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John Malkovich (Malkovich John).

( Actor)

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Biography John Malkovich (Malkovich John).
photo John Malkovich (Malkovich John).
Born 9/12/1953 in g. Benton (pc. Illinois).
When I first saw Malkovich on stage, I thought that he was a psychopath or the greatest actor of our time. Childlike, unattractive circus freak, funny and bizarre at the same time - so it seemed to me '- so recalled meeting with the actor director P. Benton, who played a huge role in the creative destiny Malkovich. Yes, this young man with protruding ears, protruding jaw, and a snub-nosed forward nose handsome would not call. But a minute later after the appearance Malkovich on the screen forget about his unsightly appearance. So strong surrounding his element komediantstva.
Walking in the footsteps of his father - the reserve keeper - John Malkovich childhood preparing himself for the same work, and to that end entered the University of Chicago in the Department of Biology. There he became interested in theater and after graduation went into the newly organized theater company 'Steppenvolf'. Decisive influence on his future fate had a meeting with the actress Glenn Hedley, in August 1982 became his wife. She not only supported the thrust of it to the theater, but also inspired in directing. Several productions of John were found successful. It gave him confidence in himself. As an actor John Malkovich was last seen in 1984 after it won 'Obi' for role in show with. Shepard's 'True West'. The spectacle drew attention to it Dustin Hoffman, who was preparing for staging the play A. Miller's 'Death of a Salesman' and chose John to the role of the neurotic son hero BIFA. In 1985, the play was shown on television. Gradually the name Malkovich entered the consciousness of millions of viewers.
Very successful was his cinematic debut in the movie "Places in the Heart 'P. Benton (1984). He plays Mr. Will, the blind lodger in the house of a poor widow, who can move around the house and yard only with carefully stretched ropes. And despite the helplessness, he has shown extraordinary courage in saving from the Ku Klux Klan Negro Moses. Malkovich spent several days in a boarding house for the blind, studying their habits, and gestures. So he created the image produces such a deep impression.
Yet the real fame came to the actor four years later, when he starred in the film 'Dangerous Liaisons' (1988). English director Stephen Frears, whose vision differs substantially from the traditional Hollywood is not afraid to entrust the role of secular Malkovich rake and bon vivant. Devourer of hearts, Valmont flits through life, here and there, tearing the flowers of pleasure. He is so blinded by his success with women, that I involuntarily have offended the revengeful Marquis, which is doing everything to destroy the impudent youngster. He dies in the prime of life, and not having time to taste all the joys of life.
His ineradicable lust for life, contempt for others, ignoring their interests Port Moresby, the hero of the film B. Bertolucci's 'Under the cover of Heaven' (1990) reminds Valmont. With the help of Italian director Malkovich has created a memorable portrait of jaded, wealthy Americans, live it with a sequence worthy of a better use. Death becomes the logical conclusion of his dissolute existence.
In Europe, 'Under the cover of Heaven' was greeted with great interest, than in the U.S.. Existential tension tape was quite difficult for an American audience. The film was praised, but as if through the power. But the enthusiasm was met with a picture of 'object of beauty' (1991), which can be seen as an ironic paraphrase of the previous tape.
Two wealthy Americans are enjoying life in New-respectable European luxury hotel. Hands on elbow stained black caviar, wine cellars of the old. And the more orders do guests, the more unrest experienced proprietor of the hotel. And indeed, these two do not mind for anything but fake credit cards. In this gay comedy Malkovich returned to the type of hero, whom he portrayed in 'Liaisons Dangereuses'. Ironically, in spite of its unattractive appearance actor liked by the audience in the form of secular rake, with a cynical smile on his lips.
During the eight years of work in film, John Malkovich, has managed to become such a performer, to cooperate with that dream today, many Hollywood filmmakers and stars
. Filmography: 'Murderous field', 1984; 'Eleni', 1984; 'Empire of the Sun', 1987; 'Glass Menagerie', 1987, 'A lot of miles from home', 1987; 'Accidental Tourist', 1988; 'Royal Logic', 1991; 'Of Mice and Men', 1992; 'The Line of Fire', 1993.

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John Malkovich (Malkovich John)., photo, biography
John Malkovich (Malkovich John)., photo, biography John Malkovich (Malkovich John).  Actor, photo, biography
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