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Howard Hawks

( American film director, screenwriter, producer.)

Comments for Howard Hawks
Biography Howard Hawks
(30. 05. 1896 - 26. 12. 1977)
Universal formula for directing Howard Hawks, one of the most complex and profound masters of classical Hollywood, owned by Franцїois Truffaut: "His paintings are divided into two groups: adventure films and comedies. Some people chanted, praised his intelligence, physical and moral strength. Others described the degeneration and lack of will of the same person in the bosom of modern civilization. Consequently, Howard Hawks kind of moralist '.
I might add that the work of Hawks - always kvintessentsiya Hollywood's idea of 'srepetirovannoy reality', always stylish shape and catastrophic essentially. Starting with 'Persons with a scar' (1932), recognized the fundamental band gangster movie, the heroes (and anti-heroes) Hawks are tempted to turn life into the game, to obey the mysterious rules and get accustomed to the absurd. But the director always takes them out of existence so comfortable. Although they still sometimes can not understand why die or be exalted to the heights of success.
. Appalling ease with which a mobster Tony Kamonte (it served as the prototype of Al Capone) comes to power on the corpses, zameshena on children's desires to see what would happen next, revenge, laugh at the head
. The punishment hardly seems proportionate to the fault - this paradox is explained later romanticizing the Hawks gangster. And Tony just totally impulsive, and the horror that he creates, derives from the complete unwillingness to imagine what will happen next.
. In his masterpiece 'deep sleep' on the novel by Raymond Chandler (along with the director and the author worked on the script William Faulkner), . hero Humphrey Bogart, . private detective Philip Marlowe, completely surrounded by such Kamonte, . but in addition it has to unravel the case and foul the trail, . literally one step ahead of his opponent and still managing to pull out of trouble are not trust him at first charming woman,
. And later, in one of the best westerns of the American film, 'Red River', the hero John Wayne, a man of affairs, will be a fanatic ideas, ready to kill the rebellious cowboys - just to overtake the herd for sale. And only in the end thanks to the woman he realizes that the end does not justify the means.
. One can argue, . is successful if screening Hemingway's novel 'Have and Have Not', . but comedy Hawks 'Bringing up Baby' / 'Walk with a leopard' (1938), . 'Monkey tricks' (1952) and the best of them 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' (1953) - a classic of the genre and also a clear illustration of moralism Hawks.,
. Sweet comedy of the absurd ( 'Bringing up Baby') Hawks makes a parable about how crazy paleontologist pay for this life and this woman, at the cost of the complete destruction of its fixed world.
. Frivolous ekstsentriadu with gegami worthy of Chaplin, of the monkey, which has made obtaining the elixir of youth, he makes a parody of the idiotic optimism 'forever young' and tending to the progress of America
. Later work Hawks did not enjoy great success.
Andrew Shemyaka
Honorary Award 'Oscar' for 1974

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Howard Hawks, photo, biography
Howard Hawks, photo, biography Howard Hawks  American film director, screenwriter, producer., photo, biography
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