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Arakchaa Kara-kys Dongakovna

( Associate Professor, Head of the laboratory complex Tuva, Siberian Branch of the Department of Russia Academy of Sciences.)

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Biography Arakchaa Kara-kys Dongakovna
Born in the family of employees. December 16, 1950 with Mr.. Urbyun Chaa-Holskogo Area Tuva ASSR
In 1972. graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University. Lomonosov.
Ph.D. Chemistry.
In 1987. awarded the title "Inventor of the USSR".
In 1988. Prize was awarded All-Union Society of Inventors and Innovators among women inventors. Duma deputy from the Tuva electoral district N 28, the Republic of Tyva.
Put forward: a group of voters. He was a member of the "New Regionalism".
Member of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities.
She began her career in 1972 working as a laboratory on a mercury plant Termeg-Hainskoy regional electric substation.
From 1973 to 1986. was a laboratory assistant, assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor of the Department of Chemistry Kyzyl State Pedagogical Institute.
In 1980. defended dissertation for the Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 1985. received the scientific title of Associate Professor.
Since 1986. She - Scientific Secretary, Senior Researcher of the Tuva integrated division of the Siberian Branch Russia Academy of Sciences.
Currently headed by the problem laboratory on arzhaanam Tuva.
Political views, position:
Participating in the December parliamentary elections in 1993, Ms. Arakchaa its election program, special attention paid to protecting the rights and interests of individuals and families.
According to her, one of the fundamental human rights and the family - the right to a dignified life. It must be guaranteed by the State not only on paper but in reality
. Currently, the most acute problem of social protection, . of social, . primarily health, . problem of protection of motherhood and childhood, . Pensioners, . Disabled, . Large, . parent and student families, . believes Kara-kys Arakchaa,
Democratic constitutional state should guarantee the social protection of population, primarily from the national budget. The redistribution of budgetary funds is possible due to additional reductions in funding the defense industry by reducing the administrative apparatus at all levels
. Must, . said Ms. Arakchaa, . also consider the institution of advisers and assistants as the President of Russia, . and the Republic of Tuva, . because on many issues, they duplicate the functions and activities of ministries, . Offices, . Committees,
In budget investments, according to Ms. Arakchaa, to strengthen social protection must be used off-budget funds generated through charitable activities
. Ms. Arakchaa agrees with the ex-Minister of Social Protection of Russia EA Pamfilova about, . that there is an urgent need to develop and adopt a law on charity, . in reviewing and streamlining the tax policy of the State in accordance with the realities of life,
The second part of the election platform of Kara-kys Arakchaa dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of nations and nationalities. All ethnic groups, she said, have the right to self-determination. On the basis of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. All peoples may freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources, . if it does not prejudice the implementation of any obligations, . related to international economic cooperation and based on the principle of mutual benefit and international law,
Russia is the successor of the former Soviet Union on international obligations, agreements, treaties. The concept of self-determination of nations and nationalities of clear and coherent: there can be self-government in any state, . and the right to self-determination is the inalienable right of nations and nationalities, . comprising of a state and live compactly on the territory traditionally owned by them,
The omission of the right to draft new Constitution of Russia is, according to Ms. Arakchaa, trampling the democratic foundations of law and the failure of the international community made commitments.
Russia's territorial integrity and political agreement between Russia and the national republics should not be achieved by force. Therefore, the protection of the rights of nations and peoples to self-determination, protection of the interests of the people of the Republic of Tuva to be one of the main representatives of the republic to the federal government.
Thanks declared the sovereignty of the Republic of Tuva, according to Kara-kys Arakchaa the first time since 1944. had the opportunity to lay the gold reserve, . was first enacted to regulate mining, . production, . the use of precious metals and stones in the territory of the Republic of Tuva, . that is the basis of socio-economic development and welfare of the people,
Therefore, said Ms. Arakchaa, and wrongfully adjustment in the draft Constitution of RF national-territorial entities as subjects of Russia with the edges, regions, districts and cities, even though federal
. Trends to unitarization Russia, . inherent in its draft Constitution, . - Legal identification of the concepts russia and Russia, . equality of rights of national republics of the administrative-territorial entities - are illegitimate and they are detrimental to the rights of sovereign republics,
. The logical question becomes the essence of federal aspirations of our state.
The remaining issues in the political, economic and social spheres, Ms. Arakchaa supported the election program of the People's Party of Sovereign Tuva.
She noted that the protection of nature, medical sources of Tuva, arzhaanov, the study of unique traditional festivals in arzhaanah - task of exceptional importance, and their solution requires additional funding.
Third-party evaluation, characteristics
Communication (including foreign):
Parties, civil society organizations: In November 1993, Mr.. district voters put forward a candidate for the State Duma of the Tuva constituency N28.
The elections served as an independent candidate. Just run for District 4 candidates.
The turnout 65.42% of registered voters. Ms. Arakchaa victory with 28.21% of voters participated in voting. Its main rival - A.P.Damba-Huurak, Prosecutor of the Republic of Tuva, scored - 22.47% of votes.
State. apparatus:
Businesses: In 1992, Mr.. participated in the International Program of the Rockefeller Foundation's Environment and Development.
In 1993 g.prinyala participation in international conferences on environment and development (g.Chang-Mat, Thailand) and the ecological nature of water resources (r. Washington, USA).

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Arakchaa Kara-kys Dongakovna, photo, biography
Arakchaa Kara-kys Dongakovna, photo, biography Arakchaa Kara-kys Dongakovna  Associate Professor, Head of the laboratory complex Tuva, Siberian Branch of the Department of Russia Academy of Sciences., photo, biography
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