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ABDULBASIROV Magomedtagirov Medzhidovich

( Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Russia. Chairman of Russia for the food and processing industry.)

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Biography ABDULBASIROV Magomedtagirov Medzhidovich
Born into a peasant family.

Date of Birth: Born in 1935.

Hometown: Born in the village Heleturi Botlikh district of Dagestan.

Nationality: Avar.

Education: Higher.
High School
In 1956, Mr.. graduated from Daghestan Agricultural Institute, specializing in veterinary.
Then he graduated from the Novocherkassk Engineering Institute of reclamation, the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee.

Resides in Moscow.

Awards: awarded the Labor Red Banner, "Honor and Friendship of Peoples, medals and honorary diplomas of the Presidium of the Republic of Dagestan Sun.
Honors, positions: Ph.D. in Economics.

Main activities: Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Russia. Chairman of Russia for food and processing industry.

Others were involved, including elected, positions:
State Duma. General federal district. Faction APR.
Member, Committee on Agriculture, Chairman of the Subcommittee on the processing industry and food.

Life path:
From 1956 to 1958. worked as head of the Botlikh central zoovetuchastkom, from 1958 to 1961. - Chief doctor rayselhozupravleniya.
Then elected secretary of the District Committee of the CPSU.
In the future - Head Botlikh territorial production department of agriculture, deputy director of the Agricultural Party Committee, Minister of Agriculture of the Dagestan ASSR.
In 1975. - Secretary of Party Committee.
Eight years later - First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic, from 1985 to 1990. combined the posts of Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and chairman of the agriculture committee DASSR.
Since 1990. present - Deputy Minister of Agriculture and chairman of the Food Processing Industry of the RF.

Political views, position:
In 1990. until the election of People's Deputies in its election program said, . that sees its task in, . to pin down the attention to the problems of agriculture, . achieve its priority development, . create a sound material base, . properly On the land issue about the ownership,
. I am sure that Russia has all opportunities to ensure people's well off life, you only need to learn how to wisely manage the economy, high-performance work.
He believes that it is necessary to preserve the centuries-old mountain tradition of wise moral education of youth.
Support the unity of all citizens of Russia, regardless of their beliefs and nationality.
To preserve the national integrity of Russia and to ensure social justice in society is ready to participate in a joint program to rehabilitate the country
. I intend to fight for the restoration and consolidation of democracy (in the first place, . working majority, . and especially the peasantry, . most downtrodden in the society) for saving and strengthening of national culture, . for patriotism, . love for native land, . language, . traditions of the people,

. Therefore considers it necessary: to restore control economy, . stop the decline in production and squanders the national wealth, . and above all natural resources, to stop rampant crime, . Mafia, . enable people to safely trudits I; utmost to fight in violation of moral principles, . protect the family, . Motherhood, . Childhood,
Advocates for legislation on the ground, clearly regulating land relations as the basis for the development of multicultural rural economy, based on the principle: land - especially those who work it.

Will seek to regulate the ownership of land in the light of prevailing in different regions of Russia, demographic, climatic and economic conditions

. Support the free provision of land by all the inhabitants of towns and villages, . wishing to conduct a private sector, . cultivate horticultural plots, . build a family country house, . but opposes the transformation of land into an object of thoughtless purchase and sale, . a means of money dishonestly obtained capital,

. Case of privatization insist on the selection of enterprises on the principle of conservation of clusters, . poultry, . greenhouse complexes, . breeding complexes, . ensure reasonable, . cost-effective combination of large, . medium-sized enterprises and chalk FIR, . Peasants and farms,
Considers it necessary to establish the state custody of the workers in the economically weak farms.

One of the main problems seen in the healthy state farm protectionism for the development and establishment of it on the basis of modern civilized.
Pressing challenges APC considers: the intensive development of forms of co-operation of large agricultural enterprises from the farms, as well as with military enterprises, ensuring priority for pricing for the agricultural sector

. In favor of maintaining the purchasing power of agricultural products at the level prevailing in Russia in 1990-1991.

From 1 January 1995. proposed to move to a single land tax for agricultural producers with the abolition of all other taxes.
Third-party evaluation, characteristics

Communication (including foreign):
Parties, public organizations:
In 1990. elected people's deputy of RSFSR. Consisted of parliamentary faction "Agrarian Union".

Resigned his office as deputy in July 1994, tk. in April was appointed Deputy.
People's deputy of the RF (terr.okr.816: Dagestan) to 18 March 1990 to September 24, 1993.
At the time of the election - the first Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers - Chairman of the State Agricultural Committee of the Dagestan ASSR. Deprived of his position, tk. appointed Deputy Minister.

Faction: Agrarian Union, the block Russia's unity.
July 22, 1994, when discussing the replacement Abdulbasirova following list MP, O. Begov asked to postpone the issue until the fall, citing the fact that in Dagestan is forming a new government. But at the urging of the leader of the agrarian faction and Lapshin powers Abdulbasirova been terminated.

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ABDULBASIROV Magomedtagirov Medzhidovich, photo, biography
ABDULBASIROV Magomedtagirov Medzhidovich, photo, biography ABDULBASIROV Magomedtagirov Medzhidovich  Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Russia. Chairman of Russia for the food and processing industry., photo, biography
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