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Belozertsev Sergey

( Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Russia. President of the Fund of social protection of motherhood and childhood.)

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Biography Belozertsev Sergey
Date of birth: 1955 gg.Vologda
In 1978. graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of the Leningrad State University.
In 1978-1982 he lectured at the Department of Marxism-Leninism Ulyanovsk Higher Military-Technical School of. Khmelnitskogo.
In 1979-1980, prepared, but was unable to publish a book on foreign Sociology.
In 1982-1985 he studied in graduate school Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU).
Since 1985 was the first assistant and then senior lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of the Karelian State Pedagogical Institute. Was a lecturer society "Knowledge".
In 1980. Sergei Belozertsev joined the Communist Party.
In 1989 elected people's deputy of the USSR 570 Kalinin national-territorial constituency (Karelia).
In 1990 Belozertsev announced his resignation from the party and joining the SDPR.
He was one of two representatives in the Coordinating Council SDPR DR, but in 1992 came out of him, saying that management believes DR corrupt and linked with the special services.
Actively cooperated with the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers.
In May 1993, Mr.. elected Vice-Chairman SDPR.
In April 1993 became an adviser to the President of Ingushetia Ruslan Aushev.
The Congress SDPR in September 1995. Belozertsev was elected chairman of the Party. He participated in the election campaign 1995. in the electoral bloc "Faith, Labor, Conscience".
Block failed to collect 200 thousand. signatures in their support and did not participate in the elections.

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  • Cthubq for Belozertsev Sergey
  • Belozertsev Sergey was born in Vologda 22/11/1955 Education: higher education: a philosophical (D-1? 151,366) and legal (NE? 122278); degree: Ph.D. in Philosophy (FS? 007225),
    . Experience: 1998 - n.vr. - Associate Professor of Socio-political and legal doctrines of the law faculty of Moscow State Open University 1997 - 1998 - Associate Professor of Administrative and customs law MGOU 1999 - n.vr,
    . - Head of analytical department of the Commission on Combating Organized Crime, . corruption; Vice President of the International Movement against Crime and Corruption 'Our Right', . Counsel. 1995 - 1998 - Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Russia (SDPR), . Further co-chair of 1996 - one of the founders of the Inter-Regional information-analytical group "Voice of the People ', , . member of the Supreme Soviet Committee on Legislation, . Law and Order, . Deputy,
    . Chairman of the Subcommittee on Judicial Reform, . Member, Committee on Human Rights Member of the Commission under the President of the USSR to verify and investigate complaints of soldiers' mothers, independent political-military expertise: in Namangan (BB - people), . on terrorist activities of the Riga OMON (and, . proved, . Marine Corps), led by an expert group of the USSR Armed Forces to investigate KGB activities before and during the military-communist coup (GKChP - 91); in 1995,
    . assessment commissioned by the Institute of Humanities and Political Studies - 'Socio-economic cross-section of the Ulyanovsk region' 1990 - - from the inception - a member of the Interregional Deputy Group, the Social-democratic-Koi Association, . and then the leadership of the Social - Democratic Party of Russia (SDPR). 1990 - Founder of the independent newspaper 'Alarm North-West', . to 1993,
    . standing of its author 1988 - one of the founders and leaders of the Popular Front of Karelia 1985-1991 - lecturer in philosophy of the Karelian Pedagogical Institute, 1978-1982 - lecturer in philosophy Ulyanovsk Higher Military-Technical School of,
    . Khmelnitskogo Postgraduate Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University 1982-1985 Publications: 28 scientific publications, . article in the Union, . Russia and the regional press, . Book 'Mechanics of death,
    . The Red Terror during perestroika ', . 1994 Research interests: Social Philosophy, . Social Psychology, . social forecasting, and case studies, . Political Science, Criminal Procedure, . restoration of civilized Russia proceedings; study of regional economic and political risks. Scope of study: advocacy (1988, . in t.ch,
    . judicial protection since 1996), . analyzes, . Journalism Languages and other skills: Russian - native, . English - spoken, work on IBM PC; reserve officer (lichn.? M-382980, . VSL 0030400),
  • Dmitry Krajukhin for Belozertsev Sergey
  • Dear Sergey! In Orel press reported, . that you - "Head of the structure with a formidable name - Analytical Department of the International Commission for the fight against crime and corruption." Unfortunately, . the Internet any information about this structure is not found. Could you tell us - what is the International Commission for the fight against crime and corruption,
  • Tatiana Lunin for Belozertsev Sergey
  • Serge, Hi, I have a couple of years looking for you, call me, please. 9 495 1482253 or 8 903 588 13 51, very forward, Tatiana Lunin.
  • nklsdv for Belozertsev Sergey
  • Happy new year, wishes of good health, as well as the greatest heights, for whom refused to be in the ranks oblsugi "Jewish congress, with apologies if you suddenly have offended unintentionally" Indigenous non-Russian Kolka "
  • Sergy for Belozertsev Sergey
  • Sedov, that for zhidizmy, and even the new year? Lunin can find someone wants to Learn directly by name or Ingushetii.ru
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    Belozertsev Sergey, photo, biography
    Belozertsev Sergey, photo, biography Belozertsev Sergey  Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Russia. President of the Fund of social protection of motherhood and childhood., photo, biography
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