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Shamil Basayev Salmanovich

( The leader of militants in Chechnya.)

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Biography Shamil Basayev Salmanovich
photo Shamil Basayev Salmanovich
Date of birth: 1965. Village Vedeno Vedeno district of Chechnya Three times done at the law faculty of Moscow State University (MSU), but did not pass through the competitive examination.
In the Moscow Institute of Engineers land enrolled in 1987. In 1988. was expelled during his sophomore year for academic failure.
Been serving in the Army Air Forces of the USSR.
In 1987. entered the Moscow Institute of Engineers land.
Until 1991. worked in Moscow.
In early 1991, Mr.. joined the troops of the Confederation of Peoples of the Caucasus (KNK).
In August 1991. participated in the defense of the White House.
In October 1991. candidate for the presidency of the republic of Chechnya.
November 9, 1991, Mr.. participated in the hijacking of passenger aircraft Tu-154 from the airport Mineral Waters in Turkey. In Turkey, the invaders surrendered to local authorities and after the negotiations have trans Chechnya.
In 1992. was appointed commander of the Confederation of Caucasian Peoples.
Since August 1992. participated actively in hostilities in Abkhazia. He was commander of the Gagra front and deputy defense minister of Abkhazia. He commanded a detachment of Chechen volunteers, later known as the "Abkhaz battalion".
In the summer of 1994, with the beginning of the civil war in Chechnya, Basayev joined the fighting on the side of Dudayev's.
June 14, 1995, Mr.. under the leadership of Shamil Basayev, has been committed to the seizure of hostages in a hospital g.Budennovske Stavropol Territory with the aim of forcing the federal government to suspend military operations in Chechnya and to enter into negotiations with dudaevtsami. After telephone conversations with Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Chernomyrdin and Basayev's fighters fled Budennovsk and on the border of Chechnya hostages released.
After the events in Budennovsk Attorney General's Office filed against Shamil Basayev's criminal case. FNC announced the All-Russia Investigation. But Basayev was not arrested.
Summer - autumn 1995. Basayev has repeatedly threatened the government of Russia with new terrorist acts in Russia, if not cease hostilities and negotiate phased.
In late April 1996, after Dudayev's death, Shamil Basayev, at a meeting of field commanders, was elected commander of the combat formations of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.
January 27, 1997, Mr.. elections of the Chechen Republic took second place rating, losing to Aslan Maskhadov.
In 1998 he headed the Football Federation of Chechnya.
In July 1998 he was appointed deputy commander of the armed forces of the Chechen Republic.
In September 1999,. bandit under the leadership of Shamil Basayev and his supporters of Chechen warlords invaded Dagestan.
In February 2000, was badly wounded, struck a mine while trying to flee Grozny.
In May 2000, published information that Basayev is dead.
It turned out that Basayev was alive but in serious condition - he had a leg amputated.
In this regard, the media reported that Basayev wants to agree with the Fed, tk. he is confident that it can still be cured abroad, but to get out of Chechnya 'commander' can not.
. In October 2000, stated its readiness to send to the Middle East 150 of its 'soldiers' (in his words, a "holy war for the liberation of Jerusalem" are ready to join another one and a half thousand Chechen fighters).
. In March 2001, in connection with the kidnapping of American Kenneth Gluck, Basayev said that it was 'amateur' some of the mujahideen, and requested that Gluck did not give anyone any information that may harm your unwitting captors.
. According to the regional headquarters for the operations in Chechnya, Basayev is currently (May 2001) is based in the village of Duisi Akhmeta district of Georgia.
. Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, it announced in the federal wanted list, is wanted by Interpol.

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    Shamil Basayev Salmanovich, photo, biography
    Shamil Basayev Salmanovich, photo, biography Shamil Basayev Salmanovich  The leader of militants in Chechnya., photo, biography
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