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Vertinsky Anastasia

( Actress)

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Biography Vertinsky Anastasia
photo Vertinsky Anastasia
Vertinskaya was born December 19, 1944 in Moscow, the son of the famous theater, pop and movie stars, the poet and composer Alexander Vertinsky, who became famous before the revolution. After more than two decades of exile, he returned in 1943 from Harbin home. Her mother, Lidia Tsirgvava - an artist who starred in the movies, sister, Marianne, - also an actress.

. His daughters Vertinsky tried to give the best possible education, attention, paying for music lessons and learning foreign languages
. Anastasia Vertinskaya recalls his father: "He tried to fully develop us: taught to love literature, . Arts, . music, . thought, . that regardless of whether, . whom his daughter will be in adult life, . they must be versatile educated.,

. Once caught on and decided that they bring up children is not so, not Soviet, Vertinsky outfitted Nastya and Marianne in summer camp
. Collected two German leather suitcase, left a place of warm clothes and all sorts of products and sent their daughters to where one had to make these Soviet citizenesses. "Oh, it was an experience, really! Do not remember anything about this camp than a wild feeling of hunger" - recalls Anastasia. When they returned home, they had a fiber suitcase for two, in which lay a faded T-shirt with an embroidered "Kohl C." and satin shorts, with the inscription "4 Squad. With wild obscenities at all the letters of the alphabet, combing hair, lousy the blood, the sisters burst into the apartment. Not greeted with the parents, they rushed into the kitchen and began to chop his hands are continuing to swear. Stunned father stood in the hallway, and then in the confusion left in his office. After a vain effort to bring lice, girls shaved bald, and then sent to the resort - a rest after the camp.

In contrast to the hundreds of girls, dreaming of an artistic career, Nastia Vertinskaya, as a schoolgirl, did not dreamed about it. Not that she does not believe in their powers, refused to take these dreams, just the profession of an actress for the time being it does not attract special. Naste Vertinskaya liked to engage in foreign languages. They thought she was devoting his adult life

. But still got a movie still a schoolgirl by director Alexander Ptushko - that he invited her to play in a Assol role in the movie "Scarlet Sails", . which also were busy, many current and future stars of Soviet cinema, . including Basil Lanoviy, . Ivan Pereverzev, . Sergei Martinson, . Oleg Anofriev,
. The film, which appeared on the screens of the country in 1961 and earned a tremendous audience success, once made the young actress celebrity. But next year - a new successful role Guttiere, in a fantastic tape Gennady Kazansky and Vladimir Chebotarev "Amphibian Man", set on the book Alexander Belyaev.

In 1962 the actress took the troupe of the Moscow Pushkin Theater. One of the best kinorabot Anastasia Vertinskaya was the role of Ophelia in "Hamlet" - the famous film adaptation of Shakespeare's plays, . created by Gregory Kozintsevymgde she starred with such luminaries of the national cinema, . Innocent as Smoktunovskij, . Michael Nazvanov, . Yuri Tolubeyev etc.,
. It was hard to expect from the lay and, of course, an inexperienced artist of deep immersion in the image, but Vertinsyakaya managed to penetrate into the image in many ways it has helped the brilliant music of Shostakovich

. A year after the staging of "Hamlet" Kozintsev in the introductory lecture "On Directing" writes: "She had a real eighteen, . magnificent, . very suitable for Shakespeare's image of the external data - the fragility, . purity, . appearance, . similar to the portraits of the early Renaissance,
. But its spiritual content, to put it mildly, was not so great. Maybe she will suffer in life and its spiritual being will develop, but when I started working with her, it was tiny, and the image had to sculpt. Everything was good: and arms, and neck, and walk, but his heart stopped beating. Heart made to beat Shostakovich. It happens ".

Sama Vertinskaya said then: "This role, they say, to play - and die. And if only nineteen years old and must live, we must work and work every day to prove that the "miracle" was not a miracle that you can become an actress? "

Ophelia became a landmark for the role of Anastasia Vertinskaya. She first realized that he wanted to become an actress.

After graduating in 1968, the Theater School Shchepkin Anastasia Vertinskaya began working in the theater "Contemporary", and since 1980 - the Moscow Arts Theater. While studying at drama school, she met 20-year-old actor Nikita Mikhalkov, and in 1966 married him. This marriage has been born the son Stepan. However, shortly after his birth, young parted.

