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Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)

( Actor)

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Biography Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
photo Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
Patrick Wayne Swayze was born August 18, 1952 in Houston, Texas (USA). About someone say that he was born in "shirt", but about Patrick Swayze can be said that he was born in the "ballet slippers". And how could it be otherwise, if his mother - a famous choreographer in America, and the owner of a private ballet school. Of course, that the boy was professionally engaged in dancing and music. Ambitious and imperious Patsy Swayze hammered into the son's confidence - you have to be first, no matter what he was doing.

. The best student in school, Patrick managed to obtain and sport prizes: he has an excellent swimming, turning the "sun" in the gym, jumping from the highest tower, played football
. But while he was a teenager tame, absolutely nezloblivym. Nickname "sissy", backed by the cuffs of their peers, now and then knocked out of him with tears.

. Initially, we ran an A student to saving the mother's breast, but one day Patsy sternly uttered - say, enough moan, learn to stand up for himself
. I sent a sissy in the club martial arts, after which his status in college and in the street went up steeply.

Today little remains of the old Moran. No, he did not ease, low gross, but also in everyday life, and in films it when necessary, tough and protects its interests and the interests of friends.

. Most self-confident beauty mad about it: they admire their appearance, plastic, a sense of humor
. He himself, eighteen, first fell in love with Lisa Niemi - she was then 15 years old and studied it in his own ballet school. Three years later they married. After graduating from the ballet school of the happy couple set off to conquer New York. Critics and audiences immediately to cheer took them to the Broadway musical "brilliantine". Elegant, clever and beautiful Swayze quickly became a star. But he alone knew fully what it cost him. Lyubuyuschimsya fan of them and had no idea that Patrick severely damaged patella - a consequence of school match. It was at this time the pain became unbearable. But Patrick suffered, knowing that he and the day should not leave the scene - forget it, there are others.

. And dreams of glory have had a serious reason: Patrick fortunate to speak at the same stage with Mikhail Baryshnikov himself, and preparing them for a special performance.

. But soon, alas, all gone
. The professor said that urgent surgery - knee-deep in a terrible state. And it still had flowers. After surgery, the same professor delivered a cruel verdict: "In ballet you will not come back."

This was a terrible blow. Patrick Swayze was a born dancer, and, in fact, he did not know how else. But again, Patsy pulled him, recalling that as a boy he unsuccessfully filmed in a simple, serials. And he was lucky again: Patrick was invited to play in a television movie "North and South" - in the role of the young men who grew up on the plantations of the South and became a Confederate Army General. For his role as Patrick has done, and it is noticed.

Figures of film and television, has always paid close attention to young talents, could not fail to note identity of the actor, his charm, charming boyishness. Not being a handsome man with a perfectly regular features, . Patrick Swayze nevertheless always attracts attention: his small bright eyes luchatsya benevolence, . face has been on a winning smile, . and from the right-cut, . solid shapes and breathes power,
. In short, edakii confident, reliable and decent guy. Of course, for the roles of refined aristocrats Patrick Swayze - not in the right figure, but in modern American cinema, which requires a hero warehouse "is the same as we are with you" - he is irreplaceable. And it quickly realized the producers and directors, who first tried Swayze on TV, and then was invited to the movies.

. "Renegades", . "North and South", . "The Bible, . Part I and II "- these serials, . issued in the light in 1979-1980., . Swayze made the name famous, . because film director with "The Outsiders" (1983), . "Red Dawn" (1984), . "Young Blood" (1986), . inviting Swayze in his paintings, . not particularly risky, . believing, . that the professional skill of the dancer, . ability to stay on the scene will help him to quickly master the new profession,
. Yet success did not immediately come to Swayze. It took a long seven years before the actor grabbed the tail of the bird of happiness ". She became his film "Dirty Dancing" (1987), where Patrick created a memorable image of a young professional dancer, whose responsibilities include the entertainment-rich tourists. However, this modern "Gigolo" appears on the screen nice and charming guy who knows and loves to dance, but not in a hurry to sell the body and soul for money. Rather, it could have happened if not for his meeting with resting young girl whom he teaches the art of dance, and with it, and understands the "science of love". In this lyrical picture revealed talent Swayze - actor. He is quite able to convey the character of the protagonist, who is one of cynicism and skepticism inherent in that person's position, moving to the understanding of the true values of life. It was quite difficult from a psychological standpoint role, and Swayze brilliantly coped with their task. His hero bribing viewers charm, boyish outrageous, the ability to love ...

