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Roberto Rossellini

( director writer)

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Biography Roberto Rossellini
Rossellini (Rossellini), Roberto (08. 05. 1906 - 03. 06. 1977), Italian director, screenwriter.
He studied at the Higher Technical School. As a youth fond of movies. Some time he worked an editor at the Institute of Luce. He made his debut as director of amateur film 'Underwater Fantasy' (Fantasia Sottomarina, 1936) and 'Afternoon of a Faun' (Prelude A L'apres-Midi D'un Faune, 1937), while continuing to produce short films before the end of 1930. In 1938 participated in the writing of the reference film Mussolini regime 'Pilot Luciano Serra' (Luciano Serra Pilota).
In the game film debut feature film 'The White Ship' (1941), under the artistic direction of F. De Robertis. Working in the framework of the official movie, nevertheless sought to bring together and sopryach artistic and documentary film school beginning in the aesthetics of his teacher De Robertis. Removing the films 'Pilot returns' (Una Pilota Ritorna, 1942) and 'Man with a cross' (L'uomo Della Croce, 1943) and paying tribute to militarism, interrupted the shooting of the film 'Desire' (1943) as inappropriate to the spirit of modern times.
. In 1945, when Italian cinema was virtually paralyzed, conceived and carried out setting the movie 'Rome, Open City' (Roma, Cittц? Aperta), generally accepted manifesto neorealism
. Film 'Payza' (Paisan / Paisa, 1946) deepened neo-realist principles, but for the most Rossellini continued his search for the symbiosis of documentary and feature films, but in terms of free art. In the film, 'Germany, Year Zero' (Germania, Anno Zero, 1948) reflected the confusion of the author in a situation of social decline and the onset of reaction, in particular, the Italian cinema. At the turn of 1940-50's with the advent of the Christian Democrats in the country removes the religious film "Stromboli, land of God '(Stromboli, 1949) and' Francis, minstrel of God '(Francesco giullare di dio, 1950). Last film Rossellini neorealistichnogo directions become 'Europe 51' (Europa '51, 1952) and 'Where svobodaN' (1953).
. Although, . that he keenly felt the conjuncture of time and as a talented artist sensitively react to it, . however, unlike their colleagues, . putting different genres and different characteristic films, . to the Pink Neorealism fundamentally not overly, . preferred in the years to shoot in Germany - 'Fear' (Die Angst, . 1954) for Zweig - and in India - 'India' (India, . 1958) and TV movie 'India eyes Rossellini' (1959),
. Won well-deserved success of the anti-war drama 'General Della Rovere' (Il Generale Della Rovere, 1959) the novel by Indro Montanelli. However, the next film on the material of war 'in Rome was the night' (Era Notte A Roma, 1960) was distinguished by a reduced level of artistic and didactic. Artistic success does not have its historical films - a commemorative painting for the centennial of the landing of Garibaldi, with its thousands of Garibaldi in Marseilles' Long live Italy! " (1960) and 'Vanina Vanini' (Vanina Vanini, 1961) by Stendhal.
. Then from mid-1960 Rossellini is one of the first authors in the Italian cinema, who begins to actively cooperate with the TV, switched to the creation of large-scale television films
. His 'coming to power of Louis XIV' (La Prise De Pouvoir Par Louis Xiv, . 1965), . 'Acts of the Apostles' (Atti Degli Apostoli, . 1968), . 'Socrates' (Socrates, . 1970), . 'Blaise Pascal' (1972), . 'Age of Cosimo' (E Ta Di Cozimo De'medici, . 1972), . 'Descartes' (1973), . 'First Year' (Anno Uno, . 1974), . 'Messiah' (Il Messia, . 1976), . 'Concerto for Michelangelo,
. The Sistine Chapel '(1976),' Beaubourg, Arts and Culture Georges Pompidou '(1977) - have become cultural and educational film for many generations of television viewers in Western Europe. Some of these films came out on the screen. Co-writer of most of his films.

Page Rossellini in "universal encyclopedia" on megaportals "Cyril and Methodius".

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Roberto Rossellini, photo, biography
Roberto Rossellini, photo, biography Roberto Rossellini  director writer, photo, biography
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