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Biography AGAFONOV Valentin
Date of Birth: August 24, 1935.

Born in the village Vypolzovo (now the village Antipenko) Poreckij district of the Chuvash ASSR.
In 1962. graduated from the Chuvash in agricultural institute, and in 1982. - Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee. Awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor, the medal "For Labor Valor" and the commemorative medal to mark the 100 anniversary of Lenin's birth.

He began his career in 1954.

Three years after graduation worked as a senior research fellow of the Chuvash state agricultural experimental station of Mr.. Tsivilskaya. In the years 1962-1964 - at the party work in the Vurnarskii district of the Chuvash ASSR.

From 1965 to 1971. was chief of the district Vurnarskii production department of agriculture, and then at the same time deputy. Chairman of the Board Vurnarskii District Council of People's Deputies.

Since 1971. Director of the Chuvash trust "Skotoprom, r. Cheboksary, in this post he remained until 1975, at the same time, from 1972 to 1975, Agafonov was the first Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Chuvashia. In 1975. became Minister of Agriculture of the Republic.

In April 1979. Agafonov was appointed deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers
Chuvashia, and in December the same year - the first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic. At the same time heading the council for the agro-industrial committee of Chuvashia

. Political views, position:
. In its election platform calls for the observance of social justice in the distribution of consumer goods, . produced at the enterprises of the republic, . seek to establish strict control over the prices of products, . supplied village, . introduced Iya differentiated by zones, . in the interest of the village of procurement prices for agricultural products, . strengthen the foundation construction contracting organizations, . support the people in the allocation of building materials, . increase financial assistance for construction and ndividualnoe by increasing loans,
. He participated in the development and adoption of laws guaranteeing the democratic development of the country, the economic program of national reconciliation and implementation of the Federal Treaty. With his active participation were developed and adopted P ROGRAM revive Russia's villages
Third-party evaluation, characteristics

Communication (including foreign):
Parties, public organizations:
In 1979-1991 he. was a member of the Bureau of the Chuvash regional committee of the CPSU in 1980 and 1985 was elected deputy of the Supreme Council of the Chuvash Republic.
In 1990. was elected a deputy of the RSFSR of Alatyrskij territorial district N 890 Chuvashia.
On the I Congress of People's Deputies of Russia Federation (RF) Agafonov was elected to the Board of the Supreme Council.
At the same time be chairman of the Committee on Social Development, Sun Village, Agrarian and Food.
At the II Congress of People's Deputies, he made a co-report to the report of the Prime - Minister Ivan Silaeva "About Russia's revival of the village and the development of agro-industrial complex".
In March 1991, Mr.. (at the III Congress) Agafonov signed with the parliamentary group "Agrarian Union", . member of which he is, . appeal to the people's deputies of Russia, . which indicated the need for indexation W arplaty and compensation for loss of agricultural workers,
In March 1993, Mr.. at IX (Extraordinary) Congress of People's Deputies Agafonov was elected Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Council of Russia
. At the congresses of people's deputies voted for the amendment on the equality of all forms of agricultural property, . including privacy, against the articles of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the RSFSR, . Russian law provides for the supremacy of the Allied, . against the decree of the authorities, . against the ban of the primary organizations of the CPSU in the apparatus of the Supreme Council,
December 12, 1993, Mr.. elected to the State Duma Kanashsky District (Chuvashia).
Member of the CPSU since 1960. until its ban in autumn 1991
. In 1962-1963 was an instructor Vurnarskii District Party Committee, . in 1963-1964 - Inspector-party committee partorganizatorom Vurnarskii productive collective management, . in 1964-1965 - Deputy Secretary - Head of Department ogranizatsionnym Party Committee of the same UPRA tation,
In 1990. elected people's deputy of the RF. Member of the Armed Forces. Since the first session in 1990, chairman of the Sun on social development, agrarian issues and food.
At 9 (extraordinary) Congress nar.dep. Russia 29 March 1993, Mr.. elected Vice Chairman of the Armed Forces. He was a member of the parliamentary faction "Agrarian Union".
In the elections of 12 December 1993, Mr.. elected to the State Duma of Kanashsky electoral district N 33, Chuvash Republic. Member of the faction of the Agrarian Party of Russia. Member of the State Duma Committee on Agranoff.

State. apparatus:
In April 1993, Mr.. referendum before the All-Russia actively participated in the campaign against President Yeltsin launched the leadership of the Supreme Soviet of Russia, in particular, worked with local Councils of People's Deputies, led the conference call.

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AGAFONOV Valentin, photo, biography
AGAFONOV Valentin, photo, biography AGAFONOV Valentin  State Duma of Russia., photo, biography
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