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VOICU Andrei Ivanovich

( Chief of Staff to the lower house of Russia's parliament.)

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Biography VOICU Andrei Ivanovich
Date of birth: 1953
He graduated from the Faculty of Moscow State University.
After graduation he worked as a consultant to the legal department of the All.
Since 1983, Mr.. holds the position of head of sector for the law-making activities of the legal department of the Supreme Council of Russia.
In 1990. appointed head of the Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Russia under the laws.
Since 1991. - Head of the Secretariat Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Sergei Shakhrai.
Since July 1992. worked as Deputy Chief State Law Office - Head of Legal Expertise.
In February 1993, Mr.. appointed deputy chief of staff for President of Russia.
The responsibilities included: supervision of office management, procurement and financial management, apparatus of committees and commissions under the President, Management Information Resources. At the same time appointed chief of staff of Russia's lower house of parliament.
Through the channels of the agency "PostFactum" Head of the Sector Committee of the Council of Nationalities porepressirovannym and deported peoples Pavel Laptev handed a note "the deputy head of administration of former President Voykov Andrei Ivanovich". The note read: "After the incident, you do not believe for a classmate. Pavel Laptev. House of Soviets of Russia. 14-06, 29 September.
In February 1994,. relieved of the post of Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Russia in connection with his appointment as Chief of Staff of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly.
PF - "a mixed reaction from members of the State Duma of Russia led to the appointment of the Council Chamber for the head of the Duma Andrei Voykova. Under the interim regulations, approval of the chief of staff nominated by the Duma is not required. However, the deputy group "Russia's Path" invited to consider endorsing candidates the exam, which was rejected by a majority of deputies. "
. MPs rejected the proposed nomination of Andrei the exam for the post of Chief of Staff of the State Duma's version of PF "Not only because he is from the Office of the President
. Members will recall that this was one of those who contributed to the blockade and acceleration of the Supreme Council
. "PF", Chief of Staff of the State Duma Andrey Voikov suspended for further consideration in the design work in the press service of the State Duma of the former head of the press service of the Armed Forces Yuri Marechenkova Ruslan Khasbulatov
. As stated by the spokesperson of the State Duma
. The appointment of Yuri Marechenkova head of a department press-service of the State Duma adopted the Duma committee on the organization of the lower house of parliament
Voikov issued a decree "On improving the structure and reduce the number of staff and administration of the State Duma, according to which about a third is expected to reduce the apparatus of the lower chamber. November 4, First Deputy Chairman of the House Michael Mityukov and chairman of the Duma Committee on the organization of Vladimir Bauer began to develop concrete and practical measures. In contrast to the presidential administration and government officials of the State Duma have a fairly bright political overtones.
The fact that the factions and committees themselves shall choose a staff, and at the same time as the claim of paramount importance are the political views of candidates. Employees of the apparatus of the State Duma can only approve the proposed official.
Chief of Staff of the State Duma Andrey Voikov acknowledged that the reorganization is long overdue and it should be accompanied by a real cleansing. Its purpose - not only to get rid of those who can not effectively perform his duties, but also eliminate the very common overlap in the Duma, the hardware units.
May 5 Chief of Staff of the State Duma Andrey Voikov and CEO Steepler Maxim Selivanov signed a general agreement on the establishment of the Duma's information and communication system (ECK). Computer network installed, tested and launched on Steepler submitted business plan an estimated cost range is $ 30 million

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VOICU Andrei Ivanovich, photo, biography
VOICU Andrei Ivanovich, photo, biography VOICU Andrei Ivanovich  Chief of Staff to the lower house of Russia's parliament., photo, biography
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