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Whoopi Goldberg (Goldberg, Whoopi)

( Actress)

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Biography Whoopi Goldberg (Goldberg, Whoopi)
photo Whoopi Goldberg (Goldberg, Whoopi)
Real name: None Karin Johnson. Born in 1949 in one of the 'black' neighborhoods of New York. With eight years began performing in children's theater Helen Rubenstein. In the late 60-ies joined the hippie movement. Was considered a hopeless drug addict, with great difficulty got rid of this evil. Most of the life there through velferu (social assistance). In 1974 he won the role in 'repertory tietr' (San Diego), and then passed to the 'Black Street tietr' (San Francisco). The real fame in 1983 when the show 'Shaw ghosts', which established six different female characters - from a beggar to millionaire.
In 1985, Whoopi Goldberg learned that Steven Spielberg started to film adaptation of her favorite novel 'color purple'. She wrote a letter to the author - Alice Walker - and asked to put in a word for it. So she took the lead role - Celia Johnson, a black woman whose whole life was a family slave. In the end, she found the strength to straighten up and act against the dictates of her husband. Since the action covers two decades in the life of the heroine, it was important to find a bright external picture role, which would have demonstrated fait accompli changes. Here Whoopi Goldberg showed flair and skill of a mature dramatic actress. The work was nominated for the award 'Oscar', and this is even more important that the nature of his talent Whoopi Goldberg, rather, character actress. With her mannerisms, grimaces, it is simply absurd gestures created for comedy. What expressively confirmed tapes: 'Jack-skipjack' (1986), 'Vzlomschitsa' (1987), 'Phone' (1988), 'Soap' (1991). In the 'Jack the skipjack' it represents the operator of computer banking network Terry Doo-Little, accidentally attached to the secrets of British intelligence. All the ridiculous in this woman, from the costumes and ending with the apartment, which she sweeps a huge toothbrush. At the moment of strong emotion Terry forgets all decent
words and staggering around their filth. The Police Commissioner, to whom she pours a tub of abuse, said in a panic-stricken: 'Yes, your tongue should be cleaned with a brush of iron' - and receives in response a new clip of abuse
. Absurd, . ugly, . foul-mouthed, . absurdly dressed, . but good, . net, . purposeful - this appears Whoopi Goldberg in the film 'Jack skipjack', . and these qualities are the essence of the fascinating characters created by it, . extremely cute and sweet, . despite the apparent external rudeness and short temper,
. Comedies and movies were 'Vzlomschi-ca', in which she played a crook who had miraculously escaped involvement in the 'wet' case, and 'Phone', which appeared in the guise of an eccentric actress, whose life is closely linked with telephone.
However, it is not limited comedies. Whoopi Goldberg will take heart so much that ventured to appear on the screen in the role of the police ( 'Mortal Beauty', 1987). This tape shows the terrible reality of her crime, alcoholism and drug addiction, among them being the life of many inhabitants of the black ghetto. Officer of the Anti-Drug Rita Rizzoli is at the epicenter of this struggle. She masterfully uses all the weapons and ferocious expression does not leave her face. Despite the brutality and sketchiness of this film, with the help of Whoopi Goldberg has created on the American screen, a new type of black woman, able to exist on equal terms in a purely masculine-torn world, a thirst for competition. However, in the film "Clara's Heart '(1988), removed after the' Mortal beauty ', Goldberg performed the traditional role of the good Negro, who took care of the helpless white family.
In 1991, Whoopi Goldberg won her first Oscar - for her role as Odo Mae Brown in the film 'Ghost'. That being said, the role of the second plan, but Goldberg is in the film with such thoroughness and comfort that pushes into the background by the main performers. It is hard to compete with the actress, with its expressive facial expressions, gestures, gait. Moreover
scenarios provide many opportunities for eccentricity, especially where the clairvoyant communicate with the spirits, or play the heir to many millions.
It is a new heroine was able to see Buli Goldberg A Russian director. Konchalovsky. In the film, "Homer and Eddie", he presented it in the image of wild, unruly Negro, because of a brain tumor is doomed to a quick death. This film showed once again how great range of possibilities of this wonderful comedienne, which was able to maintain their own individual style. At the Cannes Film Festival 1992. great interest was aroused films: 'Serafina', where B. Goldberg played the title role, and 'player' P. Altman - its interesting character of the second plan
. Hollywood bosses know, . what a treasure this is ugly, . but amazingly talented must be done to approval at the screen of a new type of black American, . how attractive its name to viewers regardless of their race,
. She has the right to choose the very role, even to make some changes to the script. Thus was the film 'Sisters Show' (1993), where Goldberg has played a singer who changed the life of a monastery.
Currently, Whoopi Goldberg lives in California with her daughter Alexandra and the other Eddie Gold, a cameraman.

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Whoopi Goldberg (Goldberg, Whoopi), photo, biography
Whoopi Goldberg (Goldberg, Whoopi), photo, biography Whoopi Goldberg (Goldberg, Whoopi)  Actress, photo, biography
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