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Eduard D. Baltin

( Black Sea Fleet Commander. Chief of the Naval Department of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia.)

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Biography Eduard D. Baltin
Date of Birth: December 21, 1936 In 1958,. He graduated from the mine and torpedo department Caspian Higher Naval School in Baku in 1975. - Naval Academy in 1980. - Academy of General shtaba.V 1981. awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union" for their courage and heroism in the development of new technology. He was awarded orders and medals.
Deputy: Vice-Admiral Gennady Suchkov. He was appointed by order of Defense Minister in February 1995. Gennady Suchkov was born in 1947, Russian, submarine. Almost 20 years served in the Northern Fleet. Before his new appointment in command of a squadron of submarines SF. He was awarded with the Red Star and "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces" 3 degrees
. In April 1995, Colonel Vyacheslav Kim appointed zam.komanduyuschego BSF Construction, . Engineering Support and Billeting, . order of Defense Minister Colonel Viktor Kutugin appointed Chief of Naval Engineers, ChB,
Life path:
In the Armed Forces since 1954. Service begins on surface ships. Since 1969. - Atomic submarine. He served as senior assistant, the commander of submarines in the Black Sea and the Northern Fleet, was chief of staff and commander of the division of strategic submarines of the Northern Fleet. Since 1983, Mr.. - The commander of a flotilla of submarines of the Pacific Fleet, and then from 1987 to 1990 served as first deputy commander of the Pacific Fleet,.
1991 - 1992 he. - Headed the department of naval strategic studies at the Academy of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia.
In January 1993, the joint decision of the presidents of Russia and Ukraine appointed commander of the Black Sea Fleet, as a candidate that suits both parties.
January 27, 1993 in Kiev, Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk has united the Black Sea Fleet commander Admiral Eduard Baltin. The President congratulated the commander of the appointment.
June 9, 1993 Black Sea Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral E. Baltin, met in Kiev with Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk to discuss the problems and details of the Black Sea Fleet Russo-Ukrainian summit.
July 7, 1993 Baltin suspended from execution of the floating base commander of the submarine brigade "Mohammed Hajiyev, the second rank of Captain Alexander Grebenshchikov for uplift on the floating base July 1, 1993 Andrew's flag
. September 24, 1993 in response to the attempts of forced subordination to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine naval military construction organizations, . located in Nikolaev, . Yalta, . Evpatoria, . Eduard Baltin said, . that if such actions will continue, . He will lead the Black Sea fleet in full combat readiness and stop the peacekeeping operation Black Sea Fleet ships in the Caucasus,
. After this statement of the Ukrainian military department has stopped trying unilateral subordination of the military and naval construction industry.
Within 10 months of command of the fleet Eduard Baltin, has never been so harsh in their judgments
. November 16, 1993 The Georgian independent news agency "Iberia", . referring to the Moscow independent agency "Negative" issued a release, . stating, . that at a meeting of Black Sea Fleet Commander Eduard Baltin, with the Supreme Court chairman of Adjara, Aslan Abashidze, . held on 11 November in Batumi, . expressed its readiness to enter Adjara into Russia,
But even Nov. 15 in an interview with Georgian TV Admiral E. Baltin said: "I can say that any conversation about entering Ajaria into Russia was. By the way, questions of this nature are not discussed with the commander of the fleet ". Being in the area of Batumi, Baltin, in accordance with international norms and ethics guided sea, was obliged to meet with the leader of Adjara.
November 16 the Georgian newspaper "Resonance" issued a statement the Supreme Court chairman of Adjara, in which, inter alia, states that if Georgia will be a question on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the republic, then they will remain in Adjara.
