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Pietro Germi

( Actor)

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Biography Pietro Germi
Jeremy (Germi), Pietro (p. 14. 09. 1914 - 05. 12. 1974), Italian film director, screenwriter, actor.
He studied at the Genoa Maritime Institute. Arriving in Rome, graduated from the acting, then the director's office of the Rome Experimental Film Center. He was assistant director on A. Blazetti on the filming of 'scenes', and other directors. Under the artistic direction of A. Blazetti directed his first movie 'Witness' (Il Testimone, 1945).
. Ostrosotsiologicheskaya thrust of his films 'Requiem youth' (Gioventu Perduta, . 1947), . 'In the name of the law' (in the Soviet box office - 'Under the sky of Sicily', . IlNome Della Legge, . 1949), . 'The Road of Hope' (Il Cammino Della Speranza, . 1950), . 'The city is protected' (La Citta Si Difende, . 1951), . often with elements of the criminal plot, . made him a prominent figure neorealism,
. Between pink neorealism has experienced some decline of creativity, but the film 'The engineer' (Il Ferroviere, 1956) confirmed his high reputation as an actor and director. Transformed, . the beginning of the Italian economic miracle, . social situation has not weakened his interest in social issues, . appreciable effect on the style of his films - the pathos inherent in neo-realism gave way to the semitones of psychological conflicts,
. His crime drama 'The damned confusion' (Un Maledetto Imbroglio, 1959) was perhaps the canonical example of a time in Italy teaches black film.
. Returning to the material in Sicily the next decade I found myself in ostrosovremenny gift of comedy
. His best satirical comedy "Divorce, Italian Style '(Divorzio All'italiano, 1962) and' Seduced and Abandoned '(Sedotta E Abbandonata, 1964) have launched toward comedies in Italian', is well recognized. Although this trend is very fast, was almost completely full of commercial cinema, Germi from this wave sharply defended. His comedy "Ladies and Gentlemen '(Signore E Signori, 1966) retained the features of individual style and taste producer. Lyrical comedy 'Serafino' (Serafino, 1968), which clearly felt nostalgia for the neo-realism, was unsuccessfully attempt to create the image of Italian folk commoner.
. His last film early 1970 are still marked by high professionalism and genre diversity, but not superior to the artistic level of the previous films
. Launched his film 'My friends' (Amici Miei, 1975) because of the author's death was completed by director Mario Monicelli. Jeremy starred in his own films and in films of other directors. Was co-writer of his paintings and films of other directors.
. Valery Bosenko.
. 1945 WITNESS / IL TESTIMONE director, co-writer
. 1947 Errant YOUTH / GIOVENTU PERDUTA director, co-writer
. 1949 MAFIA director, co-writer
. 1950 HOPE ROAD / IL CAMMINO DELLA SPERANZA director, co-writer
. 1951 defended City / LA CITTA SI DIFENDE director, co-writer
. 1952 IL BRIGANTE DI TACCA DEL LUPO director, co-writer
. 1952 LA PRESIDENTESSA director, co-writer
. 1953 GELOSIA director, co-writer
. 1954 AMORI DI MEZZO SECOLO director, co-writer
. 1956 Machinist / IL FERROVIERE director, screenwriter, singer
. 1957 L'UOMO DI PAGLIA director, co-writer, performer
. 1959 CURSED Confusion / UN MALEDETTO IMBROGLIO director, co-writer, performer
. 1962 Divorce, Italian / DIVORZIO ALL'ITALIANO director, screenwriter
. 1962 LOVEMAKERS Executive
. 1964 Seduction and leave / SEDOTTA E ABBANDONATA director, screenwriter
. 1966 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN / SIGNORE E SIGNORI producer, director, screenwriter
. 1967 L'IMMORALE director, co-writer
. 1968 Serafino / SERAFINO director, co-writer
. 1971 LE CASTAGNE SONO BUONE director, co-writer
. 1972 Alfredo, Alfredo / ALFREDO, ALFREDO director, co-writer
. 1975 MY FRIENDS / AMICI MIEI co-writer
. Winner of the Berlin Film Festival in the category 'Drama in 1951
. Award Oscar in the category 'original script' for 1962
. Winner of the Cannes Film Festival in the category 'award for comedy for 1962
. Winner of the Cannes Film Festival in the category 'program of films in Italy for 1966

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Pietro Germi, photo, biography
Pietro Germi, photo, biography Pietro Germi  Actor, photo, biography
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