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Biography DOUGLAS Kirk
photo DOUGLAS Kirk
Real name: Issur Danilovich Demsky. Born 9/12/1918 in Amsterdam (pc. New York). He studied at the University of St.. Lawrence, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.
. Given, . that the debut of Kirk Douglas in the film took, . when Issuru Demsky (as Douglas was called at that time) was thirty years, . it becomes clear, . By that, he walked a long and difficult, . Having tried many professions and occupations in the life, . before fate smiled at him,
. The son of an immigrant from Poland, Issur has worked at the mine, a laborer, to war (the end of the Second World War found him in the naval forces of the USA in the Pacific). But then the actor has repeatedly said that the accumulated experience it is very handy in the creative work. (By the way, maybe just the memories of his own difficult youth forced Kirk Douglas to be exacting and strict father to son - now a famous actor Michael Douglas.)
. One way or another, but its decision to link the life of the theater first, and then to the cinema Issur received in adulthood, carefully weighing all the pros and cons
. But too great was the desire of a young man to devote his life to art. While studying at the University of St.. Lawrence, he impressed his teachers amazing collection, perseverance and a great desire to learn "It is not surprising that this effort was noted, and teachers recommended that the student theater managers. Demsky debut took place in 1941 on Broadway and was unsuccessfully. Of course, before the real triumph was anything but criticism, and the audience graciously greeted the appearance of a newcomer on the scene. Lean, . A lean young man with a memorable face: thin, . nervous, . a quick glance slightly narrowed eyes, . nosed, . with a characteristic dimple on his chin (according physiognomist - a sure sign of strong faith), . He was not like the sugary hero-lover,
. Yes, and did not seek to resemble him. Rather, it evokes associations with people, nurtured by poverty and lawlessness - hungry, gloating, disillusioned guys who have sought at any cost their way upstairs to grab a slice of your life happiness. Seemed, . they existed, like a compressed spring: narrowed eyes carefully gropes around: is not there some kind of mischief and on her face frozen in an expression of distrust, . the constant "fighting stance" suggests, . that his hero never does not trust anyone ..,
. Too much bitterness and frustration fell to his lot before.
. The first roles in "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (1946), . "I'm always alone" (1947), . "Letter to Three Wives" (1949) were a kind of dress rehearsal for the main role of Douglas 40-ies - the image Midzha Kelly as we have known the movie "Champion" (1949),
. Subsequently, in American cinema was created a gallery of "odobnyh his young ambitious careerists, . But fairness is to recognize, . that to this day, this work actor in the film more than forty years ago remains one of the most striking and significant,
. History of rapid career Chicago boy - from the shabby bar waiter to national champion in boxing - is primarily the history of the collapse of the human person, . and the higher rises Midzh-athlete on the steps of fame, . the lower falls Midzh-man,
. In an effort to "make themselves", he betrays all those who loved and supported him at first: his wife, impresario, lover. Douglas paints a surprisingly accurate psychological portrait of his hero, obsessed with the idea of prosperity. The success of "Champion" was developed by an actor in subsequent films, which ranged almost the same image - a ruthless individualist. These are his Jim 0'Konnor of "Glass Menagerie" (1951), the heroes of "Big Carnival" (1950), "detective story" (1951), "The Man Without a Star" (1955) and others. In 50-ies actor gained fame as a bustling "man of action". Adolescents and young men paid tribute to his resolute and cunning Odysseus (Ulysses, . in our hire - "Ulysses", . 1953), . as noble Spartacus (Spartak ', . 1960), . Dauntless Scandinavian explorer Einar from the familiar "Viking" (1958).,
. However, the actor's creative range was much broader framework adventure film, and he soon proved this
. The role of the madman and the genius of Van Gogh in "Lust for Life '(1956) brought the actor prize nyuyorkskih critics.
. Douglas has proved its ability to create complex psychological images, also played Colonel Dax in the anti-war film "Paths of Glory" (1957) and especially - the split, reflective of the intellectual in the film E
. Kazan's "Deal" (1969).
Tried, and succeeded, Douglas, their forces and directing. His painting "idler" (1972) and "Order" (1976), where he played and the main characters, had a good rental. Well proved himself an actor and as a business person: 60 - 70-ies he was president of four businesses. And how shrewdly observed E. Kazan, "the best product that Kirk sells it himself."
Despite the very old, Douglas continues to act in films. And his latest work - the father of gangster Provolone in the film "Oscar" (1990), although small (only the initial episode), . But the audience remembered the exact characteristics of the hero and the mark - autocratic cunning old man, . that and going to the other world does not lose hope to draw on the true path of his "errant" son ..,
. Well, that, having behind him a long life, the actor, not only did not lose a sense of humor, but on the contrary, in almost 70 years, made his debut in a very funny comedy "tough guy" (1986), offers hope that Kirk Douglas more than once "tryahnet antiquity.
. In 1988
. released an autobiographical book, "Son of junk."

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DOUGLAS Kirk, photo, biography
DOUGLAS Kirk, photo, biography DOUGLAS Kirk  Actor, photo, biography
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