick - a guy from the people, acquired a wife, daughter of a wealthy man ( 'The Long, Hot Summer' the novel have. Faulkner's 'Village', 1958, award at Cannes International Film Festival 11). Alcoholic Brick - son of a wealthy planter, and for failing to give a long-awaited successor to his father ( 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' on T. Williams, nominations for 'Oscar' in 1958). Who lost all illusions Chance, which threatens the humiliating operation ( 'Sweet Bird of Youth', 1962). In all these roles that Paul has given its own charm, it still lacked the spontaneity, intuition, organic character than so subdued all
Brando. Many years later, Newman admitted that he had always envied the actors 'from God', seeking to compensate for the fact that he was not given by nature, hard work.
In those cases where the roles were not as psychologically complex, he was at a height. This is especially true westerns, adventure films, criminal dramas. No wonder it was his chosen A. Penn for his directorial debut in the film - the film "Weapons of left-handers' (1959), where he created a very memorable image of the bandit Billy the Kid. Equally attractive and turned his Butch Cassidy in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 'J. Roy Hill (1969): the actor has managed to fill this role not only adventure, but also humor and lyricism. (Again paired with P. Redford, he successfully made in a criminal movie 'The Sting', . 1973.) Robert Altman skillfully used the comic gift of Newman in the satire "Buffalo Bill and the Indians, . The lesson of history or sitting bull '(1976), . where a national idol, William Cody, . one of the conquerors of the Far West, . shown as a man with a fake soul, . play even alone with itself,
. Affektirovannost gestures and facial expressions actor skillfully emphasized stupidity and petty vanity of his character. Newman gladly agreed to participate in the film, defends the Indians, because the topic was close to him internally. After all, he created a wonderful image of a proud and courageous representative of the people in the film 'Ombre' (1967). In the 80's Paul came in good shape, which carefully maintains: awash in winter in the hole every morning plunges his head into a bucket of ice water (the best cosmetics for your face!), Is keen on motor racing, racing. Roles performed during this period reveal a vast experience and mastership. The lawyer, Frank Galvin - a drunkard, who managed to find their lost dignity in the fight for justice ( 'The Verdict', 1982). Michael Gala-dick - a businessman associated with the shadow world, but be much better than the surrounding 'normal' people ( 'Absence of Malice', 1981). Aging construction worker in "Harry and Son" (1983) - his third directorial experience. Gen. Leslie Grovz - one of the initiators of the atomic 'Manhattan Project' ( 'Fat Man' and 'Babe', 1989). The head of a couple of Americans trapped by the war in Europe ( 'Mp. and MRS. Bridges', 1990). The last film was a partner Joanne Woodward. She also played leading lady in his directorial works: 'Ray-pers, Rachel "(1968),' The influence of gamma-rays on the growth of daisies' (1972), 'Glass Menagerie' (1987). In each of the images created by the actor is able to find a different twist, a new nuance of character and behavior that makes them playable people different from each other. Six times he was nominated for the prize 'Oscar', but got it only in 1985. for 'contribution to cinema', and then - in 1986 for the film 'The Color of Money'. Paul Newman - not only the famous actor and famous film director, but successful businessman. He owns a factory producing salads and sauces in his own recipes. All the income from it goes to a charitable purpose: to fight drug abuse (his eldest son died from drug abuse), the maintenance of recreational camps for children with cancer.
. Filmography: 'Torture', . 1956; 'While they float', . 1957; 'History of Helen Morgan', . 1957; 'gather around the flag, . guys! ", . 1959; 'Young Philadelphians', . 1959; 'Exodus', . 1960; 'From the Terrace', . I960; 'Schuler', . 1961; 'Paris Blues', . 1961; 'The Adventures of a young man' Hemingway ', . 1962; 'Had', . 1963; 'Love in a new way', . 1963; 'Award', . 1963; 'Gee! ", . 1964; 'Outrageous', . 1964; 'Lady A', . 1965; 'Harper', . 1966; 'Torn Curtain', . 1966; 'Luc - cold hand', . 1967; 'Secret Wars, Harry Frigo', . 1968; 'victory', . 1969; 'Radio', . 1970; 'A happens, . I was inspired by ', . 1971 (and director); 'pocket money', . 1972; 'Life and Times of Judge Roy Wines', . 1972; 'Mac Man', . 1973; 'Towering Inferno', . 1974; 'pool drowning', . 1975; 'Silent Movie', , . 1977; 'Quintet', . 1979; 'When time is up', . 1980; 'Fort Apache', . Bronx ', . 1981; 'Blaze', . 1989; Privileges puppy ', . 1992.,


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Paul Newman, photo, biography
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