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Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)

( Director)

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Biography Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)
photo Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)
Gojko Mitic was born June 13, 1940 in Yugoslavia, in the town of Leskovac. After leaving school he studied at the Belgrade Academy of Physical Culture. In 1960, Gojko Mitic began working in film as a backup for the first time she appeared in that capacity in the British historical film "Lancelot and Queen". Then he played in the crowd of West films about Winnetou (the books of Karl May). In 1964, "Indian painting" began to create and filmmakers in East Germany, and the first film in the series are "Sons of Great Bear". Shooting should have been held in Yugoslavia, and lead them invited the Czechoslovak director Josef Mach, who chose the main role of an Indian chief Gojko Mitic. , Released on the screens of the GDR in 1966, an adventure strip was a huge success with young audiences, and soon, in 1967, was released on a new film - "Chingachgook - The Great Serpent", staged R. Groshoppom the novel by JF Cooper's "Deerslayer". A year later bought the film for distribution in the USSR, and over one-sixth of the globe has risen star Gojko Mitic. In the late 1960's - the first half of 1970 the popularity of "a movie about Indians was comparable only to tarzanomaniey 1950, and kids across the country is played in the Indians'. But the screens were triumphantly films with Gojko Mitic: "Next Falcon," "White Wolves", "fatal error", "Osceola", "Tekumze", "Apache," "Ulzana". While working on "Apache" and "Ulzanoy" Mitic also participated as a screenwriter, and the last film, moreover, was shot in the Soviet Union, near Samarkand. Then followed the decline of spectator interest in this genre, and the paintings turned out to have on their merits incomparably lower. Gojko Mitic now lives in Germany, . works in the theater of Bad Zagebert, . withdrawn on German TV, . while not in the roles of Indians - in the mid 1970's the actor has successfully played a thug in the movie version of the play Fabian Victor Hugo's "Mary Tudor",
. Then there were the theatrical role of Spartacus, Robin Hood, D'Artagnan, the work in the television series "Archives of death", telepostanovke "Servant of Two Masters". In addition, Gojko Mitic put several children's films.

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  • leona for Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)
  • Gojko Mitic does not die as an Indian in 60-ies he became the Indians in the GDR and in all countries of the Eastern bloc. For the Soviet child about famous bands of Indians with Yugoslavia Mitic starring replaced Hollywood westerns, which nobody saw. For our children were not interested in the Redskins fight for their rights, and the charisma and charm Gojko Mitic. On the screen he was a brave, handsome, noble, and taciturn. It fell in love with girls, . but the boys wanted to be like him. After the reunification of Germany, the actor took part in traditional festivals of the Karl May, . which take place in Bad Segeberg, . which appeared in the role of Apache chief Winnetou. In autumn 2006, he said goodbye to the stage,
    . But only stopped playing Indians. In the film 'Esperanza' (premiere will be held May 29) Gojko Mitic first die on the screen, not as an Indian. - In this film you show your affection, your charm. What else can I add? - As an actor I wanted to be able to show himself as weak and frail, sick and old. When I once died as a movie about Indians, took place almost a revolution. I was reborn again and again! In the same scene must be content with death, which is part of life. - Painting 'Esperanza' tells of fateful meetings. Do you believe in them? - I experienced it myself, but it is with me and will. And yet I do not know whether there is something like that. Some meetings may be attributed to fate, . where possible case plays the role, . suddenly fulfilled expectations, . because we want to believe it. - There is something very poetic. - Maybe, . I have a slight tendency to emotion and melancholy,
    . But to play in some other way that people noticed: "He knows more than just show the Indians'. - I do not regret that no longer participate in the festival Karl May? - I think 15 years was enough. It lasted a very long time. I played a 1024 presentation. It is impossible to imagine, even to myself. A couple of years I might have to do it, . But I feel in good shape. But I said to myself, . that the best thing would be to leave it. - So you want to leave a souvenir of that time? - A great many gifts, . but I was always impressed, . when the children were given Winnetou their plush toys,
    . That's fine, if a child breaks up with his favorite toy! But more often gave us a carrot as a gift for a horse, I dragged the whole bunches of her scenes. - You are playing in the theater. In Schwerin, Mecklenburg State Theater put 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', where you play. - That's just played last performance and are now preparing to put the musical "Alexis Sorbas". At first I was not happy and thought: 'Guys, well, where I also sing!'. But work out with a singing teacher, and now I'm satisfied. - The first time you sang? - No, it was a youthful prank when he sang two songs. Music and performance is really very simple, but at the time were good. One song was called 'Putting out the fire', and another, as she was called ... Then I participated in the television show 'Colorful pot' (GDR television variety program - ed.). People liked it. - In Berlin, you live with his daughter and his girlfriend? - Let's just say in my wigwam warmth. I live in Kц╤penick (district of Berlin - Ed.). There, beautiful surroundings and reservoirs. Sometimes I swim there in the canoe. All this is much more modest, in fact, what I'm. Let's just say: I can not stand dirty linen in public.
  • Fox for Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)
  • great actor may God give him good health and great films, almost all gathered in the collection of the Indian theme is inexhaustible pity that now movies about them do not remove
  • Farhod for Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)
  • As a child, was my idol, proudly wore badges with pictures of Gojko Mitic, at the time he was the yarky star on the screen, his films of Astana as the formula of life for mankind, where a patriotism. From him I have to Indians is very great respect. Be always healthy.
  • prrne for Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)
  • super
  • Marina for Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)
  • You are very charming and courageous actor from my childhood. I know exactly what almost all girls from my class were in love with you. On "Appachey" We went five times, and always admired Vami.Zdorovya you, happiness and blagopolochiya!
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    Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic), photo, biography
    Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic), photo, biography Gojko Mitic (Gojko Mitic)  Director, photo, biography
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