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Farad Simon L.

( Actor)

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Biography Farad Simon L.
photo Farad Simon L.
One of the best comedians of the Soviet and Russia's film, Simon Farada was born December 31, 1933 in Moscow, in the family of a serviceman. His real name - Ferdman, and became the name of an alias Farad actor gained after participating in the filming at one of the studios of Central Asia.
Simon wanted to go to his father's footsteps and enter the Armored academy named after Stalin, but did not pass on biographical data. Then he filed documents to the Moscow Higher Technical School named after N. Bauman and not without incident entered EnergoMashinostroitelny Faculty. There he studied for three years and actively participated in the initiative, then he called for the Navy, where he served for four years. Demobilized, Simon Farada graduated from Moscow Higher Technical School in 1962 and until 1969 worked as an engineer-fitters.
In 1970, Simon Farada came on stage, was an active member of pop studio-theater MSU "Our House". In 1972 he became the artist of the Moscow Theater of Drama and Comedy on Taganka; at this stage Semen Farada played in productions of "The Master and Margarita", . "The Exchange", . "A good man out Sezuana", . "The Dawns Here Are Quiet ..." One of the best acting work Farad is the play "Five stories Babel",
A creative way an actor in film began in 1967 debut in the film "Holiday in the stone age". For more than thirty years, Simon Farada starred in more than 70 films, has created many memorable roles, mainly in the comedy tape. Among his works - films, "Formula of Love", . "The very Munchausen", . House, . who built the Swift, . "Kill the Dragon", . by Mark Zakharov, . tape "Garage" Eldar Ryazanov and "My Friend Ivan Lapshin" Alexis Herman, . He also starred Leonid Kvinikhidze, . Paul Chukhrai, . Alla Surikova, . Alexander Pankratov-Black, . Efraim Sevela.,

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  • KinomanHHI for Farad Simon L.
  • Brothers the fans! Recently learned that Faraday prismerti immediately sent all that he had taken at that time (their salaries). But this is not. PEOPLE who care Nashe Kino, help Semyon Faraday. Farada Semen Lvovich JSC 'Publishing House' Komsomolskaya Pravda '40702810430020013761 in OAO Rosbank additional office' Volokolamskoye ', r. Moscow TIN 7714037217 Correspondent account 30101810000000000256 BIC 044525256
  • uhumaev for Farad Simon L.
  • I learned the state of S. Farad, and I am very concerned about his fate. Unfortunately the internet is not an accurate diagnosis. The fact that I am a professor of medicine in the field tibetskoy paralichey.Vozmozhno, I would be able to help, but I need to know the exact diagnosis, the physical condition at the moment. You can see the results of treatment of patients at my site: www.uhumaev.narod.ru e-mail [email protected]
  • Yanova for Farad Simon L.
  • Thanks to everyone who remembers and loves. According to my data is now an actor in pansianate. People I ask, let us not forget our heritage kinomatogrofa.
  • Yanova for Farad Simon L.
  • Thanks to everyone who remembers and loves. According to my data is now an actor in pansianate. People I ask, let us not forget our heritage kinomatogrofa.
  • Sergey Molchanov (Riga) for Farad Simon L.
  • Dear Simon L.! Although somewhat late, I want to congratulate you on 75 years! Health, health, and health to you again! Let Fortune is always turned to your face! You - A great actor! Get well!
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    Farad Simon L., photo, biography
    Farad Simon L., photo, biography Farad Simon L.  Actor, photo, biography
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