January 20, 1994 Baltin ordered the transfer at its disposal a former head of administration of Sevastopol. Press Center of the Black Sea Fleet issued the following statement: "As you know, the Presidential Decree of 19 January this year, the head of State Administration, Mr.. Sebastopol Ivan Ermakov dismissed from his post. February 28, 1991, Mr.. Air Force colonel of the Soviet Navy, . Chief Aircraft Repair Plant Ivan Ermakov, in accordance with the decision of USSR N 1010 was dismissed at the time of parliamentary powers, leaving for active military service in the lists of the personnel of BSF,
. At the time of release from his office, Colonel Ivan Ermakov listed in the RF Navy personnel. Ukrainian did not take oath. Desire to serve in the Air Force of Ukraine did not express. Based on the foregoing, the Black Sea Fleet commander Admiral Eduard Baltin on January 20 this year signed an order on enrollment Colonel Ivan Ermakov at its disposal. Head of BSF personnel have been instructed in a 2-month period to determine the Colonel Ivan Ermakova the post in accordance with his wishes, voennouchetnoy specialty. Black Sea Fleet Command, the Ministry of Defense of Russia and intend to continue to care about the fate of each officer. "
. February 7, 1994 in Sevastopol, a business meeting the President of the Republic of Crimea, Yuri Meshkov of the Black Sea Fleet commander Admiral Eduard Baltin
. The sides discussed issues relating to political and economic situation in Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet problem. The parties agreed to regular exchanges of information on important aspects of political life of the Crimea, as well as the systematic business meetings.
February 27, 1994 approved the emblem Baltin Rossiyskogo BSF. Coat of Arms is a shield in the form of frames of the ship, divided into two waves belt. In the center of the shield emblem affixed BSF - naval dirk and dolphin. In its upper part - the two-headed eagle with outstretched wings. The very same shield superimposed on two crossed anchors. Emblem is decorated with the image of St. Andrew's and the Soviet naval flag. Bottom - the date established ChB - 1783, framed by a laurel and oak branches, as well as the Alexander band. The new emblem will be on those ships, which after a final decision on the fate of the fleet will be members of Russia's Black Sea Fleet.
April 5, 1994 press center naval forces of Ukraine issued a message stating that "On April 3, Naval Hospital of Sebastopol was taken with a bullet wound to the thigh, Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral Baltin". As the head of the press center of the Black Sea Fleet Captain 2 rank Andrei Grachev, Admiral Eduard Baltin, really is in the hospital, where the routine medical examination. Regarding injury Commander Andrei Grachev, said: "We have this information does not confirm or deny".
However, later press-center version of the Black Sea Fleet has confirmed that Eduard Baltin was really hurt. As stated by Andrei Grachev, Eduard Baltin was slightly wounded in the soft tissue of his right leg in an accident, and the wound was not life threatening, Admiral. According to Mr. Grachev, the cause of the incident - "design flaws issue weapons Commander".
May 4, 1994, an attack on an official vehicle commander in chief of the Black Sea fleet, which was the wife of the commander Oksana Baltina. The representative of the press center of the Navy said it had no information about the incident. Staff member of the city administration said that we are talking about ordinary hooliganism. According to news agencies, the assailant, whose identity has been established within an hour after the attack, tried to beat up the driver of the car and using foul language. He said that he knows "who owns the car". The assailant told the wife of the Commander in Chief Fleet, that it takes 2-3 days to be killed.
As a result of the accident Oksana Baltina not affected.
Commenting on the incident, the commander of the fleet said that he considered it below their dignity to file any application to the Interior. "We have enough of their forces in order to deal with the attackers," - said Baltin.
Despite such threats, carrying a family from Sebastopol, he is not going. While in Sevastopol aggravated criminal situation, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet still considers it premature to question the distribution of officers service weapon.
April 16, 1994 a telephone conversation between Baltin and a senior representative of the Georgian government. The latter tried to find out how true the information that the President of Ukraine appealed to the President of Russia to the resignation of Eduard Baltin, a post of commander. The representative of Georgia said that if the consent Eduard Baltin can take the post of Adviser to the Head of Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze on military matters.
August 17, 1994 in Moscow Baltin participated in the negotiations finding experts of Russia and Ukrainian delegations on the Black Sea Fleet.
November 18, 1994 Baltin was made at the parliamentary hearings on the Black Sea Fleet in the State Duma. In his speech, he fully upheld as Russia's Black Sea Fleet and declaring that the fleet is subject only to the orders of Defense Minister of Russia. Baltin, in particular, noted that "the office of sailors from the Ukrainian oath of BSF is a free training and education of the mobilization of reserves for Ukraine"
. E. Baltin, expressed surprise and outrage, . that "Ukraine has created numerous business organizations - the armed forces, . National Guard, . police, . security service, . numbering about one million people, . which are not defined problem, . and who do not know, . for which there are ",
. He believes that everything Ukraine is generally not needed because "there is a great and powerful Russia". Regarding the Crimea Baltin clearly stated that this area is Russia ".
