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Eric Stoltz

( Actor)

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Biography Eric Stoltz
photo Eric Stoltz
Born in 1961 in a family of teachers, and spent his childhood in California and American Samoa. He graduated from the School of San Marcos and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles at the rate of the theater, after which the troupe played in the Scottish. In the early 80's Stolz returned to the United States and in the 80's and 90's played a few years more than unusual roles. On television Stolz made his debut in the movie "The grass is always greener on the underground haven" (CBS, . 1978) as the son of Carol Burnett, . then appear in tiny roles in the miniseries "Asylum" (1979), . "Insulting Sarah Makdevid" (CBS, . 1981) and "Paper Dolls" (ABC, . 1982), . only then was more significant role in the "murderer in the family" (ABC, . 1983) and "right things" (CBS, . 1984),
. By this time he began to invite and to the movies, . Stolz, but continued to appear on the small screen: He played the role of George Gibbs in "our town" (PBS, . 1989), . played before in the theater, . participated in the production of "Sense and Sensibility" (PBS, . 1990), . starred in numerous TV movies, . such as the "International affairs" (TNT, . 1993) and a drama about AIDS "roommate" (NBS, . 1994),
. Stoltz also starred in several sitcoms, including several episodes of "Without a mind of you in the role of ex-boyfriend Helen Hunt (with whom he played in the lead roles in" Dancing on Water "). In the movie Stolz made his debut in "rapid changes in Ridzhmonte" (1982) and starred in the teen handicrafts such as "Surfers-2" and "Wild Life" (both 1984), only then was invited to be the son of Cher in "Mask" ( 1985). In this film its hard to find a "person" in Hollywood, and the next few years proved to Stoltz in "new guys" and "Codename: Emerald (both a thriller - 1985), it is replaced in" Back to the Future Michael J. Fox. After participating in a drama for teenagers "Something like a miracle" (1987), Stolz has not received significant work up to "Fly-2" (1989). In "Say Anything ..." (1989), he not only played a small role, but was on the set of one of the assistants. Things turned better with "the beauty of Memphis" (1990), in which Stolz played an idealistic radio operator. He was restrained and ironic as a paralyzed writer's partly autobiographical strip Neil Jimenez "Dancing on Water" (1992). Join as part of his cynical talking mime in "Singles" (1992), his second work with rock journalist / director Cameron Crowe. In "Bodies, Rest and Motion" (1993), where Stolz also acted as producer, he performed the role of the artist in love with Bridget Fonda. In 1994, Stolz was a notable actor in the films of independent studios - after the appearance in four negollivudskih productions: in the "naked in New York" actor played the role of an idealistic young playwright, . made its debut in New York, "Killing Zoe", . about, . as an American, became involved in a bank robbery in Paris his French friend (Jean-Hughes Engleyd), "Sleep with Me" (also co-producer) and "Pulp Fiction" - in the role of drug dealer Lance,
. Although none of these films has added his star shine, they showed adventurous edge talent of the actor, who had previously cast in the roles redheads neighbors hero. Stolz admitted that he agreed to all the roles he was offered: "I intend to do as much as possible for as short a time". The results were different. He was handsome, dashing John Brooke in the popular "Little Women" (1994) and playing Liam Neeson in "Rob Roe (1995). But always Stolz returned to their favorite micro-finance projects, such as fantasy "Luck," "Prophecy" and "kicking and screaming" (all - 1995, and none made much impression on the critics). A preferred project appeared in the list of the actor in 1996 - Detective "Two Days in the Valley", where Stoltz starred with Jeff Daniels.

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Eric Stoltz, photo, biography
Eric Stoltz, photo, biography Eric Stoltz  Actor, photo, biography
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