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Mia Farrow

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Real name: Maria de Lourdes Viye Farrow. Born 9/2/1945 in Los Angeles, the son of actress Maureen Sullivan and directed by John Farrow.
For the first time the public heard the name of Mia Farrow, for a reason unrelated to the art. In 1966, in Las Vegas held a wedding ceremony of the famous singer and actor Frank Sinatra and little-known actress, who had to withdraw in a single film 'Guns Batas' (1964). Bride of 21, the bridegroom - 51. A thin, angular, with a boyish haircut she has taken the place recognized by the Hollywood beauty Ava Gardner. Sensational marriage ended in 1968, and again the name Farrow was in the center of attention of the press. Divorce coincided with the release of new film P. Polanski 'Rosemary's Baby', that tells a mystical story of how a housewife from New York gave birth to a son of Satan.
Mia Farrow plays a young woman, Rosemary Woodhouse, not spoiled attention always busy husband-actor. Devil's environment, all these rosewater, nosy neighbors should not be too difficult to wriggle into her confidence. Gradually, Rosemary realizes that weaved around the plot, but too late - her womb taketh Antichrist. With horror, she considers her ugly baby and still puts it to his chest. Polanski masterfully plays with an innocent, half-childish look of the actress, whose huge eyes froze fright before the unfathomable reality. And it gives the action of a special dimension, making it beyond the usual horror movie.
In 1970, Farrow was married to conductor Andre Previn, gave birth to twins and moved behind her husband in London. Soon the couple Previn has adopted four Vietnamese children. In 1972, actress
admitted to the Royal Shakespeare Company, successfully fulfilling the role in plays by Chekhov, Gorky, Shakespeare. Do not interrupted and its relationship with the American cinema. In the period from 1971 to 1978. She appeared in seven films ( 'blind terror', 1971, 'On the heels', 1972;' Great Gatsby ', 1974;' full circle ', 1977;' Death on the Nile ', 1978' Avalanche ', 1978' Wedding ', 1978). Picture stirred interest Farrow, became a famous film adaptation of the novel C. Fitzgerald's 'Great Gatsby'. She created an image burzhuazki spoiled Daisy Buchanan, which became the object of sublime love of the poor farmer's son, Jay Gatsby (P. Radford), and unwittingly contributed to his death. The years of happy marriage and motherhood harmonized first appearance dysplasia actress. She perfectly blended in the film, filled with longing for the unattainable, elusive ideal.
In 1979, while filming 'Hurricane' came stormy love affair between Mia Farrow and the Swedish cinematographer Sven Nikvistom. Mia broke up with Previn and with six children returned to America. She appeared on the screen only after three years in the film 'erotic comedy A Midsummer Night' Woody Allen depicts the tumult of feelings of love, suddenly afflicted people. The real queen of the festival of love became Farrow in the role of Eriel. Slim blonde beauty with a matte blush and green eyes, she ignites the men, pushing the bold and reckless behavior. The film was recklessly-frank explanation of love Allen his actress. In her death, he found a new creative muse inspired him to create a set of films.
In some lines ( 'Hannah and Her Sisters', 1986; 'Crimes and Misdemeanors', 1989; 'Alice', 1990), an actress playing herself - a modern American woman, torn between family and creativity. In the film 'September' (1987) Allen asked Farrow keenly dramatic role Lane, who lives with a stain crimes, which she did not commit. However, the greatest achievement of the creative duo Allen-Farrow started the comedy "Zelig" (1983) and 'The Purple Rose of Cairo' (1986). 'Zelig' - is a grand cinematic hoax, which seeks to persuade viewers of the existence of a human individual, endowed with an amazing gift with no visible effort to change his appearance. Mia Farrow plays Dr. Eudora Fletcher, who undertook to cure the patient's unusual.
How many obstacles to overcome this distrust and fragile woman with round glasses and still won. The actress creates a subtle parody of an academic woman who is struggling to rid the Zelig of a happy gift, even without inquiring whether it wants to himself, and then vigorously moves the center of a hype, raised around the prodigies of the patient.
Somewhat different comedic talent of the actress appeared in the tape 'Purple Rose of Cairo', witty parody of American cinema 30-ies. The film is replete with many notions, gegami and findings, but what is to say especially - so it's about Mia Farrow in the role of a waitress Cecilia. All of it, in his tightly buttoned paltitse and worn hat, it seems remarkably suited to this role. In 'Purple Rose' no through-scenes. All played with a sincere love for the round-shouldered, really been pestering the life provintsialochke, using film received the opportunity to break out of routine. As in 'Zelig', the actress does not avoid the irony, but it is subtly and unobtrusively, as if afraid to offend the already bypassed happiness heroine.
In. Allen was able to see the actress in a comedy talent and use it in his art. This alliance broke the scandalous gap in 1992 after Farrow discovered that Woody entered into an affair with her adopted daughter Soon Yu Previn.

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Mia Farrow, photo, biography
Mia Farrow, photo, biography Mia Farrow  Actress, photo, biography
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