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INNOCENT Vyacheslav

( Actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR, USSR)

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Biography INNOCENT Vyacheslav
Vyacheslav Innocent was born November 30, 1934 in Tula. His father worked at an arms factory, and my mother was a secretary-typist at the head offices of the railway. Praise a child not recognized on a power outcry. 'And not because the proud, or clever there, - he said - just my nature rebelled against such a communication. I thought that it was always quiet and peaceful agreement '. Admittedly, the parents never punished her son. They lived quietly in a policy not climbed, with anything not argue ...

Vyacheslav studied in the 23rd train secondary school Tula. Interest in the acting profession he became a child - he participated in productions of drama circle, who worked at the Tula Palace of Pioneers and schoolchildren. Winter-spring of 1952 marks the centenary of the death of H. V. Gogol. As part of activities undertaken in connection with this event, high school students the school were placed scenes from 'Dead Souls': 'Chichikov with Sobakevich', 'Chichikov with Elijah', 'Chichikov with Nozdryov'. In all these scenes role played Chichikov's ninth-Innocent.

After graduating in 1954 from high school, Innocent was holding exams in the Moscow Art Theater School, but failed to contest. Having failed, he left the dream of becoming an actor. Joined the Tula TUZ and in the theatrical season 1954-1955,. played in support of. Young statistician ever play some role. Among them - the role of a young worker in a play Kuzma 'They were the first' and the role of the executioner in the dramatization of the novel A. Dumas 'Three Musketeers'.

In 1955, Innocent again holding the exam in the Moscow Art Theater School. At this time the attempt was successful. After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School (course Victor Stanitsyn) in 1959, became an actor Vyacheslav Moscow Art Theater. Played in the performances: 'Inspector' (Khlestakov), . 'Guilty Without Guilt' (Schmugar), . 'Dulcinea del Toboso' (Groom Aldonza), . 'Last' (anchor), . 'Old New Year' (Peter), . 'Ivanov' (Borkin), . 'Duck Hunt' (Mrs), . 'Seagull' (Shamraev), . 'Uncle Vanya' (Telegin), . 'Cherry Orchard' (EPIKHODOV), . 'Woe from Wit' (Famusov), . 'Boris Godunov' (Barlaam), . 'And the light shines in the darkness:' (Father Gerasim), . 'Misha's birthday' (P.), . 'Marriage' (Fried).,

. In 1960, Mr.
. He first starred in the movie, playing a young policeman in the psychological drama Zaitsev Vladimir Gerasimov's "trial period". After that he played a young collective farm in the movie "The President" and the role Farlaf in the movie "Ruslan and Lyudmila.

. Among the biggest creative successes actor - Serebrovskii ( "It happened in the police" Vilen Azarov), . Markushev ( "Chairman Alexei Saltykov), . Farlaf (Ruslan and Ludmila "Alexander Ptushko), . Karpukhin ( "Garage" Eldar Ryazanov), . Jussi Vatanen ( "For matches" Leonid Gaidai).,

. Audience success enjoyed comedy picture Evgenia Gerasimova, "Do not go girls, marry!", In which innocent played a major role
. Not gone unnoticed by his work as a film of Eldar Ryazanov's "Beware of the Car" and "Heaven Promised, . Leonid Gaidai's comedy "Do not be!", . as well as a fantastic children's tape "Guest from the Future" and in the movie "Dead Souls" Michael Schweitzer,
. Among recent works of Vyacheslav Innocence - a remake of the famous Italian paintings "Police and thieves.

In 1986 he received the title of People's Artist of the USSR.

The audience adored him: a huge, terribly charming and very good-natured in appearance. All of his acting life was connected with the Art Theater, which Vyacheslav Innocent faithfully served for over forty years. And almost as acted in films. The actor himself said about himself: "Always a pleasure for me to work. Always exciting for me to work. Because I was doing the most remarkable thing in the world - theater ".


In 1955, when Vyacheslav entered the Moscow Art Theater School, his future wife, Nina Gulyaeva, just finished her.

Four years. Innocent successfully graduated from high school studio and hit the Moscow Art Theater, where he played and Nina Gulyaeva. By the time she had already managed to marry and to play several roles on the stage of the famous theater. One of them was in the play 'Battle of the way'. It also received one of his earliest roles, and Vyacheslav Innocent. They met.

A few months after dating, he finally lost his head - came to all the performances, which was occupied by Gulyaev, gave her flowers, called home. The same was the extent of restraint - after all, married. But Innocent was persistent. When Gulyaeva went to work in radio, and there he did not leave her alone - in any frost or slush patiently waiting at the door and escorted home. It lasted for three years.

