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Gdlyan Telman Kh

( Co-Chair of the People's Party of Russia (NDP), a member of the bloc 'New Russia', the president of the All-Russia stock of progress, human rights and charity.)

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Biography Gdlyan Telman Kh
Date of Birth: December 20, 1940. Village Big Sapsar Akhalkalaki district of Georgia.
In 1964-1968 he. studied at the Saratov Law Institute. DI Kursk.
His political views Gdlyan evaluates both the liberal and democratic. Governments Yeltsin - Gaidar and Chernomyrdin expressed restrained and critical attitude. He believes that by placing at the center of the liberalization of prices, Gaidar missed other important elements of economic reform: the de-monopolization, privatization, market saturation goods.
Skeptical of the price controls, supports the indexing of wages. He believes that the borders between the CIS countries are subject to change, and sees the CIS as a basis for the future union of states such as the Common Market.
He believes that the problem of the Kuril Islands should be resolved through a referendum.
April 14, 1995, Mr.. at a press conference said Gdlyan, . that block, . in which he participates, . intends to take part in parliamentary, . and presidential elections, . intend to win and form their own government, . which will provide the evolutionary development of society and make a policy of moral,
The main objective of the Government Kazannik-Gdlyana-Ivanov will be the fight against crime and corruption in state government. This will be developed by the Law on combating corruption in the government, which must be submitted to a referendum of all the Russias, established an independent federal investigative committee, controlled only the president. The second problem - is to return to Russia $ 300 billion, belonging to Russia (Russia's debt, the shadow capital of Russia and property empire, which is pravopriem Russia).
According Gdlyana, Yeltsin had already exhausted its political potential, he has already acted as a destroyer, now must come to the builders, and Yeltsin, the task will not be able to cope ".
Life path:
After the war the family moved to Gdlyana Sukhumi.
From 1959 to 1962. served in the Army.
In 1963-1964, Mr.. worked as assistant warden at the school plant in Saratov.
In the army in 1962. joined the Communist Party.
According Gdlyana, while studying at the institute in 1967-68 he r. was president of the student politkluba, whose members after the departure of Gdlyana from Saratov radicalized, have created an underground "group of revolutionary Marxism" and were arrested in 1969. for anti-Soviet activities. Participants' group of revolutionary Marxism, however, do not remember Gdlyana and denied any connection between his underground circles with the student politklubom.
Upon graduation in 1968 - 1970 g. Gdlyan worked Investigator Baryshskogo district of Ulyanovsk region in 1970 - 1972 g. - Investigator Zavolzhsky region, Mr.. Ulyanovsk. In 1974 - 1981 g. - A senior investigator of the Ulyanovsk region in 1981 - 1983 g. - An investigator for particularly important cases of prosecution of Ulyanovsk Oblast.
Since 1983, Mr.. - A senior investigator for particularly important cases when the Attorney General of the USSR, the head of investigation, investigated corruption in Uzbekistan. Activity group Gdlyana led to the resignation and arrest of many prominent party functionaries. In "Uzbek affair" Gdlyanu was also charged with "dealing Churbanova (son in law of the late Leonid Brezhnev).
In 1988. in response to numerous complaints of violations of law by a group Gdlyana he was removed from the investigation and the commission was established by the Presidium of the USSR Supreme audit of its activities. Immediately after that a number of defendants refused to previous testimony, citing the fact that during interrogation they were pressed to obtain false. Some of those arrested were released. In response Gdlyan made public statements that the highest nomenclature is taking action to curtail the investigation. Eve of the XIX Conference of the CPSU, in the summer of 1988, through magazine Ogonyok Gdlyan accused of corruption by some delegates to the party conference.
In 1989. Gdlyan and his deputy for the investigation team Nikolai Ivanov were nominated as candidates for deputies of the USSR. March 4, 1989, Mr.. - In the first round of voting - Gdlyan became the People's Deputies and 25 Tushino territorial constituency (Tushinsky district of Moscow and near Moscow, Zelenograd), received 86.80% of votes.
In April 1989, T. Gdlyanu and N. Ivanov order of the Attorney General was reprimanded "for violation of law", and 25 May 1989. Procurator's Office instituted proceedings against Gdlyana and Ivanov case on charges of violation of "socialist legality".
In May 1989, Mr.. in the Literary Gazette published an article the well-known journalist, human rights activist Olga Tchaikovsky "The Myth", . an account of the group applies Gdlyana large-scale illegal (but common in the Soviet police practice) methods of investigation: the contents of the suspects to court within a few years, . arrests wives and children awaiting trial, . "press-hut" (placement in a cell with repeat offenders), . threats and beatings,

