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Robert Redford

( Actor)

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Biography Robert Redford
photo Robert Redford
Born 118.8.1937 in g. Santa Monica (pc. California). He studied at the University of Colorado and the American Academy of Dramatic Art. Since 1953, Mr.. performed in the theater.
Redford went to the cinema in the early b0's and did not immediately reached star status. His acting texture demanded the traditional roles of the positive hero, because the key to the success of the smooth, restrained performer was the same external magnetic charm that has always distinguished the Hollywood stars. Athletic beautiful blonde with a dazzling smile, it seemed, fate itself was designed for romantic roles - the heroes of westerns and adventure films. No wonder fame came to him in the movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969), where he managed a surprisingly attractive image of the "noble bandit. In the past century bore the audience and other western with this actor - "Jeremiah Johnson" (1972). Several paintings belonged to the thirties and crime genre ( "The Sting", 1973). Of the roles of the Soviet period, the audience familiar small role Babbera Reeves - brutalized innocent victims of drunken townsfolk in the film A. Penn "The Chase" (1965).
For Redford not been in vain experience turbulent decade of the youth protest. The actor is very handy later acquired the ability to show when their heroes more comprehensive, . than it had been taken before, . uncover not only their dignity, . but their weakness, . create images of people, . not able to withstand the pressure of time,
. Such Habbel Gardiner in the movie "The Way We Were" (1973) - a young writer with a pleasant face and charming manners, does not pass the "test of strength" during the period of McCarthyism, which was disastrous for his talent.
. It is symptomatic that in the second half of the 70's, when the positive hero again reigned in the American screen, Redford played a lot of modern roles
. Among them were acute social. For example, in the familiar "Three days of the Condor" (1975) all of the same C. Pollack - a close friend of the actor. The atmosphere of terror, of impending danger, from which no place to hide - hired killers seek the hero on his heels - skilfully created by the director, and helped the actor find new shades games. Normal for him smoothness, a cold gave way to a well-transferred Redford feeling of loneliness, vulnerability, zagnannosti. Even outwardly he is not so beautiful as in many others their roles. Redford is engaged in many charitable activities: the establishment of scholarships for students of Indian and materially helps schools located on reserve. Having bought a large tract of land in the Rocky Mountains, he was in 1980. opened a school assistance to talented beginners - filmmakers who gained fame as Sandensky Film Institute. Many forces Redford gives conservation: planting a forest in the district, divorce and sets in the river trout. Traveled in the Far West, published in 1978. book "The Way of the exile", in which a lot of nostalgic pages.
. Perhaps that is why so willingly Redford starred in the film of the same Pollack's "The Electric Horseman" (1979) - history of the renaissance man who commits a good thing: producing a thoroughbred horse on freedom, on the prairie.
. When Redford took over the reins of producer's - in the mid 70's he founded his own kinofirmu "Wild Wood" ( "Wild Wood"), then withdrawn for political films
. In "Candidate" (1972) he played a nice young lawyer who, due to its unusual and independence, won the election and went to the Senate, despite all the backstage intrigues. The painting is "All the President's Men" (1976) - film adaptation of the same novel journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein - the vicissitudes of the famous "Watergate" - played the first of them. In the eighth decade as an actor to reinvent many of the roles that had once brought him fame. So he played a gifted baseball player in the film "present" (1984) - film adaptation of the novel early B. Malamud. (Athletes, he always liked to embody on the screen: "skier", . 1969 Little Foss and large Canvas ", . 1970; The Great Waldo Pepper ", . 1975.) In the painting "Out of Africa" (1985) Redford showed hunter - Independent, . libertarian, . attracts hearts, . something vaguely resembling an American trapper Jeremy Johnson,
. In "lawyer virtuoso" (1986), playing a comedy based on the material of the "war of the sexes", he kept slipping on the familiar role as the winner of the hero. In "Havana" (1990), again, as in "Fraud", created the image of charismatic player, although the action and unfolds here at the political background.
At the turn of the 80's Redford tried to force in directing. However, the following director's experience - "War in bean field in Milagro" (1988), spoke against whites and Indians for the land on which they live, he was less lucky: a picture of viewers did not enjoy success. (But in his personal life, it marked a turning. Whirlwind romance with leading lady - the temperamental Brazilian actress Sonia Braga - led to a divorce from his wife, whom the actor lived happily for more than two decades, raised three sons.)

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    Robert Redford, photo, biography
    Robert Redford, photo, biography Robert Redford  Actor, photo, biography
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