In the end, Nina Ivanovna and her husband began discord, and she went. Just decided for themselves to find out who she loves. She removed a two-room apartment with a girlfriend and began to think.

It took some time, and she realized that she loves Vyacheslav Innocent. A year later he came with an empty suitcase to her rented apartment and stayed.

They boy was born. First they called her son Ilya. But when Nina first saw him at the first feeding (his nose was like a boot - cocked, a round face), I thought that he was not quite Ilya.

Offered to call the boy of Fame - he is very much like her husband. Innocent happy. Although after she was sorry: Two of Fame in the house - permanently confused.

Son of Nina Ivanovna was born, when she had not yet divorced her first husband. He had a son somehow determine. So the decision to sign with an innocent. The registry office in a hurry. Because on their wedding day - November 30, 1965 - they were recorded and son ...

Thus, in the Moscow Art Theater came Innocent - The Innocent and the senior - junior. There were in this creative atmosphere - a sort of family acting 'shop'. With Nina Ivanovna Vyacheslav lived side by side for over 40 years in the family she was a commander.

Of course, the actor's own life underside. The need for constant creative impact, the lack of big money, this work - one is to survive. But when the son of Vyacheslav decided to enter Moscow Art Theater School, his parents are not discouraged. However, the family council it was said: 'This school is taught by our comrades. So learn well '. For all the years of glory did not receive any 'Quartet', and in the finale was a red diploma. His son Innocent - Senior gave the main thing - 'Always work - a joy. Always work in the fun! '.

Terrible disease

Vyacheslav Innocent many years suffered from diabetes. Unfortunately, with the age of disease persist, but only aggravated. In 2003 Vyacheslav Mikhailovich in hospital. His legs hurt all the more, and he could not move. More than a year he spent on hospital beds. Ibid met and their 70-year anniversary.

In 2005, the actor suffered a serious operation. In the Military Hospital. A. V. Vyacheslav Vishnevsky innocent amputated his left leg to the knee because of gangrene (a complication of diabetes mellitus on the background). Vyacheslav very hard going through this for a long time could not come to himself: 'At times, simply do not want to wake up. I almost started to go crazy '.

At this difficult moment innocent helped his colleagues and friends: Alexander Kalyagin and Oleg Tabakov. Due to their cares, and to promote native theater and the Union of theatrical figures, was paid for expensive treatment. But it's not just about money. In one of the best clinics in Moscow Vyacheslav Mikhailovich produced a special prosthesis. He learned to walk again and, eventually, came to the scene of the Moscow Art Theater! That's what perseverance, combined with the support of relatives and friends.

But the disease had presented a terrible blow Vyacheslav Mikhailovich. Gangrene was struck by the second leg. Innocent did not want to believe that he will again be an operation, to conceal signs of illness from his family, himself, did ligation. But when he suddenly started bleeding, the actor immediately sent to the CDB. In 2006 due to complications of the disease actor was the second leg amputation.

Still, life went on ... Vyacheslav Mikhailovich tremendous support provided by his son, Vyacheslav Innocent Jr. and his faithful wife (the first and only) - Honored Artist of Russia Nina Gulyaeva. To her husband did not feel estranged from the theater, Nina rehearsed with them their role. He, in turn, told her some new moves.

His ailment Vyacheslav endured bravely, virtually stopped going out of the house, refused to meet, living on a small pension.

May 31, 2009 at 16:30 Moscow Vyacheslav Innocent died on the 75 th year of his life in his Moscow apartment on Tverskaya Street, Building 8. Despite a long illness, his death came as a surprise to relatives.

. Recognition and Awards

. Honored Artist of the RSFSR
. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1977)
. People's Artist of the USSR (1986)
. Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'III degree (23 October 1998)
. Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'IV degree (24 June 2005) [3]
. Order of Friendship of Peoples (28 October 1994)

. Creativity

. Roles in the theater


. 'Auditor' (Khlestakov)
. 'Guilty Without Guilt' (Schmugar)
. 'Dulcinea del Toboso' (Groom Aldonza)
. 'Last' (anchor)
. 'Old New Year' (Peter)
. 'Ivanov' (Borkin)
. 'Duck Hunt' A
. Vampilov (Mrs)
. 'Seagull' (Shamraev)
. 'Uncle Vanya' (Telegin)
. 'Cherry Orchard' (EPIKHODOV)
. 'Woe from Wit' (Famusov)
. 'Boris Godunov' (Barlaam)
. 'And the light shines in the darkness:' (Father Gerasim)
. 'Misha's birthday' (P.)
. 'Marriage' (Fried)

. Auditions

. 1981 - 'Seagull' A
. P. Chekhov. Director: Oleg Efremov - Ilya Shamraev

. Movie roles

. 1960 - probation
. 1962 - In the seven winds
. 1962 - The Third Half
. 1963 - It happened in the police
. 1964 - Chairman
. 1964 - Green light
. 1965 - Thirty-three
. 1965 - Clean Ponds
. 1966 - Journey
. 1966 - Friends and years
. 1966 - Beware of the Car
. 1967 - The rebel outpost
. 1968 - Virineya
. 1969 - Severe miles
. 1970 - In Moscow, travel ..

