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Melnikov Vitaliy

( Director, Screenwriter)

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Biography Melnikov Vitaliy
photo Melnikov Vitaliy
Vitaliy Melnikov (p. 01. 05. 1928), director, screenwriter.
Born in the village Mazanova Amur region. In 1952 he graduated from the director's Dept., State Institute of Cinematography (workshop C. Yutkevich, M. Romm), shooting n / movies ( "Over the meadows and pastures new ',' In the collective farm club ',' New reclamation machine ', etc.). Since 1963 he works at a / st 'Lenfilm'. Second director on the film and. Heifits 'Happy Day'.
Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1977), People's Artist of the RSFSR (1987).
Vitali Melnikov - a director's name I remember once, on the first big picture 'Head of Chukotka'. In the traditional historical-revolutionary material was performed heroic comedy, which could be heard and parodies, and even vaudeville music. Debut get the original, bright, masterly. And the director was already 38 years old. He was one vgikovskogo postwar generation, a graduate student in 1952 with. Yutkevich. Where does he disappeared for 10 years, . when his peers after a period malokartinya conquered the cinema in the late 50's, . early 60-я?N And he disappeared, . He worked in the scientific and popular cinema, . the studio in Leningrad, . where he made dozens of different films,
Siberian, from the village on the Irtysh River, lived the war in their 13 -17 years, many people realized, a survivor, remembering. He dissolved his people's identity, naturalness, integrity, humanity, contact either the walls of the capital's university, or in the Leningrad kinematografskoy environment. He managed these personal qualities smelt particularly creative behavior in the principles of the director's career. Magnificent storyteller, baechnik, mocker, improviser
Of course, hence the special manner of its kinorasskaza where sadness mixed with gaiety, irony with sensitivity, observation of an exaggeration. Not to be so difficult to determine the genre of his films: a comedy with elements of drama, . or a drama with elements of comedy, . or a genre called 'cinema Vitaly Melnikova'N! Not on whether it is deeper and more organic many other 'read' mysterious Vampilov in 'elder son' and 'leave in September', . 'Duck hunting' ..,
Course here a wonderful actor looseness on the set when the surprise performers themselves are that kind Familiar Strangers. For example, Oleg Dal - Zilov ( 'leave in September'), Stanislav Lyubshin - bulldozer Fedor ( 'Ksenia - beloved wife Theodora'), Oleg Efrremov - Victor ( 'My mother got married'). Yevgeny Leonov - clarinetist Sarafanov ( 'elder son')
. Unforgettable Melnikovsky women, . the heroine of his films, . selected them because, . though they were born for these roles, . - Shtukaturschitsa Zina, . mother suddenly married, . Lucienna Ovchinnikova, Xenia, . beloved wife, . Alla Mescharyakovoy, . Alexander attendant Ludmila Zaitseva, . Agafya Tikhonovna, . Eternal Bride, . Svetlana Kryuchkova,
. Remember all, but you can not name all, such a long string of actors' second birth took place in each of a dozen films Melnikova. And what performing duets, trios, ensembles created this whole master-directing communication.
His characters, such recognizable, simple living, like Chekhov, you can populate an entire city, suburbs and neighboring villages,. Family House, these indispensable 'members' Melnikovsky films were part of a larger social, the Soviet world. From it, for all its prosaic, the director removed the poetic, for all its brutality - the human. He clung to the present in the scenarios S. Klepikova IN. Valutskaya IN. Merezhko. Only occasionally varying it with the classics: early prose F. Dostoevsky - 'Another Man's Wife and Husband under the Bed', a comedy N. Gogol 'Marriage'
Appeal to the past in the film early 80-ies 'Two lines of small print' was a logical. History took possession of the attention directed. His films 90 years 'Royal Hunt' and 'Prince Alexei' - that of Catherine and Peter's Russia. This genre of historical costume melodrama. This is a large and expensive ц?ц?цў movies. And if it is a good look and listen, too, 'movie Melnikov', where the poet is hiding under the mask bytopisatelya, philosopher, historian, psychologist, genre painter.
Often you can hear that 'people's artist' is a myth that there is no 'Russian Film' No, but there is only cinema in Moscow and Leningrad. Vitaly Melnikov just represents film Leningrad, as the Russian and popular cinema
. Irina Graschenkova
. 1966 HEAD CHUKOTKA director
. 1969 MOTHER She married director
. 1970 Seven Brides Corporal Zbrueva director
. 1972 HELLO AND FAREWELL director
. 1974 Xenia, beloved wife FEDORA director
. 1975 eldest son of director, screenwriter
. 1977 MARRIAGE director, screenwriter
. 1979 HOLIDAY IN SEPTEMBER director, screenwriter
. 1981 two lines of small print director, screenwriter
. 1983 Unicum director, screenwriter
. 1984 Another Man's Wife and Husband under the Bed director
. 1985 to marry the director CAPTAIN
. 1990 Royal Hunting director
. 1992 Chicha director
. 1994 last case VARENNE director

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Melnikov Vitaliy, photo, biography
Melnikov Vitaliy, photo, biography Melnikov Vitaliy  Director, Screenwriter, photo, biography
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