In 1995, Baltin is running for the State Duma 6-th convocation of the electoral bloc "For the Motherland".
Political views, position:
February 12, 1993 Baltin said, "The Black Sea Fleet is able to solve problems in the Mediterranean, which he had already decided". Eduard Baltin, lamented the fact that the squadron of the Black Sea Fleet in 1992 because of the political passions of section BSF was forced to withdraw from the Mediterranean Sea. According Baltina, . establish a joint naval forces of France, . Spain and Italy, . and he does not like, . what, . According to foreign press, . French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas proposes a group from the combined naval forces in the Black Sea for the control of navigation on the Danube and in the pouring zone (the Bosporus and Dardanelles),
. According to vice-admiral, they will take the place from which the squadron had left the Black Sea Fleet.
In the Black Sea - the territorial waters of Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, and, apparently, it was necessary first to solve these issues diplomatically, coordinating them primarily with ministries of foreign affairs of these states. "In using the combined naval forces of France, Spain and Italy, we do not need" - said Eduard Baltin.
March 26, 1993 Eduard Baltin said that the Military Council of the fleet is fully shared the views of senior management - the Supreme Commander of Russia and Ukraine - on the inadmissibility of military involvement in any political activities were.
April 25, 1994 Eduard Baltin, expressed surprise at the statement by Ukrainian politicians about the need to bring the U.S. to address the problem of the Black Sea Fleet. In an interview with Interfax, Russia's Admiral categorically rejected such a possibility. According to him, everything connected with the Black Sea Fleet, is primarily a problem of Russia. Given the historical and political realities, Moscow has been negotiating with Kiev. Referring held April 21-22 in Sebastopol meeting between defense ministers of the two countries, E. Baltin said that Kiev has violated the principle of separation based Navy Russia and Ukraine. According to Russia's Admiral, the main reason for this was lack of money to Ukraine's own naval base.
July 22, 1994 Baltin in an interview with "Flag of the Motherland," criticized the government and the Ministry of Defense of Russia, who, in his opinion, often incompetent in dealing with the fate of the Black Sea Fleet. This incompetence, according to Baltina manifests itself in an effort to rent the entire territory of Sevastopol as a base Rossiyskogo Fleet. Admiral asked: "What Russia wants to be - a naval base and the city of Sevastopol to the 424-thousand. the poor and devastated the city infrastrukturoyN "This flawed idea, . according Admiral Baltina, . Russia's government "slipped" Ukraine; renting the territory of Sevastopol, . Russia will provide the amounts to trillions of economy of Ukraine, . contain the entire infrastructure of the leased territory of Sevastopol and meet the social needs of the population there,
At the same time, Admiral Baltin believes that the problems of the Black Sea Fleet should be solved "only through the solution of the Crimea, taking into account the will of the Crimean people".
October 29, 1994 Baltin his assessment of the crisis on the Crimean peninsula. "In this crisis, not to blame nor deputies nor team president. Bear responsibility for it personally, President Yuri Meshkov of Crimea and the Supreme Court chairman Sergei Chekhov, who, because of his human qualities were unable to reach mutually acceptable solutions and, in fact, deceived the hopes of Crimean. Because of his excessive ambition, the two leaders for the week spoiled everything, . has been achieved previously, . contributed to the loss of those elements of the state of Crimea, . were created several years earlier of the Sun and its chairman, Nikolai Bagrov,
. I think that people who can not "do politics" must face the truth and after such a crushing failure to withdraw from the political arena ", - said Baltin.
November 15, 1994 Baltin was made at the parliamentary hearings on the Black Sea Fleet in the State Duma.
In his speech, he fully upheld as Russia's Black Sea Fleet and declaring that the fleet is subject only to the orders of Defense Minister of Russia. Baltin, in particular, noted that "the office of sailors from the Ukrainian oath of BSF is a free training and education of the mobilization of reserves for Ukraine". E. Baltin, expressed surprise and outrage, . that "Ukraine has created numerous business organizations - the armed forces, . National Guard, . police, . security service, . numbering about one million people, . which are not defined problem, . and who do not know, . for which there are ",
. He believes that everything Ukraine is generally not needed because "there is a great and powerful Russia". Regarding the Crimea Baltin clearly stated that this area is Russia "
. November 17, 1994 in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" Baltin Russian admirals expressed concern about the increased naval activity Navy U.S. Navy ships, which are already prepared to be continuous combat patrols in the Black Sea basin
. Continue to increase the combat power of the Turkish Navy.