Anastasia Vertinskaya says: "Now, when you look at our marriage with Nikita Mikhalkov through the prism of time, you know that we could not live together not by some everyday or domestic reasons. This was a period of wild thirst for self-assertion. I frantically, almost manic wanted to become an actress. For this, I thought I must sacrifice everything. Nikita, of course, went his own way. He needed a woman who would have lived his life, his interests. I always said that the appointment of women - sit in the country and have children. And he, of course, right:

Over the years, as we umneli and manhood, our relationship became better. Not to mention the fact that we are united by a son: "

The actress went on to successfully play the movies and on television - it is worth noting its role in the films "War and Peace, Anna Karenina," "Sweethearts," "The Gadfly", "The case of Polynin", "Nameless Star".

In 1976 the actress married the popular singer and composer Alexander Gradsky, but lived with him only two and a half years (marriage ended officially in 1980).

Vertinskaya recalls: "As for my personal life, I think, God has deprived me of all this joy - to be happy in marriage. By the way, I realized this quite early, after her second husband. This marriage I do not believe in marriage. It lasted a very short time and has not brought me any particular disappointments, no special enticement. I am rather inclined to think a marriage alliance with a man with whom I was about twenty years of the novel:

There is actually a woman born to the marriage. They can not live without it: the noise, children, something she tells him, he told her. I would be mad if there is someone walking. I love the silence, solitude: "

. In the late 80-ies Vertinskaya with Alexander Kalyagin gave lessons theatrical skill at Oxford, worked at the Comedie Francaise, the European film school in Switzerland, she now teaches in France, in Chekhov's School
. On the stage of the Paris Theater "Nanterre des Amandiers" together with the students put a performance of Chekhov. Act III ", which included the third acts of" Uncle Vanya "," Three Sisters "and" The Cherry Orchard. "

. In recent years, the movies Anastasia Vertinskaya starred in "Lust Passion" (1991) Andrei Kharitonov and "Master and Margarita" (1994) Yuri Kara - but the last film on the screens and did not come out ..
. In 1999 appeared in the film Alexander Abdulov "The Bremen Town Musicians".


In recent years, see Anastasia Vertinskaya on stage or on screen, not just. The actress believes that it is now time to demand a different capacity: not only as the creator of the stage and screen, but as the creator of life - the creator of the idea. In 1991 she created and headed by the Foundation for Russian actors (from 1996 - Foundation for actors). This idea was born from an awareness of the tragic situation in which Russia was theater. In addition to providing charitable assistance to the most needy veterans of the theater and film fund aims to support proactive initiatives and young actors, directors, playwrights, teachers. Under the guidance of Anastasia Vertinsky and her personal involvement with the Foundation supports the house-museum of Boris Pasternak in Peredelkino, . Chekhov Museum, . Russia State Library for Art, . Church of the Dormition of the Virgin in Putinki, . theater of the blind and visually impaired children and others,
. Thanks to the efforts of Anastasia Vertinskaya monuments were installed actors O. Borisov and V. Kapustin, a memorial plaque on the house where he lived, Mark Bernes. With its direct involvement in France and Russia have been restored and released a CD with recordings of Alexander Vertinsky "Alezandre Vertinsky", "Songs of Love," "Legends of the Century".


Anastasia Vertinskaya is the author of TV programs "Golden Section" and "Other Shore (by genre: a sort of literary, musical and philosophical composition" of the soul ") goes on the ORT channel.

Just Nastya

For all its popularity, Anastasia Vertinskaya always behaved as if a little detached from society. She loves the comfort, convenience. Possesses extraordinary culinary talents, especially fond of the Siberian, Georgian and Chinese cuisine. Evening wrote short stories, scripts, diaries.

Currently Vertinskaya lives and works in Moscow. She now looks at the thirty-five! People like Vertinsky, computer age, after forty starts spinning in the opposite direction. She seemed to accept the mythical "Makropoulos". Virtually no one calls Vertinskij Anastasia, for all it is still just Nastya. Grandchildren affectionately call her Nana.