. Patrick Swayze is remembered, and after the success of "Dirty Dancing" that he could not worry about his future: an invitation to appear in new movies did not take long
. Every year on the screens out the picture with his participation. "Immediate family members" (1989), "Road House" (1989), "Ghost" (1990) - all these works have further strengthened the credibility Swayze, actor. Unfortunately, the filmmakers practically ceased to use the talent Swayze, the dancer. All of these roles - a purely dramatic. However, thanks to the participation of Patrick, in these films open up new facets of his talent. In "House of the road" - a typical action movie - Swayze shows the dynamics of the actor "Action Film", and "Ghosts", he suddenly flashed, including, and comedic talent. Because according to the will of scriptwriters, . his hero was destined to die in the very beginning of the movie, . become ghost, . to save his girlfriend from all the dangers, . expose the treacherous enemies and punish them about, . before his "soul" will go to another world,
. And with this task, Patrick successfully managed.

As an actor, as a person, Patrick, of course, took. A sincere person, something even directly, in each role he looks surprisingly natural. Was left and his excellent coordination. Therefore he does not need doubles, and the more complex, dangerous stunts, the stronger his desire to do everything himself.

Directors, of course, use his neuvyadshee art dancer. In the film, where there is an opportunity to rest, he dances brilliantly. And he jumped from the car, flying at breakneck speed to another, soars on the board at the crest of a gigantic wave, made dangerous skydiving - and only in the movie "Road House", had on the role of boxes on the ear, make sure he was beaten seriously .

. Particularly challenging was the chase scene in the thriller "Letters killers" when Patrick had a moment to get out of the broken and overturned cars, and even pull out before the explosion jammed operator
. He had left the dangerous situation. And then said that such an actor for the benefit: risk purifies the soul.

Still a pity that his ability to dance, "left-overs". Of course, the years take their, and, becoming older, Swayze, the dancer gradually giving way to Swayze, actor.

While each new role brings Patrick becoming better known. Today, he surely among the top twenty most popular actors in Hollywood.

Photos of Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)

Photos of Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)

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  • Irina Alyudina for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick is very talented actor. I'd like to know about it for more!
  • SHARE for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • I would like to have in their film library series North-South
  • hrisaada for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Dear Patrick I am quite confident that you all will be fine. I respect you as an actor and as a man who is not looking at that does not give up. I hope I will be able to view movies with your participation. Thanks. Mariya.Spasibo that you have
  • Alena for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • is a very good actor, moylyubimy actor, when I learned that it is no more, I felt rloha, he played amazing, because of him I, too zanemalas in dance, dream dance with him, Patrick is the best
  • Katya for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • I love Patrick! Magnificent man! Insanely talented, . stunningly beautiful and sexy! Every film with his participation, a masterpiece! "constantly reviewed" Dirty Dancing "and the dream be in place Baby =) look at" Reduction "and constantly weep!" No words, some emotions!,
  • Ludmila for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Great actors! He has so many fans, . that their love was supposed to save his life! Very, very sorry, . that not everything in our power ... He is a true star! From his heroes comes warmth and love of life, . that simply do not compare with anyone!,
  • Evgenia for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Something I can not understand - Girls, . you what it was already buried? tepun your tongue! Patrick is still alive! and will always be alive - even when the leaves, . will live in our hearts and memories! Patrick Swayze is really a great actor - not so many famous films with his participation, . but his role - just shine! A Dirty Dancing in its participation - a film for all time! and no second, . fifth and the tenth part, and not approach close to this masterpiece of the genre!,
  • Marina for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • The best actor in the world! Thanks Eugene for your comment. I wish you Patrick and your beautiful Lisa noted Golden Jubilee anniversary of your wedding. You are very beautiful couple! HEALTH TO YOU!
  • Elena for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • amazing actor and singer, film Dirty Dancing, roadside cafe, looking every year and several times, for 8 years, just admire this man
  • Vadim for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Brilliant actor! He remains in our hearts, Forever! Patrick did not smear himself questionable shootings in the "erotic" magazines, scandals with him we did not hear it - not that other modern "actors". On the crest of a wave - my favorite film with his participation. Dance - also a very good movie. 90% of today's movies and the actors themselves mired in the mud, so it's a good stay with us!
  • Vadim for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • All the boys thank you for what you leave your comments here. This is - another proof that the best actors never die!
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    Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric), photo, biography
    Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric), photo, biography Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)  Actor, photo, biography
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