In addition to the activity of foreign fleets headache in the Black Sea Fleet command causes numerous attempts the National Security Service of Ukraine to recruit Russian officers to obtain data on the activities of the fleet and the mood on the ships.
In an interview with columnist "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" Eduard Baltin not exclude the possibility that his office bugged Ukrainian counterintelligence.
Concern Baltina also cause the organization encrypted communication in the Navy and the security of information circulating on the closed channels
. Speaking at a parliamentary hearing on Nov. 15, 1994, . Admiral Baltin publicly accused the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine of involvement with American intelligence and suggested non-interference of Washington in the course of the negotiation process on the Black Sea Fleet,
May 5, 1995 at a meeting with veterans of Sevastopol in the Officers' House of the Black Sea Fleet Baltin said: "It is difficult to fleet because the fleet did not solve their own problems - for us now think those politicians for whom we voted". Military Council of the Black Sea Fleet on April 14 made its position on all the existing problems, Eduard Baltin said, stressing that the leadership of the Black Sea Fleet does not recognize the partition of the fleet and seeks to complete its autonomy.
October 25, 1995 in an interview with Itar-Tass as to explain his desire to run for the State Duma 6-th convocation: "I'm tired, when the military hear MPs laypersons. When not reduced in military strategy and operational art deputies are trying to "judge" a man in uniform, it reminds me of a football match, where ten thousand screaming fans, the players where to run, "- said the admiral.
He complained about the uncertainty of their powers in deciding the fate of the Black Sea Fleet. Baltin believes that his deputy's mandate to add. Besides, he said, "today the situation in the country is such that the officers and generals who are not indifferent to the fate of Russia, forced to go into politics. After all, if today is not the story of people behind him, then tomorrow they will go to the extremists ".
"I can not look calmly at how behind the top political leadership and the Minister of Defense of Russia shall be Russia's Black Sea fleet", - said Eduard Baltin. According to him, "the struggle for the preservation of the Armed Forces of Russia in nyneneshnih conditions becomes a struggle for the homeland". "The number of armed forces must not be made dependent on the percentage of population, and funding of defense programs can not be taken from the ceiling to determine the percentage of the budget, - said E. Baltin. -Such an approach will lead to the death of not only the army, but Russia "
. November 18, 1995 Baltin expressed his political position "Nezavisimaya Gazeta"
. November 20, 1995 at the election meeting with soldiers in the Black Sea Fleet Sevastopol Eduard Baltin, called "adventure theme" the allegation that the Army should be apolitical
. E. Baltin said that "Army policy is born, it is an instrument of policy".
According to the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, participated in the campaign - his personal initiative. In reaching this decision, the admiral is not guided by "whatever it was orders from above".
Eduard Baltin, if successful in the elections going to pursue the establishment of a joint Russo-Ukrainian Crimea and management of dual citizenship for its residents.
Third-party evaluation, characteristics: According to the media and political eksprtov, Baltin, a man of the team Grachev "
. Businesses: February 24, 1995 in the newspaper Izvestia published an article by the accusations against the Black Sea Fleet command: "The command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine and signed certificate" on the unilateral disposal of assets, . arms and military equipment to the Black Sea Fleet ",
. According to the documents for four years Russia's Black Sea Fleet Command selling left and right belonging to the Navy missiles, ships and infrastructure. Sale of the Ukraine-Russia joint property was conducted in secret and without the knowledge of the Ukrainian side. Ukrainian Navy clearly kept his line, only one issue - the section bases and infrastructures. And steadfastly refused offers from Pavel Grachev to give the Russians in the use of base in Balaklava, Donuzlave, Feodossii and Kerch. In Sevastopol - agreed to pass a temporary lease. Infrastructure is, by law, is state property of Ukraine and is not subject to partition of. Negotiations on this subject ended with nothing.
