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Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)

( Singer)

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Biography Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
photo Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
Montserrat Caballц? was born in Barcelona on April 12, 1933
Her voice became the greatest sopranos of Spain.

She studied for 12 years in the Lyceum of Barcelona and graduated from it with a gold medal in 1954. Received in 1956 in Basel Opera. Her repertoire includes the role of Tosca, Aida, Arabella and Salome.

Between 1956 and 1965. Montserrat Caballe sang in opera houses in Europe - Bremen, La Scala, Vienna, Barcelona, Lisbon, as well as in Mexico City in 1964. in the role of Manon of Massenet's opera of the same name

. Glory came to her suddenly in New York in 1965, when she replaced Marilyn Horne in Donizetti's opera "Lucrezia Borgia.

. Since then she has performed worldwide in gigs, as well as in opera houses, reviving many fine operas by Donizetti, giving them a new sound.

. Voice of Montserrat has become a legend
. She, an opera singer, not just fall into the various pop charts. Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the last rock band Queen, was an admirer of her talent, and they sang when they met at the piano all night. He wrote in honor of her play, "Exercisesin Free Love", which she sang The remarkable first time in London, in his presence.
They became great friends. But her statement, together with the rock musician Freddie Mercury with the song "Barcelona" at the Olympics in Barcelona to remember all. The single from the album twice won the pop charts in Britain and had success worldwide, swelling the ranks of the admirers of this remarkable woman.

Her voice has a softness and unsurpassed strength. Her incredible pianissimo out of competition. It is considered the leading soprano of his time in the performance of operas by Verdi and Donizetti.

In 1964 she married Bernabe Marti.

Montserrat Caballe also helped the career of Josц? Carreras - tenor, who sang with her sometimes.

She opened the world of opera for young audiences and brought the Spanish songs to an international audience. During her career, her tormented poor health, but despite this, it has retained the warmth and good sense of humor. Montserrat Caballe - one of the great popularizers of the Opera World.

Translated from English to the personal site of Montserrat Caballe

Montserrat for his life has played more than a hundred roles. However, the singer continues learns more and more new party.

However, a good voice - it is not all that is at Caballe. It is also called "a singer with a heart of gold" because it gives a lot of time and effort to charity. His 60 years, she noted a concert in Paris, the entire collection of which went to the World Foundation for AIDS Research.

November 8, 2000. She made her only concert, the final international program "Stars of the world - children", the proceeds of which will be used to help gifted children with disabilities.

. Why great singer gave so much effort and time charitable work - in her interview with our correspondent

Montserrat Caballe:

"I feel as if bound to these children - they are grateful for what we think not only about themselves, but about them too. Funds from these concerts would help them in matters which they would be difficult to solve by. For example in such as getting a better education, which in future would help them to expect a life of its own forces. I often meet with the very children whose physical abilities are limited. And I kind of inner strength lifts, when I feel necessary for these children. "

At the airport Montserrat met motorcade of black "Mercedes". Settled star in the presidential suite of the Hotel Metropole.
Her performances were held in Gostiny court in the First Music Festival.
In Moscow, arrived with her daughter Montserrat Montserrat Marti, which also appeared operatic voice. In his solo program under the guidance of the famous mother, she has included Mozart's Coronation Mass and the aria from the opera "Romeo and Juliet.
As it turned out, she Caballe has an outstanding sense of humor and the reputation of being among friends fun and flirtatious. It optimmzm helped her to cope with serious illness and did not quit the stage.
And in general, Montserrat Caballe still loves ballet, especially Russia. That is why she has invited to his new project with Nina Ananiashvili. At the conference Caballe told how one day after her performance at "La Scala" to it "went" a huge bouquet of red roses. Then the flower down in front of her on his knee, and only then she saw a grateful person Maya Plisetskaya. Caballe was not slow to respond in kind, dropping to one knee in front of Russia's ballet prima ballerina.
. Among other things, the Spanish singer has invited Russia's pop singer Alexander Green together to perform "Ave Maria", arguing that he has a wonderful deep voice and appearance of the Spaniard.
. Together with the singer arrived in Moscow for the first time her friend - conductor Antonio Guadagni.

. Komsomolskaya Pravda 07.03.01

. Paella - a favorite dish of Montserrat Caballe

. In an interview with the star of world opera scene Montserrat Caballe admitted that nothing more delicious paella, which repealed preparing her mother, she had not eaten in my life
. And to this day is a special dish of Spanish cuisine takes pride of place in the menu, great singer. On a visit to it we hardly ever would get, but try her favorite dish can. And not necessarily for it to go to a restaurant - paella recipe that was invented in Catalonia, you can prepare yourself.

