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Gregory Peck

( Actor)

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Biography Gregory Peck
photo Gregory Peck
Full Name: Eldred Gregory Peck. Born 5/4/1916 in La Jolly (pc. California). He studied at the University of California (graduated in 1939) and in the School of Dramatic Art.
The fact that Gregory Peck came to the cinema, it is not surprising, on the contrary, it would be strange if this did not happen. Tall, stately, handsome young man with a brave face and expressive dark eyes, as though he was created for the positive roles of heroes and 'one hundred per cent of Americans' - reliable, powerful and charming. Devoid of sweetness, with a quiet certainty of movement and excellent reliability every word that he immediately and unconditionally conquered the hearts of the audience. Though I must honestly say that their success was the first thing he must not his acting skills are very modest - and his winning external data and great charm.
While studying at the university, Gregory participated in the formulation of amateur theater, and after graduation began working on the professional stage. The desire to improve their theatrical education leads youth in the School of Dramatic Art, where he spent two years, understands the secrets of the actor's craft. And in 1943 his debut in film. And almost from the first role in the film 'Days of Glory' (1944) Peck 'finds' his hero. Role of a positive character, infecting those around her optimism and faith, could not be more suited to him. And in practice for many years that image has remained unchanged
. The film follows the movie: 'Duel in the Sun' (1946), . 'Gentleman's Agreement' (1948), . 'Only a brave man' (1949) and other, . everywhere Gregory Peck presents a model of a real man, . beautiful, . confident, . and yet gentle and caring lover ..,
. No wonder that for many viewers, and especially the spectators, it was Gregory Peck was the embodiment of masculine ideal. In 1947-1952 years the name of Peck confidently enters the list of the ten most famous actors of the American cinema gentle humor, intelligence gave his game a special charm. Peck is quite managed to combine in the form of a positive hero - an unattainable ideal, and it is the earth's attractive я?п?п©п°пІ Contemporary American. This is it, Harry, the hero of Hemingway's story "The Snows of Kilimanjaro ', journalist Joe Bradley from' Roman Holiday '. Lyrical comedy Y. Wyler 'Roman Holiday' has become one of the best works Peck. The love story of a reporter and princesses, allowing himself a few hours feel like a normal death, conquered the amazing clarity and certainty behavior heroes. The false story in a brilliant performance touchingly fragile Audrey Hepburn, and bravely-suppressed Peck excited spectators, made them laugh and cry
. Peck charm, his ability to give a few touches of actors' portraits feature the character is very useful to him in such films as' bank card at a million pounds' (1953), 'Moby Dick' (1956), 'At last the shore' (1959)
. But where to require a genuine depth and complexity of the image, the actor fold. It happened, for example, the hero of the screening-tion Hemingway "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" (1952). Outwardly, representative role he was good at.
In the memory of the audience were his heroes: the taciturn captain of the submarine, the last witness of the tragedy - the effects of the third world nuclear war has killed humanity - Dwight Towers ( 'At last the shore'). Reliable and strong-willed, Dick Mallory, a sapper, thrown into the rear of the Nazis ( "Guns Navarro-not ', 1961). Principled and a good lawyer Al-tikus Finn ( 'To Kill a Mockingbird', 1962 - for this job Peck was awarded the 'Oscar') and many others.
High credibility Peck, respect with which he is always treated colleagues, enabled him in 1965 to become a member of the National Arts Council, and in 1967-1970. be elected president of the American Academy.
However, the high positions did not interfere with the actor to continue to work in film. And as if to prove to themselves and others, that his creative range is much wider. Peck takes on the role of different plan. That he is the hero of classic westerns - Bravo McKenna ( 'Mackenna's Gold', . 1969), . noble cowboy Clay Loumans ( 'Shoot! ", . 1971), . Dina adventurer ( 'Billy nicknamed Two Hats', . 1974), . it suddenly appears on the screen in the form of the famous Brigadier-General MacArthur, . Rights, . became a legend during his lifetime ( 'McArthur', . 1977), . otherwise, . that really does not look like it was at Peck, . flashes as a cunning serial killer and a sadistic Dr. Mengele in the film adaptation of the novel Ayry Levin's 'The Boys from Brazil' (1978),
. But, . and an aging actor still closer to the positive images of heroes, . Yes, and in the minds of the audience does not fit, . as may be negative character of this noble-looking man with gray hair and sad glazamiN And because the greatest success with the public use 'traditional' for Peck role: Abraham Lincoln ( 'The blue and gray', . 1982), . President ( 'Amazing Grace and Chuck', . 1987), . Monsignor Hugh 0'Fla-erti ( 'Scarlet and Black', . 1983),
. Considerable success accompanied Peck in the role of Ambassador Robert Thorn in the famous film by Richard Donner 'The Omen' (1976), where the actors have played the unfortunate father, who became the latest victim of the forces of evil.
In recent years, Peck was withdrawn little. His latest role - the writer Ambrose Bierce ( 'The Old gringo', . 1989), . and yet this actor is well known and remembered viewers, . true, . mainly on old movies, . where young, . beautiful and noble hero Peck liked, . suffered and upheld the validity,

. Filmography: 'Bewitched', . 1945; 'Valley of determination', . 1945; 'employee', . 1946; 'Case Macomber', . 1947; 'Case Paradayn', . 1948; 'Yellow Sky', . 1948; 'great sinner', . 1949; 'Right over your head', . 1950; 'Shooter', . Captain of the Royal Navy Horeysho Hornblouer ', . 1951; 'David and Bathsheba', . 1952; 'In his hands the whole world', . 1952; 'The Purple Plain', . 1954; 'Night People', . 1954; 'man in the gray flannel suit', . 1956; 'intrigante', . 1957; 'Daredevil', . 1958; 'big edge', . 1958; 'Hill of foreign pig', . 1959; 'Favorite heathen', . 1959; 'Cape Fear', . 1962; 'How was conquered by the Far West', . 1962; 'Captain Newman, . M,
. D., 1964, 'Beware, the pale horse', 1964; 'Mirage', 1965; 'Arabesque', 1966 'Rising Moon', 1968 'The most dangerous man on earth', 1969 'in captivity orbit' , 1969; 'I keep myself in the hands', 1970 'Sea Wolf', 1980; 'silent voice', 1987.

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Gregory Peck, photo, biography
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