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( President Constitutional Democratic Party - People's Freedom Party (KDP-FNA).)

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Biography ASTAFYEV Michael G.
Hereditary nobleman (the genus known from the XVII century). Date of Birth: September 16, 1946
Born in a family of employees Aeroflota.V 1970 he graduated from Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University.
Speaks English.
Author of several dozen scientific surveys in the field of electrochemistry and corrosion, published in the USSR and abroad.
Former member of the Armed Forces of the Committee on the Mass Media.
Former member of the Committee Sun Russia Fedepatsii on freedom of religion, charity and philanthropy.
Co-movement "Russia's National Assembly".
Chairman of the All-Russia National Right Center.
Since 1991 - Member of the Board of the Fund's behalf PBStruve.
1964-1970 gg. - Student of Moscow State University.
1970-1972 he. - Served in the army air defense forces.
From 1972 to 1990 worked as a senior engineer, scientist, team leader at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, USSR Academy of Sciences.
In 1988-90. Michael Astafjevs was one of the initiators of the movement to create a district of Moscow, Dzerzhinsk network of informal clubs of voters.
In February 1989, during the election campaign for Congress of People's Deputies went to the Moscow People's Front (MNF), which became one of the leaders of the Democratic faction, adhering the non-socialist orientation.
From 1 st August 1989 - Deputy Chairman of the Council of Representatives ISF - the "parliament" of the organization (in contrast to the Coordinating Council - the cabinet).
Fall of 1989 joined the Union of Constitutional Democrats (SKD) Victor Zolotarev.
Participated in early May 1990 in the Constituent Congress of the Constitutional Democratic Party (MPP), but formed at this congress PAO (Zolotarev Party ") was not included.
In January 1990, participated in the establishment of the electoral bloc "Democratic Russia", which was named that way on the proposal and insisted Astaf'eva (original project title: "Democratic elections-90").
In the spring of 1990 became the People's Deputies, defeated candidate for the national-patriots editor of "Our Contemporary" Stanislav Kunyaevym.
At the Congress entered the deputy group "Democratic Russia".
During the II Congress of People's Deputies in December 1990 along with Victor Aksyuchitsem created the deputy group "Russia's Soyuz. It is composed of members of Rossiyskogo Christian Democratic Movement (RHDD), the Constitutional Democratic Party - People's Freedom Party (KDP-FNA), the Free Democratic Party of Russia (SvDPR), the Democratic Party of Russia (DPR). He was coordinator of the group until its breakup in spring 1992.
In late May-early June 1990 for a short time was a member of the organizing committee of the Moscow SvDPR, but the party did not join.
In the summer of 1990, was involved in efforts to unite the Cadet and near-Cadet Organizations (PAO KDP-PNS, "Young Russia").
On July 23, 1990 - Chairman, Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the unification congress of the constitutional democracy of Russia ".
In August 1990, after the collapse of the unifying efforts of took dwarf Party KDP-SGP, which was established excluded from SKD George Deryagin (by this time had already been deposed from his post as chairman). He was elected chairman of the Central Committee of KDP-FNA (founder and former chairman of the party Derjaguin was soon out of KDP-driven PNS).
The summer of 1990 Astaf'ev entered the Organizing Committee of the Movement of Democratic Russia, and in December 1990 became a member of the Coordinating Council of the Movement of DR as a representative of KDP-PNS.
Inside the Movement DR belonged to the "Democrat statists" (Nikolai lieutenant, Viktor Aksyuchits), opposed the partition of the USSR into separate states.
Since August 1990 - on the ongoing work in the Supreme Council.
Since August 1990. September 1993. - Member Sun Russia Fedepatsii on freedom of conscience, religion, charity and philanthropy. Chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party. Co-Motion eniya "Russia's National Assembly".
In April-May 1991, together with Nikolai Travkin and Victor Aksyuchitsem created a three-party bloc "National Accord", which united within the Movement of Democratic Russia "Democrat statists"
. In June 1991, held "XI Congress of the recovery" KDP-FNA (the last, . X Congress of the old people's freedom party was held in 1920) and was elected chairman of the Central Committee (at the XII Congress in September 1992, the head of the party was renamed simply in the Chair),
During the attempted coup of 19-21 August 1991 took part in the defense of the White House.
In autumn 1991 came out of the movement "Democratic Russia" together with Aksyuchitsem and Travkin. The formal pretext for the release party bloc "People th consent" of the Movement was the DR enshrined in its Charter of mixed (ie, as a collective, . and personal) membership, . whereas the "National Accord" insisted the coalition structure of the Movement and the admissibility of only collective membership,
. Od NACO true cause of his differences with the leadership of the Movement of nation-issue
. In early 1992, Astafjevs with Viktor Aksyuchitsem and Nikolai Pavlov took part in the creation Rossiyskogo National Assembly (PNT), . which was conceived as a union in terms of the idea of "enlightened patriotism" Awami consent, . People's Party of Free Russia ( "Party Rutskoi") and non-communist wing of the national-patriots, . but in fact with tala coalition mainly of national-patriotic and post-communist organizations (and lieutenant Rutskoi did not participate in this coalition),
Astafjevs was elected a member of the Central Council (CA), a member of the Presidium of the CA and co-PNT.
In March-April 1992, became one of the organizers of the parliamentary bloc of Communists and patriots "Russia's unity," a member of the Coordinating Council of the block.
In the summer of 1992, together with other founders of the former group "Russia's Soyuz has become a member and coordinator based Michael Chelnokov faction" Civil Society "and to facilitate its entry into the opposition bloc" Ross Yi unity "
. In May 1992, after the reorganization of the Committee Sun Media, . when from his reference were withdrawn due to non-governmental organizations, . and of his deputies of, . close parliamentary Coalition Reforms, . became a member of the new Committee on the Mass Media,

