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Ang Lee (Ang Lee)

( Director)

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Biography Ang Lee (Ang Lee)
photo Ang Lee (Ang Lee)
Date of Birth: 23/10/1954

. The revolutionary contribution of Ang Lee in the fight against American imperialism, would have envied himself, Chairman Mao, because Lee - he is the most famous Chinese, . that made millions of U.S. citizens to watch a two-hour movie in Mandarin with English subtitles,

. Joking joking, . and born October 23, 1954 in Taiwan, Lee also unique, . as well as his sensational epic "Crouching Tiger, . Hidden Dragon "- a film, . which does not apply the laws of gravity, . film, . nominated at the 2001 Oscar for 10 points (including major) and was awarded as a result of four awards (including a statuette for Best Foreign Language Film),

. Fans of the other two directors with the surname Lee - African American Spike Lee (no relation) and English Mike Leigh (in English writing - Leigh) sarcastically joked: Chinese Li can be easily distinguished from the other two filmmeykerov the absolute absence of style,
. But Lee, rather, the director is a chameleon, capable of equally talented and successful work in any genre, and - even more - in any culture.

. While studying at New York University, Ang Lee took part in the shooting heavily implicated in the African American subculture of the early work of Spike Lee's "Joe's Bed-Sty Barbershop"
. His debut full meter, the comedy "By clicking on the levers" (1992) he took off in Taiwan, but the main character did elderly tai chi master who had come to see settled in New York, son. A cleared a year later the film "The Wedding Banquet" partly continues the theme of collision patriarchal Asians with liberated mores of the western world. The plot of this very dramatic comedy was built almost on the joke: an elderly married couple travels (again in New York) for the wedding of his son, . unaware, . that living in Manhattan (that's it, . corrupting influence of a bohemian environment!) son - Gay, . the wedding - only a fiction,
. "Banquet" favorably different from other politically correct films about sexual minorities sincerity and lack of any didactics. Masterly craftsmanship ц=ц¦ц- Ang Lee did not go unnoticed: the picture was the main prize, the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.

. The second time in Berlin gold got Lee for filming needlework Jane Austen novel "Sense and Sensibility" (optional, but an amusing fact: the chairman of the jury in 1996, he was our countryman Nikita Mikhalkov)
. In 1997, he deftly moved from Victorian England to America since the sexual revolution, . removing received at the Cannes International Film Festival award for the screenplay "The Ice Storm", . and in 1999 Lee released unappreciated historical film "Pursuit of the devil", . tough, . naturalistic tale of the Civil War between North and South.,

. Real sensation was "Crouching Tiger ..."
. Lee read the same novel Wang Du Lu in 1994, the. Although the book was written in the late 30's, the Chinese government vetoed its publication in English. For six years, Lee wanted to film the novel, the implementation of the desired occurred only in 2000 year, but even the acknowledged master of tricks scenes Vupin Yuen (who worked on the "Matrix") was unable to implement many of the planned Li fight scenes. However, that is, struck the imagination of the most sophisticated viewers. Fans of the "Tiger" expected from the new Ang Lee giperdinamichnogo action, but, to their chagrin, Lee refused to participate in the filming of the third part of the "Terminator". He likes to surprise

. Filmography (director)

. 1992 "By clicking on the levers" (Tui shou)
. 1993 "The Wedding Banquet" (Hsi yen)
. 1994 "Eat, drink, man, woman" (Yin shi nan nu)
. 1995 "Sense and Sensibility" (Sense and Sensibility)
. 1997 "The Ice Storm" (The Ice Storm)
. 1999 "Chase with the devil" (Ride with the Devil)
. 2000 "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (Wo hu zang long)

. Ang Lee: stole from the east

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  • Grig for Ang Lee (Ang Lee)
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    Ang Lee (Ang Lee), photo, biography
    Ang Lee (Ang Lee), photo, biography Ang Lee (Ang Lee)  Director, photo, biography
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