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Muraveva Irina Vadimovna

( Actress)

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Biography Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
photo Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
Irina Muraveva was born Feb. 8, 1949 in Moscow. Her father was a military engineer. Immediately after graduation he joined the army as a volunteer, came to Germany. There he met his love (the Germans stole a girl from Belarus), released her from Nazi captivity, and soon they were married. In 1947, they had a girl. Eighteen months later, another - a future star of Soviet cinema Irina Muraveva.

Irina Muraveva recalls: 'My mother brought us home. Order and cleanliness in the house were perfect, my sister and I were always very nicely dressed - my mother sewed for us. We studied well, because we are cursed, even for the Quartet. The school was not far from home, the lessons ended in an hour fifteen, and in the second half I had to sit at the table with clean hands - we all dined together. It was impossible to stay near the school for a second, I will not go, no dancing-shmantsev.

In winter, my mother used to take us to the rink in the Luzhniki. My sister and I were driving on an icy track, and my mother ran alongside the drifts and drove away from our boys. Her eyes were sharp: '

Irina Muraveva grew to really home child - until the tenth grade play with dolls. Very fond of children and wanted to become a teacher. In the yard was rocking all the babies in carriages, and been received cleverly. She waited, when the mother the baby distracted, wake him and then asked to give it a shake stroller. In a short time to get the hang of this matter so that many of the children calmed down only in its presence (for example, one boy only slept in her arms).

In 1966, after the ten-year she applied to all college theater capital, but it did not take either one of them. I had to go to work and wait for the next exam. The next year, history nearly repeated itself - it took only the studio at the Children's Theater (where competition was less and take only Muscovites). The actress is still gratefully remembered their teachers Anna Alekseevnu Nekrasov, Sergei G. Sokolov, Gennady Mikhailovich Pechnikova.

In the studio, Irina studied for three years, and in 1970 he. was adopted in the company of the Central Children's Theater, where she worked 7 years. She played the role of boys: Shura Tychinkina in the play 'Sombrero', Fyodor Druzhinin in the play '2001 Year '(both productions were carried out on plays Mikhalkov). There were other roles, . diverse in scope and genre: Galya ( 'Dima-invisible'), . Crow ( 'Snow Queen' E. Schwartz), . Viola ( 'Twelfth Night' by W. Shakespeare), . Lyuba Shevtsova ( 'Young Guard' Fadeeva), . Bonk ( 'The Tale of the quadruplets'), . Princess Lali ( 'Chinchraka') and others.,

. In the Children's theater got a job and personal life of Irina Muravyova
. In 1973 she married the director of the Theater of Leonid Eidlin. In this marriage there were born two boys. And in their family all born in February. February 2 - male, 6-th - the youngest son, 8-go - she, 15-th - the eldest son.

From 1977 to 1991. Artist im.Mossoveta worked in the theater, playing in productions of 'room' E. Bragin, 'Abuse of power' Chernykh, 'Quote' Zorin, 'House of Sand' Ibragimbekov, 'Halfway to the top of the' P. Ustinova 'Then - silence' and other. A notable success was the performance of Grushenka role in the play 'The Brothers Karamazov by F. Dostoyevsky. In parallel with the work in the theater Irina Muraveva in 1978-1982 he. studied at the State Institute of Theatrical Art im.A.V.Lunacharskogo on course for Oscar Yakovlevich harness.

. She made her debut in film in 1973, in a small role in the film "episode from his youth, and the first major role, Suzanne, performed in a 1974 television movie Samson Samsonov's" Midsomer Murders "
. Fame came to her after entering the country's movie screens, Vladimir Menshov "Moscow does not believe in tears" (1980), which was a huge success and won numerous international awards, including the Oscar for best foreign film.

In the same year she starred in dramatic roles in films "Fox Hunting" and "We, the undersigned, but it is the role of Ludmila led Irina Murav'ev of the leading actresses of the Soviet cinema. In early 1980 she again met with success - she starred in the musical comedy Tatyana Lioznova "Carnival" (1982) and in the lyrical comedy Gerald Bezhanova "The most charming and attractive ..." (1984), . and these films are still enjoyed love visitors,

Then Muraveva worked with such directors as Leonid Kvinikhidze ( "Stage of Gribov"), Anatoly Eyramdzhanom ( "Womanizer"), Roman Balayan (First Love).

Since 1993, Mr.. Irina Vadimovna Muraveva works at the State Academic Maly Theater. In the famous scene she performs a number of central roles of the Russian classical repertoire. This Ranevskaya ( 'Cherry Orchard' Chekhov), Kupavina ( 'Wolves and Sheep' by Alexander Ostrovsky), Arkadina ( 'Seagull' Chekhov), Gurmyzhskaya ( 'Forest' by Alexander Ostrovsky ).

Actress equally accessible and lyricism, and a sharp specificity down to the grotesque. Naive 'sheep' Kupavina, . cruel and unjust Gurmyzhskaya, . a sensitive and impractical Ranevskaya, . conceited and greedy Arkadina - all these characters brilliantly reveals the artist brings to them some of the features of his artistic personality - temperament and vivid imagination, . ability to enjoy life and the ability to witty joke.,

. In 1993, Mr.
. IV Muravyova was awarded the title 'People's Artist of Russia'. In pursuance of the role of Ludmilla in the film 'Moscow does not trust tears', she was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. In 1983. was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor '.

In music and literature prefers Russian classics. Lives and works in Moscow.

