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Richard Burton (Burton, Richard).

( Actor)

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Biography Richard Burton (Burton, Richard).
photo Richard Burton (Burton, Richard).
Real name: Jenkins. Born 10.11.1925 in Pontridayfene (Wells), died 5/8/1984 in Celine (Switzerland). The twelfth of thirteen children miner, Richard soon showed their abilities, thereby encouraging teachers encourage and support young talent. Special role in his life played a teacher, Philip Burton, was busy with him and unlearning Welsh accent. This is what the name of the young Richard Jenkins, and took as a stage name. The first theatrical role played by Burton in 1943. a play well-known Welsh playwright, actor and director Emlyn Williams 'Rest Druids'. After that, he served in the Army (Air Force), was convened to military semiannual course at Oxford University and demobilized in 1947, received a professional contract in London. From Emlyn Williams connected and Burton's film debut: he played a major role in his film 'Last
days Dolvina '(1948). In young Bertone attracted primarily an explosive temper and a great voice: deep, soft and extremely strong. So he read a lot on the radio and already in 1951. debut in the role of Prince Halya (in 'Henry IV') to stage Shakespeare Memorial Theater in Stratford-upon-Avon. The style of his game, is largely preserved in subsequent years, was already clearly defined to. Mystery: 'Burton - a calm body of water filled to the brim, with a wonderfully deep, twenty-five years he has mastered the pause and the silence of his extraordinary eloquence'. Then, in the early 50-ies successful Hollywood career began and Burton, the first of his American films' My Cousin Rachel "(1952) brought him a nomination for 'Oscar'. (Total of a cinematic life was six, but none has not turned a prize.) Burton compared with the young Laurence Olivier and predicted a bright future. However, until 1958, when the screens came out of the famous film version of Osborne's play 'Look Back in Anger', great artistic achievements in Burton film was not. The role of the young intellectuals 'from the lower classes', embittered by the whole environmental life, beginning with an alien society, and ending with his own wife, he was very close. Boiling cold fury eyes Jimmy Porter-Burton express the full force of rejection is hopelessly outdated and false 'game rules', which brought with it the social life of his generation.
Speech on Broadway in the musical 'Camelot' (1960) finally approved the Burton in the status of international stars. Since then, he allowed himself to do not spread to the end of each role, relying on impeccable technique, the charm of his strong personality and great voice. The fact, . it is quite conscious approach, . indicate his own recognition in the magazine 'Life': 'Performing Arts is widely viewed as a craft, . I say, . that it is anything else and is not, . except that in the hands of the few, . who only once or twice in my life,
. raises it to the level of something extraordinary, mystical and deeply affecting as it does the soul '
. Such highest point by Burton infrequently and usually in an ensemble with other outstanding performers. For example, in 'Becket' (1964) P-Glenvilla (on F. Anuj), he played in a pair with Peter OTulom, . and among the other artists was John Gielgud, . shortly before that to make with Burton in the lead role of stage 'Hamlet' in modern dress, . after which all of America talking about the prince of the Danish-generation 'angry',
. So, starting to 'Becket', actor, actress, by his own admission, only the fourth time since nineteen paintings are committed to really be a good movie actor. The role of the former revelers, . companion royal adventures, . became a steadfast defender of church privileges after the adoption of the Primate's dignity and martyred by the hands of King Henry II, . allowed Burton as Thomas Becket, to demonstrate a wide range of performing,
Another such is the unquestionable success of ensemble work was the film adaptation of the play E. Albee 'Who's Afraid of Virginia VulfN' (1966), where a pair of Burton and Elizabeth Taylor ruthlessly turned inside out all the ugly appearance of the lining of a successful marriage.
Of the solo achievements of this time allocated role in the adaptation of Le Carre's novel 'The Spy who came in from the Cold' (1965, dir. M. Ritt). An agent who deceived his superiors and advance to the intended victim during a major game, gets in the performance of the magnitude of the tragic character Burton. In drawing the role he is not so much act as react to events, producing, for revocation of the reviewer, 'the impression immediately after the eruption of a volcano'. And yet, in the end, the star won the Bertone stage actor, accustomed to the constant work. (It is this last quality of Britain's most distinguished masters of the stage, caught in Hollywood.) In the center of attention of the press come primarily its relationship with the famous American movie star Elizabeth
. Taylor, a novel which ended in marriage in 1964, began to shoot 'superkolossa' 'Cleopatra''(1963), where Burton played Anthony, and Taylor - the title heroine
. This famous actor's union, which was preceded by high-profile divorce cases both, long held by journalists extravagance Taylor and stern character with a friendly glass of Burton. At some point they separated, then reunited again in a year that in 1976. again leave ... During these years, especially developed alcoholism Burton, who turned the other side of his acting profession, for in it, he said, 'There is something humiliating for men'. 'There is something unnatural, - confessed Burton - smeared face makeup, wear medieval costumes and recite the words of others. That's why you drink so that was a shame '. Be that as it may, the recent Movie parts being played solidly enough, do not add anything to the glory of the actor, leaving behind him a reputation as a talent, very promising, but all his promises had not been met. His last role was the mysterious and brutal 0'Brayen oruelovskoy dystopia in the movie '1984 '. In the autumn of 1984. Burton died at his home in Switzerland, where he lived while hiding from the prohibitively high British taxes
. Filmography: 'And Barabbas was a robber', . 1949; 'Quay', . 1950, 'A woman without a name', . 1950; 'green cane', . 1951; 'Desert Rats', . 1953; 'scarlet', . 1953; 'First among the players', . 1955; 'Rain Ranchipura', . 1955; 'Alexander the Great', . 1956; 'Marine wife', . 1957; 'Bitter Victory', . 1957; 'bramble bush', . 1960; 'Longest Day', . 1962; 'very important persons', . 1963; 'Night of the Iguana', . 1964; 'Hamlet', . 1964; 'What's new, . kiskaN ', . 1965; 'Kulik',
. 1965; 'The Taming of the Shrew', . 1967; 'Doctor Faustus', . 1967; 'Comedians', . 1967; 'Boom! ", . 1968; 'Candy', . 1968; 'There, . where eagles fly ', . 1968; 'ladder', . 1969; 'Anna thousand days', . 1969; 'Raid on Rommel', . 1971; 'Y' milk forests', . 1971; 'Scoundrel',
. 1971; 'The murder of Trotsky', . 1972; 'Hammersmith was set free', . 1972; 'Bluebeard', . 1972; 'Sutjeska', . 1973; 'repression', . 1973; 'Trip', . 1974; 'man of the clan', . 1974; 'Heretic: Exorcist II', . 1977; 'Ekvus', . 1977; 'The Medusa Touch', . 1978; 'Wild Geese', . 1976; 'Absolution is', . 1978; 'Steiner-Iron Cross', . 1979; 'Tristan and Isolde', . 1979; 'In terms of two', . 1980; t / f 'Wagner', . 1983; t / f 'Ellis Island', . 1984.,


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Richard Burton (Burton, Richard)., photo, biography
Richard Burton (Burton, Richard)., photo, biography Richard Burton (Burton, Richard).  Actor, photo, biography
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