. 1971 - And there was evening and the morning ...
. 1971 - Russian field
. 1971 - Young
. 1972 - Day by Day
. 1972 - Ruslan and Lyudmila
. 1973 - The latest day
. 1974 - More love, more hope ...
. 1975 - Au-u!
. 1975 - Can not be!
. 1975 - Single
. 1976 - A long, long case
. 1977 - Incognito from St. Petersburg
. 1977 - Funny people!
. 1979 - Garage
. 1979 - Active area
. 1980 - Old New Year
. 1980 - During a match
. 1981 - Band luck
. 1982 - Place in the Sun
. 1983 - Late Love
. 1983 - Crazy Day Engineer Barkasova
. 1983 - Three on the highway
. 1984 - If you can forgive ...
. 1984 - Dead Souls
. 1984 - Best way of life
. 1984 - Guest from the Future
. 1984 - A very important person
. 1984 - More love, more hope
. 1985 - Do not go, girls, married
. 1985 - My girlfriend
. 1986 - My dearly beloved detective
. 1987 - purple ball
. 1987 - Young Fun
. 1988 - You that, our government does not like?
. 1989 - Do not Leave ...
. 1989 - The heart is not stone
. 1990 - Suicide
. 1990 - Cap
. 1990 - The murder of a witness
. 1991 - Deluxe
. 1991 - Number of 'luxury' for a general with a girl
. 1991 - Heaven is the promised
. 1991 - Shadow, or perhaps everything will
. 1991 - Skin
. 1994 - The Wizard of Oz
. 1996 - Career Arturo Ui
. 1997 - Police and thieves
. 1999 - Love the French and Russian
. 2002 - Drongo
. 2003 - Best City of the Earth - KGBeshnik
. 2003 - Detectives-2

. Sound cartoons

. 1970 - Uncle Misha - hare
. 1975 - Hedgehog in the Fog - Bear
. 1975 - Ox and Ax - voice-text
. 1977 - As mushrooms with peas fought - mushroom
. 1977 - Dunno in the sunny city - Svistulkin
. 1977 - Oh, Oh, and go to the march - Commenting
. 1980 - greedy rich
. 1980 - As the old cow sold
. 1981 - Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit
. 1981 - The Adventures Wasi Kurolesov - Sergeant Tarakanov
. 1982 - Sweet spring - Boar
. 1982 - Autumn ships
. 1983 - Investigation lead balls - Bulochkin
. 1986 - Banquet - Guest
. 1986 - The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin - Grandfather Pigot
. 1987 - Nehochuha - Great Nehochuha
. 1987 - Return of the Prodigal Parrot (Issue 2) - cat
. 1988 - Kitten street Lizukov
. 1989 - Box


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Photos of INNOCENT Vyacheslav
INNOCENT VyacheslavINNOCENT VyacheslavINNOCENT VyacheslavINNOCENT Vyacheslav

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  • Mariska for INNOCENT Vyacheslav
  • r325m2 for INNOCENT Vyacheslav
  • Dear Vyacheslav Mihaylovich.Menya name is Michael and I, . despite the undoubtedly enormous correspondence, . which comes to you, . I want to express my great respect for your work in film (I especially like your role in the movie for a match). I'm aware of what happened to you and, . although I have no right to anything counsel, . I just want to, . so you know, we have great respect and love,
  • Yulia Chernova for INNOCENT Vyacheslav
  • Dear Nina! This morning learned of your tragedy, left the life of a remarkable actor, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich! I offer you my condolences and grieving, . not had time to write words of gratitude to Vyacheslav Mikhailovich for his creativity and talent in zhizni.On with us in our hearts and all will hear!,
  • Anonymous for INNOCENT Vyacheslav
  • Pokoytes with the world Favorite Uncle Slava! Your vivid life and vibrant role will remain in our hearts while we are alive!
  • Guilty for INNOCENT Vyacheslav
  • Ruins people not beer! Water ruins people!
  • Anastasia for INNOCENT Vyacheslav
  • Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, we will always love you. Thank you for your talent and vivid images. Pokoytes with the world
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