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Michael Powell

( Director)

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Biography Michael Powell
Powell (Powell), Michael (30. 09. 1905 - 19. 02. 1990), English film director, screenwriter, producer.
From his youth carried away film, but began his professional career as a bank clerk. During a trip to France, accidentally fell into a film crew directed by Rex Ingram, who soon made his debut as an actor (1927). Upon his return to England, tried several kinospetsialnostey, including those working on early films by Alfred Hitchcock. From 1931 to 1936, put 23 low-budget pictures, most of whom did not survive.
. In 1937, removed one of the masterpieces of British cinema, the film 'Edge of the World' (Edge of the World) - imbued with mystical romanticism of the story about life, love and death on the tiny Scottish island
. Film like Alexander Korda, who suggested Powell's contract and cooperate with a young Hungarian writer Emeric (Imre) Pressburger. Their first collaborative effort was thriller 'The Spy in Black' (The Spy in Black / U-Boat 29, 1939) and 'Contraband' (Contraband, 1940). Powell was one of the directors who worked on the classic tale 'The Thief of Bagdad' (The Thief of Baghdad, 1940), after which took an anti-fascist adventure tape '49-th parallel '(49th Parallel / The Invaders, 1941).
. In 1942 Powell and Pressburger created a production company 'Archers', and in the credits of their subsequent films, both appear as writers, producers and directors
. The film 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimpa' (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp / Colonel Blimp, . 1943), . to Andrew Sarris called the 'English' Citizen Kane ', . a history of officer, . passed through three wars and lost youth and love of three women, . but not their convictions and best friend,
. Movie 'Canterbury history' (A Canterbury Tale, . 1944) and 'I know, . what I do! " (I Know Where I'm Going!, . 1945) Powell and Pressburger continued their 'crusade against materialism', . giving them a multifaceted romantic interpretation of English history and national character,
. 'The question of life and death' (A Matter of Life and Death / Stairway To Heaven, 1946) was a romantic enchanting spectacle of the pilot, you do not accidentally killed in plane crash due to an error of an angel, who was to take him to Paradise. 'Black Narcissus' (Black Narcissus, 1947) developed a key to Powell's theme of mystical power of nature and its power over man. The film 'Red shoes' (The Red Shoes, 1948) is still the best film about the ballet in the world cinema. Drama 'small back room' (The Small Back Room / Hour Of Glory, 1949) and the musical film "Les Contes d'Hoffmann '(The Tales of Hoffman, 1951) were the last joint masterpieces of Powell and Pressburger. In the mid 40-ies they were regarded as the leading directors in world cinema, but in the ensuing era of the romantic style of neo-realism had no place. Their partnership was amicably terminated in 1956. Powell shot one of his best films - 'observe' / 'spying' (Peeping Tom, 1960). Intense psychological thriller about a maniac, kill women in order to monitor their agony, ahead of his time. None of his contemporaries did not notice in the film philosophical study of nature films, inherently intimate voyeurism. The reaction of critics was so angry that Powell's career almost ended with this tape. He later took a few films in Australia, the best of which - 'Age of consent' (Age of Consent, 1968). For two decades, his name and films have been forgotten. Their re-opening is connected with the names of directors like F. F. Coppola, M. Scorsese and C. Spielberg, who made a lot for the restoration of films Powell and their critical rehabilitation

Page Powell M. in "universal encyclopedia" on megaportals "Cyril and Methodius".

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