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Shevel'ko Vladimir

( Actress)

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Biography Shevel'ko Vladimir
photo Shevel'ko Vladimir
Born May 8, 1961 in Leningrad. In 1984 he graduated from the All-Union State Cinema Institute, where he studied at the workshop Evgenia Matveeva, and became an actor Lenfilm ". In cinema, Vladimir Shevel'kov debuted in 1979, played in the movie "Grandma's grandson". In the same year he played a major role in the film-drama Nikolai Lebedev and Ernest yasana "In my death I ask blame Klava K." and played in the movie "The Adventures of Prince Florizel". Another notable work of the young actor became a film disaster Alexander Grishin "outside the train schedule (1985). But the real success of the hit Shevelkova Vladimir after starring in the historical adventure tape Svetlana Druzhinina, midshipmen, forward! " (1987). Although extensions of this movie actor is not filmed, . He again met with the partners "reefers" Sergei and Dmitri Zhigunova Haratyanom on the set of pictures "Hearts of Three" and "Heart of the three-2", . set director Vladimir Popkov, explanations of the same novel by Jack London,
. The basis of the first film went to a single script, written by an American writer for Hollywood. In 1993, Vladimir Shevel'kov starred in two Hungarian films.

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  • g for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • why he actress
  • taonn for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • And why, I wonder if he - "actress"?
  • taonn for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • strange
  • Lyubasha for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • Hello. Vladimir A. You really like me as an actor and I wish to know more about you and your family and the actor's life (if possible). Advance grateful.
  • Katia for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • Dear VA! I love your role! Review Heart of three and I want to ask: what were these curiosities set? What were the difficulties? Thank you in advance!
  • Svtlyachok for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • Vladimir A. You fervent actor ... I yubozhayu your role in the midshipman, . although I know it was you though the star but painful ... the Heart of Three very good movie, and half of the film changed with your roli.Esli you could write ... write pozhaluysta.I rasskazhte about myself more! grateful in advance!,
  • K for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • Exactly! want to know more, but we do not wait and do not bury!
  • Svetlana for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • Vladimir! Your last dance as a true masterpiece and the song Magomayev, the strongest number of yesterday's program. Thank you very much! We are with you!
  • devo4ka for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • Wonder what dreams Shevel'ko - an actor with a mysterious look and a charming smile ..?
  • Hanna for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • skating is very risky
  • Hanna for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • but with you, as with many things, right. Thank you for the beautiful images.
  • There are those who for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • I'm so old! ... I have 34 ... I have long been dreaming about you! I have a family with two children, but every time I see Nikita, I'm young! Be in tone, let your relatives will be with you forever! Gulnara.
  • Katerina for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • Vladimir Shevel'kov very talented and handsome actor, I really like! Recently saw the film with his participation "under the supervision of Love" - a very good movie.
  • Anonymous for Shevel'ko Vladimir
  • Not thinking about you, but today the dream is something I assure Vas.Yuliya.
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    Shevel'ko Vladimir, photo, biography
    Shevel'ko Vladimir, photo, biography Shevel'ko Vladimir  Actress, photo, biography
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