. Based on the used portions:
. 1 chicken, 250 g of smoked sausage
. 300 g rice
. 2 onions
. 3 garlic cloves
. 5.6 Tomato
. 1 cup olive oil
. 1 / 5 teaspoon salt, pinch of black pepper
. 1 liter of hot beef broth
. 1 cup canned green peas
. 100 ml dry white wine
. 15 olives

. Preparation:
. Chicken to cut into chunks, garlic and onions finely cut.
. Heat 3 / 4 the total number of olive oil, it browned the chicken, salt and pepper.
. Add rice and onions and garlic, fried until transparent.
. Cover with meat broth, season with spices and salt, 15 minutes, cook on moderate heat.
. Green peas and sliced tomatoes gently mix with rice, pour the white wine and cook 15 minutes on low heat
. Green olives cut in half.
. Remaining olive oil in a frying pan to heat and fry it until crispy sausage condition.
. Sprinkle with olives and paella on top decomposed piece of sausage.

. Opera diva and Russia's Nikolay Basque already nightingale sang a duet, and, according to eyewitnesses, Caballe sang very easily.

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  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • Montserrat Caballe is a very good man and an opera singer. The fact that she had done with the norm is simply a miracle. I want to once again look at the norm in her performance I really liked the heroine herself. Brava
  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • Montserrat Caballe Beauty and committed woman who BESSPODOBNO п?п?п?п?п?п?п?п?.
  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • Dear Montserrat Caballe, . you are a good opera singer. I wish, . you love, . good luck, . success, . happiness with Bernabe Martinez. And your daughter Monsita purposeful and strong girl, . which unfortunately has made a big mistake let sake, . you at least she will compete with her husband, . who so loves her, . respects and tsknit.,
  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • Monsita made a huge mistake leaving close to a man.
  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • Montserrat Caballe great opera singer, . good loving wife, . good mother of his children, she loves. Her husband, Bernabe Marti strong, . cheerful, . wise, . good, , . as Montserrat Caballe, Bernabe Marti and I wish only great happiness of life, . and of course health. Montserrat Caballe woman with an iron will and strong character only she and her husband, I wish you much success and great luck in your career and personal life. Council, . yes love ! Her daughter Monsita Marty girl talatlivaya and purposeful all in mamu.A son Bernabe Marti Jr. ocheravatelny brunette can reach operatic heights stsenytochno also, . as his sister ocheravatelnaya Monsita.,
  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • In Norma Montserrat Caballe was superb. Its heroine especially fond of children. Poleon And it just hurt his betrayal after betrayal with Adaldzhizoy. Norma suffered greatly loving Poleona and babies. But, . Montserrat Caballe has done with the norm is a miracle in my heart was a great joy. Montserrat Caballe, a Spanish real and true Catholic. Such a miracle with Norma was able to do it alone and no one else but she. Montserrat Caballe, I wish you health and happiness in her married life. Montserrat Caballe is the opera singer, . who knows how to make people happy,
    . Thank you, dear, Montserrat Caballe for it.
  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • Montserrat Caballe man in whom a heart of gold. Only her soprano capable Pocar my timid and vulnerable serdtse.Tolko Montserrat Caballe was able to execute more than one hundred roles. Montserrat Caballe man with an iron will and strong character only is it helps to have a good sense of humor. But, . Kakbale that Montserrat has made a norm, it must not only understand, . love, . but a singer and need to appreciate, . her talent is respected. montserrat good wife, . great mother,
    . She loves her husband and children. I understand and respect Owned by her talent and herself. Katya
  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • Mrs., . Caballe, . Forgive me for, . that in the beginning I do not understand with all good ! Now I have you and your talent understand and appreciate, . thanks, . you very much for the particles of joy. Montserrat I like your work. You are a man with a golden heart and soul.,
  • Katia for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • ! Hello Mrs, Caballe, you are courageous and creative people. Thank you for what you give me joy and people.
  • Peggy for Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)
  • I love the videos of you and Freddie Mercury. I never trier of them and my heart swells with love to see in Freddie's eyes how Happy and Proud he is to be on stage with you. He was and still is a great performer and when I leave to world my children are to play Queen's music at my wake, no tears just good music. Thank you for giving him something at the ending of his life that made him so Proud....
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    Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe), photo, biography
    Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe), photo, biography Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe)  Singer, photo, biography
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