While in Kiev and Moscow politicians tried to resolve the issue by mutual agreement and benefit, in Sevastopol began strange events. First, his ship left the Crimean parking Yamal and left in an unknown direction. A little later he was found - in the Baltic Sea Fleet. In the Black Sea, he never returned. Shortly Baltic Fleet replenished and unique experimental submarine BS-555, a joint BSF. Out of Sevastopol in the Northern Fleet submarine secretly relocated Varshavyanka, from the Crimea in an unknown direction crossed over 90 electric torpedo
. As evidenced by certificate "On the unilateral disposition of the property PF", . Command Eduard Baltin, has prepared a contract "with a certain company" bit "on the sale of the Crimean airfield garrison" Happy "with all the facilities of aviation logistics and barracks, housing" area 2296, . 82 hectares,
. In any case, all objects of the garrison, were taken under the protection of the security service "Beat".
Similar events with the sale, looting, export of equipment occurred at the radio-technical positions and Snake Island Tendrovskoy spit on the base at Balaklava, in 116 Brigade river ships in Izmail. And also at the airport Guards.
The property was transferred to the enormous amount of little-known commercial structures. According to the appeals of the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Beskaravaynogo, in particular, to the military prosecutor, contracts for the sale says the commander of the Black Sea Fleet Eduard Baltin.
According to "Izvestia" one of the most senior officials of the Command of the Ukrainian Navy, "all this was not done without the knowledge of E. Baltina. Many of the documents signed by his subordinates - the chief of naval aviation logistics Maj.-Shevchenko. Fleet does not sell out the people on the ground, as it might seem, and his command ".
In addition to sales, Russia's naval command has successfully donate property to. Sevastopol 688 th base liquid fuel and Saki 6410th store liquid fuel BSF got AO "Ukraine-Crimea-Petrol", . 116 Brigade of river ships in Izmail departed cooperative "Voyage", . 839-I Ochakovskaya base of the Black Sea fleet's storage "of hazardous chemicals from Germany", . 1467th Nicholas Naval Hospital partially transformed in a furniture shop, . a cabin hospital ship "Yenisei" shall be as hotel nomera.V list illegally leased listed 29 objects,
The amount of damages the Ukrainian side is difficult to name and is going to conduct a special inventory
. January 18 executives of the Ukrainian Navy has sent a formal letter to Eduard Baltin, . where: "Permissible command BSF facts unilateral downsizing and cost of the fleet forced" to remind: "in accordance with the Yalta and other international agreements on the Black Sea Fleet, . he shall be divided between Ukraine and Russia,
. By virtue of the law on ownership of land and funds, which deployed military units BSF are the property of the people of Ukraine and the management of these lands and the funds transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine ".
Answer to the letter was not followed, but the words "Baltin very modestly said that Ukraine does not damage it inflicted". Same point of view, of course, shared by Russia Press Center of the Black Sea Fleet.
To avoid accusations of bias, the leadership of Ukrainian Navy turned to the deputies of the Commission of Inquiry on the Black Sea Fleet. According to them, "The infrastructure is completely destroyed, it no longer".
Now the case of misappropriation of good transferred to the Navy's Military Prosecutor's Black Sea Fleet and the Naval Forces of Ukraine. Its investigation should call the perpetrators and to describe the true scenario of what is happening. Well-informed about what happened sailors Ishmael Ochakov and Nikolaeva virtually at full strength Ukrainian took the oath. Now, according to Navy leadership, "they announced the transition to the Ukrainian side. Painless breed in these conditions, the fleets will not ".
Most likely, after the scandal broke out soft and acquiescent trunk-line of the Ukrainian side will be more rigid.
Sold naval assets, we certainly will return itself, as if in some cases and agree with the sale, then decorate it as it should be, according to the laws of Ukraine. As secretly removed from our country, we do not need to return. Just everything that went to Russia from now on must be deducted from due to her part of the Navy spokesman said commanders of the Ukrainian Navy. "
. February 15, 1995 Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Andrei Senchenko Baltina accused of selling a subsidiary of the property: "The commander of the Black Sea Fleet Eduard Baltin trades airfields"
. He also said that the Government of the Crimea had received a letter from the Commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine Vitaly Beskaravaynogo, in which he argues that Eduard Baltin, a private firm had sold the airfield Class 1 area of 2000 hectares in the vicinity of Sevastopol.

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