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JOHN Voight (Voight Jon)

( Actor)

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Biography JOHN Voight (Voight Jon)
photo JOHN Voight (Voight Jon)
Born 29.12.1938 in g. Yonkerze (pc. New York). The son of professional golfer, Voight already in school years showed his acting talent. He was educated first in the Washington Catholic University in the Faculty of Fine Arts, then in New York acting school 'Neyborhud Playhouse'.
Voight made his debut on the theatrical scene in the early 60-ies. remained faithful to her throughout his life. Already in his youth actor dabbled in different genres - from the musical 'The Sound of Music' (1961) to the complex mental imagery in the plays A. Miller T. Williams. In 1967 he was awarded a 'Theater of the World' for taking part in the play 'this summer in this season' F. Gilroya, where his partner was the Greek actress Irene Papas. After the success of the play 'View from the Bridge' A. Miller Voight has been invited on TV and became a television star thanks to the participation in the 1963-1969 period serials - 'Naked City', 'advocates' on the big screen first appeared in 1967 as a curled-Bill in the picture 'Hour Guns' D. Sterdzhesa. And two years later his name thundered in the sensational film 'Midnight Cowboy' (1969) D. Schlesinger. Speaking in a pair with Dustin Hoffman, he founded a bitter image of Joe Buck, a naive provincial loser who tried to 'win' New York, selling her body.
. Voit, conquered the audience and critics freshness executive manners, sense of humor, sincerity, acting charm
. Its external data could not be more consistent with essentially the image of his hero - ingenuous rustic face, fair eyebrows and eyelashes, from under which looked bright eyes guy who is easily deceived. In pursuance of this role Voight received several awards: the New York Film Critics 'Golden Globe' and the British Academy Award, handed to him as the most promising debutant.
. The motif of dashed hopes, deposed illusion sounds better future roles the actor: it's Milo Minderbinder in "Catch-22 '(1970) F
. Nichols, and Ed in the psychological thriller 'Deliverance' (1972) J. Burma, which tells of the perilous journey across mountain river four men, which became for them a painful ordeal for survival. Sign always interesting geroybuntar. Such is his performance Pat Conroy in the film 'Konrak' (1974) M. Ritt. A young teacher, who came to work on an island off the coast of South Carolina, at first hopeful change the lives of the local black population. Boldly and recklessly, he challenges the prissy and self-righteous white society. Stir racist vipers nest Konrak defeated - it fired, but the spirit of a brave teacher remains unbroken.
Hero Vojta already in the process of revolt sees a means to defend the violated human rights. Especially strongly this idea was voiced in the film 'Coming Home' (1978), where he played the role of Luke Martin, a veteran of the Vietnam War, returned home with a bullet in his spine and paralyzed legs. For creating this image of the actor received a prize: 'Oscar', the New York Film Critics 'Golden Globe' and the festival in Cannes. The range of personality and strength of spirit of his hero so great, that makes one forget that the screen cripple permanently wheelchair-bound. Luke Martin have the courage not only to win a misfortune, but to become a defender of those facing the same fate.
Many heroes Vojta fall in extreme conditions, and they with desperate courage to challenge fate. Such is the athlete Billy in 'Champion' (1979) F. Zeffirelli, who escaped from prison convict Manny in the movie 'Runaway Train' (1985) A. Konchalovsky. Speaking about his work in this film, the actor called it 'rending critic in the universe of captivity'. A. Konchalovsky in his interview stated, . that without the participation Vojta, . close to his performing style to the Russian school of psychology MAT, . his film to some extent reflected the era of 70-80-ies, . in recent years as it began a new life,
. Much better than before, he became characteristic of contemplation, tolerance, love for people who can help them overcome the suffering. These sentiments are expressed in mystical Voight tape 'Avatar' (1990) - the name given to a different incarnation of God in India.
Voight was married to actress Laura Peters and Marshelkn Bertrand. Now divorced. On his last wife had two children, to whom he treated with great tenderness.

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    JOHN Voight (Voight Jon), photo, biography
    JOHN Voight (Voight Jon), photo, biography JOHN Voight (Voight Jon)  Actor, photo, biography
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