. Recognition and Awards

. 1981 USSR State Prize (for his role in the movie "Moscow does not trust tears')
. 1983 Honored Artist of the RSFSR
. 1994 People's Artist of Russia
. 1999 Order of Merit
. 2006 Order of Merit for the Fatherland IV degree

. Roles in the theater

. Central Children's Theater (1970 - 1977):

. 1970 - 'Sombrero', the play by S. Mikhalkov (director
. Nekrasov) - Schur Tychinkin
1970 - The year '2001 'on the play by S. Mikhalkov - Fyodor Druzhinin
1972 - 'The Tale of the quadruplets', the play P. Pancheva, music. Rybnikova, lyrics Yuri Entin (dir. L. Eidlin) - Bonk
'Twelfth Night', the play I. Shakespeare (dir. N. Sats) - Viola / Sebastian
'Snow Queen', the play E. Schwartz (dir. Nekrasov) - Raven
1973 - 'Young Guard', the novel A. Fadeev (dir. AP Chomsky) - Lyuba Shevtsova
'Dima invisible', the play by V. Korostyleva and M. Lvov (dir. A. Efremov) - Gal
'Chinchraka', the tale by G. Nakhutsrishvili (dir. L. Eidlin) - Princess Lali
1977 - 'Horses', the play by S. Mikhalkov (director. L. Eidlin)

Theater Mossovet (1977 - 1993):

1977 - 'Halfway to the summit', the play by P. Ustinov (dir. AP Chomsky)
1977 - 'House of Sand', the play by R. Ibrahimbeyov (dir. BM Shchedrin)
1978 - 'Abuse of power', the play by W. Black (dir. AP Chomsky)
1978 - 'Next - silence' on screenwriting W. Delmar (V. Delmar) 'Give place tomorrow' ( 'Make Way for Tomorrow') (dir. Efros) - Roda, granddaughter Lucy Cooper
1979 - The Brothers Karamazov, the novel V. M. Dostoevsky (dir. AP Chomsky) - Grushenka
1982 - 'Room', the play by E. Bragin
1986 - 'Quote', on the play by Zorin (dir. Chomsky AP) - Lyudmila
1989 - 'Maxim at the end of the Millennium', the play by Zorin (dir. AP Chomsky)

Little Theater

1994 - 'The Cherry Orchard', the play A. P. Chekhov (directed. I. Ilinskij) - Ranevskaya
1994 - "Wolves and Sheep ', the play A. N. Ostrovsky (dir. V. Ivanov) - Kupavina
1996 - 'Seagull', on the play A. P. Chekhov (directed. B. Dragunov) - Arkadina
1998 - 'Forest', the play A. N. Ostrovsky (dir. Yuri Solomin) - Gurmyzhskaya
2002 - "Even a Wise Man Stumbles', the play A. N. Ostrovsky (dir. W. Bailey) - Mamaeva


1996 - 'Wife-intrigante, or actors among themselves', vaudeville D. Sukharev, the music of C. Nikitina (dir. L. Eidlin)

. Movie roles

. 1973 - Letter from youth
. 1973 - Different people
. 1973 - Grain of Rice
. 1974 - Midsomer Murders - Suzanne
. 1975 - Ivan and Colombine - Valentine
. 1975 - Au-u! (episode 'What is life? "Or, what is life?") - Ludmila
. 1976 - I want to be a minister
. 1977 - Duenna - Inessa
. 1978 - Then - silence: (television drama)
. 1979 - Moscow does not believe in tears - Ludmila
. 1979 - time to choose us
. 1979 - Fox Hunting - Marina, wife Belova
. 1980 - You must live
. 1980 - We, the undersigned - Alla Shindin
. 1981 - Carnival - Nina Solomatina
. 1981 - Hands up! - Egorova
. 1984 - An incredible betting, or the true occurrence, successfully achieved 100 years ago
. 1985 - The most charming and attractive - Nadia Klyueva
. 1985 - Blue City (film-concert of music by A. Petrov)
. 1986 - An unusual occurrence
. 1986 - Year of the calf - Ludmila
. 1987 - The actress of Gribov - Galina Kadetova
. 1989 - Ruth
. 1990 - We met a strange
. 1991 - When late in the registrar's office:
. 1991 - Tartuffe - Dorine
. 1991 - Who are you Madame Blavatsky? - Blavatsky
. 1992 - Dear Sirs - Dolsky, Pasha Princess
. 1992 - Big cancan, or Solo for cats with the full moon
. 1992 - The new Odeon - The medical director
. 1992 - Womanizer - Marina
. 1993 - The woman in the window
. 1994 - Zephyr in Chocolate
. 1994 - Anekdotiada, or History of Odessa in anecdotes - Empress Catherine II
. 1995 - First Love
. 1998 - Shallow Hal - Mother Bones
. 1999 - With a new happiness! - Vera
. 2001 - With a new happiness! -2 - Vera
. 2003 - Savior under the birches (series) - Shopgirl candle shop at the temple
. 2005-2006 - Not Born Beautiful - Mother Kati
. 2007 - Testament of Lenin - Mother Varlam Shalamova


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  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
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  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • Muraveva Irina Vadimovna

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Muraveva Irina VadimovnaMuraveva Irina VadimovnaMuraveva Irina VadimovnaMuraveva Irina Vadimovna

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  • MIL for Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
  • The most charming and attractive actress of all whom I know. Films with its participation, such as "Womanizer", "MOSCOW DOES NOT BELIEVE IN TEARS", "Carnival", "The most charming and attractive," watched a lot of time. I, . if the film should go on TV again, . - Do not miss. Excellent, . charming, . feminine, how much more beautiful words can я?п?п°пЇп°я?пЎ about Irina ... pity, . that I was more than 60! And I live far away from Moscow and RUSSIA. That woman of my dreams! S Health, . love, . happiness, . joy, . good luck, . good roles! Irina, . we, . audience, . - Love you! MIL,
  • Maria Ivanova for Muraveva Irina Vadimovna
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    Muraveva Irina Vadimovna, photo, biography
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