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AGAFONOV Egor Andreevich

( State Duma: the Soviet District N94: Kirov oblast.Glava Department of Agriculture - deputy chief of staff of the Kirov region.)

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Biography AGAFONOV Egor Andreevich
Born in the family of collective farm. December 10, 1941, Mr.. d. Baranovo Monastyrshchinsky region Smolensk region in 1960. Dosugovskuyu graduated from high school.
In 1963, Mr.. Shantalovsky graduated from the Agricultural College of Smolensk region, specializing in agronomy, and in 1970 he. - All-Union Agricultural Institute of Distance Education, Scientific Agronomy. Awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor, the medal "For Labor Valor", a bronze medal VDNH.
After graduation he worked as an agronomist, economist and chief agronomist, farm manager Elninskaya region of Smolensk region. Since 1979, Mr.. worked in the Kirov region director stock-farm "Meadow" Orichevskogo area, on the basis of which was established Regional School of Excellence.
In January 1986, Mr.. approved by the Vice-Chairman of the Kirov regional agro-industrial complex on economy.
From 1987 to 1992. worked as general director of the agro-industrial association "Vyatka", director of the farm "Krasnogorskij".
Since October 1992. is the head of the Department of Agriculture - the Deputy Governor of the Kirov region.

Political views, position:
In 1993, Mr.. in his campaign speeches promised to seek adoption of All-Russia State Duma Agrarian Reform Program, aimed at improving human welfare, the revival of the peasant way of life. Freedom, according to Mr. Agafonov, is to ensure individual rights, the guarantee of equality before the law and the court, the guarantee of the inviolability of property, is the freedom of conscience and religion.
In its election platform called for the equal existence of all forms of land ownership: state, collective, private, that in his opinion, is the key to the resurgence of Russia. "Land should not be the subject of speculation, but the primary concern of the state should be the preservation of fertility of the earth".
Mr. Agafonov is primarily for the provision of legal and economic rights of the peasants in all forms of property for parity prices of agricultural and industrial products; for tax breaks for the village
. In his campaign statements, has repeatedly emphasized, . that will dabivatsya development of public programs for material supplies of motherhood and childhood, . social protection of students, . Students, . military, . low-income families, . War Invalids and rear, . Pensioners, . as well as giving citizens the right to protection against unemployment,
In November 1993, Mr.. group of voters had been nominated for the State Duma of the Soviet single-mandate electoral district N 94 of the Kirov region. Total in District 5 candidates run for. The turnout of voters county 51,1%. Mr. Agafonov won a 31.82% of voters who took part in the voting.
He was a member of the "New Regionalism". He was a member of the "Stability" (with 14.03.95, protocol, N65).

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AGAFONOV Egor Andreevich, photo, biography
AGAFONOV Egor Andreevich, photo, biography AGAFONOV Egor Andreevich  State Duma: the Soviet District N94: Kirov oblast.Glava Department of Agriculture - deputy chief of staff of the Kirov region., photo, biography
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