. In October 1992, entered the Organizing Committee of the National Redemption Front (NRF) and the "Congress of National Salvation" on October 24 elected as a member of the Political Council and one of 9 co-chairs of the Federal Tax Service (FTS co remained until A PRIL 1994, . member of the board - until October 1994),
In May 1993, became part of the restructured Armed Forces of the Committee on the Mass Media.
After the dissolution of President Yeltsin in September 1993. Parliament has actively participated in the convened Khasbulatov X Congress of People's Deputies.
In October 1993. created on the basis of KDP-FNA selective association of the same name, which has failed to collect necessary to participate in elections 100 thousand signatures.
After the split in late 1993 - early 1994 created and headed the national rights of the All-Russia Center.
September 16, 1994, Mr.. participated in Kaliningrad Congress of Patriotic Forces of Russia "Russian Frontier: from Kaliningrad to the Kuriles, and signed a joint statement of opposition leaders calling for the resignation and early presidential elections.
Political views, position:
In the early 90-ies Astafjev insisted on a strong denunciation of "Democratic Russia" policy of Zviad Gamsakhurdia in South Ossetia and Transdniestria support
. At one of the Council of Representatives of the Movement of DR in 1991, . to discuss the resolution condemning the atrocities of Saddam Hussein against the Kurds, . has proposed two amendments: "... replace the word" Kurdish "in the word" residents of South Ossetia ", . and words and "Saddam Hussein" to "Zviad Gamsakhurdia" - and the hereafter "(resolution in defense of the Kurds as a result of a failure, . but the proposal to raise the issue of South Ossetia has not passed, . Since the motion DR did not want then to quarrel with the Georgian national movement),
Responding January 13, 1991 on the question of a suitable profile for Russia, the presidential candidate, called Yeltsin. However, in the campaign for the election of President Yeltsin's Russia did not participate, because by this time ovalsya disappoint in its national and state policy.
At the VII Congress voted for the amendment to the Constitution of the inviolability of private property and the impossibility of its alienation without the consent of the owner.
In February 1993, at the VIII Congress of People's Deputies voted for the abolition of the referendum on the basis of the Constitution
. At the initiative of Astafieva the agenda IX Congress (March 1993) included a question on the termination of state censorship on public television and decided to move the electronic media under the control of observation of the responses of, . formed by representative bodies,
. Said at the Congress's willingness to defend the Constitution if necessary even by force of arms.
Considers Belovezhskiye Agreement (December 1991) on the elimination of the USSR and the formation of the Union of Independent States (CIS), a coup and a national disaster
. In 1992, the All-Union spoke in favor of convening the Constituent Assembly on Electoral Act 1917, . in which there is a paragraph that, . that territory, . occupied enemy, . not participate in the voting (ie, . If the territory of Ukraine and other е╫i highlight will not be able to vote, . The meeting is still going and decides questions),
He considered that the policy objective of Russia's state should be in the Federation of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which is more "comes into play any more or less close relations with other republics".
Currently leaning towards a more radical point of view: it is desirable (and feasible) restoration of national unity, not only these four republics, and all or nearly all, of the former Soviet Union.
Mikhail Astafyev belonged to a well-known joke about the fact that "the Soviet Union still exists, only the duties of President Gorbachev's deserted temporarily performed by U.S. Secretary of State James Baker.
Supporter of a parliamentary republic in which the government would be formed by Parliament, not the president.
Does not support the idea of freezing prices, speaking for their indirect control. At the same time in favor of slowing privatization, . a more gradual transition to a market economy with elements of the planning, . de-monopolization of industry, . for the regulation of foreign trade and protectionist measures in relation to domestic production,
. Advocates against selling land to foreigners.
Third-party evaluation, characteristics
Communication (including foreign):
Parties, public organizations: Member of the Union of the descendants of Russia's nobility (Rossiyskogo noble meetings).
State. apparatus:
Media: From August 1992 to August 1993 was a member of the editorial board of the newspaper "Day" (chief editor Alexander Prokhanov).

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ASTAFYEV Michael G., photo, biography
ASTAFYEV Michael G., photo, biography ASTAFYEV Michael G.  President Constitutional Democratic Party - People's Freedom Party (KDP-FNA)., photo, biography
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