Having a lifetime of theater and cinema, in family life, she herself did not find: "I was obsessed with the profession. It was clear that my calling - a theater. I offer my formula "a woman important to be a wife ..." There was no sense. This is senseless and now. I absolutely do not suffer from this, I have no complex single woman. Moreover, I would be awfully hard to live in a marriage - it is an endless devotion to her husband, to the circumstances of his life. Marriage - is penance. And I'm not ready for it to go. I have a family and so many children, I have enough worries and OPEC, but they did not forced to do anything. Son is independent, the grandchildren have parents, babysitters, and I can go where and when I want. Another thing, I love them, I said to him, and if rvus Saturday - Sunday they are not squeezed, it is very bored. "

. Son of Anastasia Vertinskaya (from marriage to actor and director Nikita Mikhalkov), Stepan Mikhalkov Nikitovich (1966), working in the advertising business, profession - the director, founder and organizer of the festival video "Generation"
. He grows son Vasily, a grandson of Anastasia Vertinskaya.

. Family

. She was married to Nikita Mikhalkov, son - Stepan Mikhalkov - married and has three children.
. Second husband - Alexander Gradsky.
. A third man - Pavel Slobodkin.
. A fourth man - Boris Eifman.

. Recognition and Awards

. 1981 Honored Artist of the RSFSR
. 1988 People's Artist of the RSFSR
. 2005 Order of Merit

. Filmography

. 1961 Amphibian Man
. 1961 Scarlet Sails
. 1964 Hamlet
. 1965 War and Peace
. 1967 Anna Karenina
. 1969 Do not worry!
. 1969 Lovers
. 1970 Case with Polynin
. 1971 Shadow
. 1972 Premature people
. 1972 A man in his place
. 1978 Twelfth Night
. 1979 Nameless Star
. 1980 Gadfly
. 1982 Theft
. 1987 days and years of Nicholas Batygin
. 1988 The Life of Don Quixote and Sancho
. 1988 New Adventures of the Yankees in King Arthur's Court
. 1989 In Sochi dark nights
. 1989 Tartuffe
. 1991 Thirst for Passion
. 1994 The Master and Margarita
. 2000 Bremen Town Musicians and Co

. Scoring

. 1978 D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers - Constance Bonacieux


Photos of Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
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  • Marianne and Anastasia Vertinsky
  • Marianne and Anastasia Vertinsky
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Vertinsky Anastasia
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  • Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Anastasia Vertinskaya and Boris Eifman (Valeri Plotnikov)

Photos of Vertinsky Anastasia
Vertinsky AnastasiaVertinsky AnastasiaVertinsky AnastasiaVertinsky Anastasia

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  • Eva for Vertinsky Anastasia
  • 20 years, I tell the story of how once Anastasia Vertinskaya came to visit me ..... I want so much that the tale has come true ..... Eve.
  • Alena for Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Anastasia - my favorite actress. Voshischayus.No especially I'm still shocked by the role of Gemma's performance in "The Gadfly". Amazing game. how wonderful it showed an Englishwoman, loving and suffering woman, suffering no less than the Gadfly, a wise and discreet man, very deep and sympathetic. how important it, . Gemma said that the value of human personality and how it sounded in performance Vertinskaya! Gemma performed Vertinskaya still is my ideal woman and man in many respects, . This image rescued and saved me more than once eizni,
    . Thank you Anastasia. Be happy!
  • Lasha for Vertinsky Anastasia
  • When I was 11 years old, saw the film "Nameless Star", I firmly decided that would name her daughter Anastasia (in honor of Anastasia Vertinsky, I just love this woman). My daughter Anastasia soon for 16 years.
  • NN for Vertinsky Anastasia
  • most beautiful zhenschina.drugih no words
  • Anastasia for Vertinsky Anastasia
  • And I was named in honor of the actress !
  • pups for Vertinsky Anastasia
  • I would have tahnul
  • Hope for Vertinsky Anastasia
  • favorite actress. my ideal woman.
  • Vladimir for Vertinsky Anastasia
  • Anastasia Vertinskaya - woman, man, an actress with a capital letter. In her spirituality hereditary intellectual, it is extraordinary personality. In her roles, and not a drop of falsehood, it is surprisingly organic. But the main thing that distinguishes it, is that it is noble and bright.
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