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Aykroyd, Dan (Aykroyd Dan).

( Actor)

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Biography Aykroyd, Dan (Aykroyd Dan).
photo Aykroyd, Dan (Aykroyd Dan).
Real name: Daniel Edward. Born 1/7/1952 in Ottawa (Canada).

His father worked all his life in public service, completing her as Deputy Minister of Transport. Higher Education Aykroyd received the Carleton College Department of Criminology. After working for some time on the radio, he enrolled in the Canadian branch of improvisational theater, Second City in Toronto. Here, it drew the attention of television producers "Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, who was at that time searching for young performers, capable of altering the nature of television humor. Aykroyd approached the best way.

"An actor is a chameleon," "healer laugh," "unrivaled improviser" - this is not a complete list of nicknames, the established for this actor. The ability to transform allowed him to play a lot of characters, many of them he invented himself, having written scripts for short skits with their participation. On television Aykroyd spent 5 years, . and after the second season of its cooperation with the "Saturday Night Live", he was awarded an Emmy for the script and execution of roles in sketches, . characters which were: the father of the family "kukuruzogolovyh" aliens, . Richard Nixon, . Carter, . Tom Siayder etc.,
. Together with John Belushi, Aykroyd invented television series about the adventures of The Blues Brothers, who brought them all-American recognition. In the dark suits, felt hats and sunglasses, they calmly sang a duet. In 1980. the screen goes rocked the entire world and has brought millions in profits for their creators musical comedy "The Blues Brothers", which was the first big success Aykroyd in the movie. In "The Blues Brothers) tells of two alumni and one; orphanages Chicago, which, to put things! Nourished their institution, have decided to save it from bankruptcy, but eventually both ended up in jail for genre painting is close to kinokapustniku. Tape is a frenzied kinobuffonadu, leaving the surrounding reality, the exclusion zones for ridicule.

Aykroyd grieved at the death of Belushi If he knew about his drug addiction that was the cause of death, he would have "knocked the whole" this stuff out of his hands ". After the death of a partner for Aykroyd began a long and painful period of searching for themselves in a new "soloist". He continues to work on scripts that are thought to work together. Belushi. In 1983. released film "Doctor Detroit" a parody of the numerous screen version of "Doctor) Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". The picture is not added popularity Aykroyd, but made a significant "change in the privacy of the actor: He met on the set with actress Donna Dixon, who became his wife. Their wedding took place on April 29, 1983, Mr.. (November 18, 1989. from living in Santa Monica Dan and Donna's daughter,. From a previous marriage he had already had three sons).

In his game Aykroyd combines improvisation, deep penetration into the essence of the character, using all the colors of the palette comedian: from mild to wicked satire humor, easy caricature of the grotesque. The granting of this round-faced, snub-nosed very expressive eyes and beautiful facial expressions are extremely versatile actor. Ability to reincarnation allows enchanting, . looks good with the lovable clown Aykroyd play equally convincing and pompous aristocrat Uintorpa of "changing places" (1983), . and eccentric scientist from the movie "My Stepmother - an Alien" (1988), . and professors from the comic "Fighters of Ghosts" (1984),

. Aykroyd played together with many talented actors, . including Chevy Chase ( "Spies, . we ", . 1985), . Charles Grodin ( "prankster from mental hospital ', . 1982), . Tom Hanks ( "Private dragnet", . 1987), . Kim Basinger ( "My stepmother - an Alien", . 1988), . Gene Hackman ( "The incident with von Metz", . 1988), . Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver ( "Fighters ghosts" 1989),
. In the same year he was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting role in the film "Driving Miss Daisy"

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. / Doctor Detroit, 1983
. Trading Places
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. Blues Brothers
. / Blues Brothers, The, 1980
. 1941
. / 1941, 1979


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Aykroyd, Dan (Aykroyd Dan)., photo, biography
Aykroyd, Dan (Aykroyd Dan)., photo, biography Aykroyd, Dan (Aykroyd Dan).  Actor, photo, biography
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