. Article Tchaikovsky, . particularly, . figured some strange suicide defendants: the secretary Gaipov, . who inflicted a 17 knife wounds, . while in the neighboring Gdlyanom room, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan Davydov, . shot himself, . Officially, . three pistol shots to the head; Colonel Khadjimourad, . left a suicide note that, . that can no longer make beatings and humiliation, etc.,
. By this time, however, public opinion has already been established Gdlyana image as an uncompromising fighter against corruption and for social justice.
At the I-th Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR Gdlyan became part of the Interregional Deputy Group (MDG) and was elected a member of its Coordinating Council. In late 1989. Gdlyan accused criminals in the patronage of Secretary of the CPSU, the leader of the conservative wing of the Political Bureau of Yegor Ligachev, which further increased the popularity of the investigator as a fighter against the Mafia Party.
In December 1989. at the II Congress of People's Deputies of the Soviet Union formed a committee of the Supreme Council, chaired by Roy Medvedev to investigate the activities of the investigative group Gdlyana. The Commission condemned the action as Gdlyana and the Prosecutor General of the USSR Sukharev, and recommended that Sun allow Gdlyana dismissal of the Prosecutor's Office (dismissed in April 1990. with the phrase "a flagrant violation of socialist legality in the investigation of financial affairs")
. At the II Congress of People's Deputies, along with the Baltic and Transcaucasian MPs voted against the amendment to article 96 of the Constitution of the USSR on the inadmissibility of "direct or indirect restrictions on electoral rights of citizens of the USSR (Amendment protects the interests of" workers "),
In early 1990, Mr.. Gdlyan joined the Democratic Platform in CPSU and was elected a member of its Coordinating Council.
In February 1990, Mr.. was expelled from the party at the general meeting of the Communist Party apparatus USSR Prosecutor's Office in accordance with the decision of the Plenum of the Central Committee - with the phrase "committed grave breaches of the law and the requirements of the Charter of the CPSU". In response, in Zelenograd, which belonged to the electoral district Gdlyana, was held a warning strike in his support.
April 18, 1990, Mr.. Attorney General asked the Sukharev Soviet of the USSR Supreme deprivation Gdlyana and Ivanov immunity, bringing them to criminal prosecution and arrest.
At this point Gdlyan went to Armenia, where he ran for the deputies of the republic, fearing that the requirement will be satisfied with the Prosecutor's Office (in Armenia Gdlyan was elected as a deputy), but the USSR Supreme Prosecutor's Office refused to.
In 1989-1990. in Moscow and some other cities have arisen Committee to Protect Gdlyana and Ivanov. November 7, 1990, Mr.. Gdlyan said at a rally in Moscow on the need to create "a truly people's party" (one of the alleged name of the new party was "radical-democratic"). At a rally in support of Yeltsin's March 10, 1991, Mr.. read a statement by a group of People's Deputies of the RSFSR and the establishment of the People's Party of Russia (NDP), but he and Ivanov signed a statement of Oleg Kalugin, Tatyana Koryagina, Bela Denisenko (later in the game are not included). May 19, 1991, Mr.. at the constituent congress in Zelenograd Gdlyan elected co-chair of the NDP (in June 1992. re-elected to that post).
In October 1990. Gdlyan participated in the founding congress of the Movement of Democratic Russia and became a member of its Council of Representatives. In January 1991, Mr.. Gdlyan was elected a member of the Coordinating Council of "Democratic Russia" (on an individual basis).
Since 1992, Mr.. - Member of the COP "Democratic Russia" as a representative of the NDP. Inside the Movement of DR in 1992. supported the "radical liberals" (Yuri Afanasyev, Marina Salier).
In 1993, while remaining representative of the NDP in the COP movement "Democratic Russia", an active role in the movement did not play.
During the attempted coup in August 1991. Gdlyan among the first, was arrested Aug. 19 on a warrant, . signed by the commandant of Moscow, General Kalinin, . and together with the people's deputy of Russia Vladimir Komchatovym and Colonel Nicholas Proselkovym placed in a cell in the regiment of special purpose airborne troops,
. Released on the morning of August 21.
In December 1991, Mr.. Council of the Union of the USSR Supreme Council passed a resolution rescinding the decision to dismiss Gdlyana and Ivanova from prosecution as an illegal. Prosecutors in Russia, became the legal successor of the USSR Prosecutor's Office, declined to address the issue of restoration of investigators at work.
In January 1992, Mr.. Gdlyan became one of the founders of the block "New Russia" (NDP, the Social Democratic Party of Russia, Peasant Party of Russia, social liberal union Russia and others). Member of the bloc "New Russia".
In September 1993, like most leaders of the "New Russia" unreservedly endorsed Yeltsin's decree to dissolve parliament.
In October 1993. created on the base unit "New Russia" selective association of the same name, along with Mikhail Bocharov and Nikolai Ivanov, head of the list of candidates to the State Duma of the association. However, the unit did not take part in the elections.
In 1995. NDP, led by Gdlyanom and Ivanov joined the centrist bloc, created at the initiative of Alexei Kazannik and his party, the Party of the People's Conscience. Also, this association joined Svyatoslav Fyodorov (Prat Municipalities Workers). This unit has decided to participate in the upcoming December 1995. elections to the Duma.
Since December 1991. is president of the All-Russia stock of progress, human rights and compassion for the material basis of which (the premises, etc.) based unit "New Russia".
After the end of 1990. Gdlyan ceased to be attacked by the Communist press, his popularity has fallen markedly.

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  • Idris for Gdlyan Telman Kh
  • Dear Telman Horenovich.Ya am Chairman of political council of the International Women's Association "The mothers against violence" (Belgium). In the sphere of work on the topic of the political regime in Uzbekistan, . We have read your book "The Kremlin case", . in connection with what we had some voprosy.Esli you are not very difficult, . we ask you to explain ih.O corruption cotton was known in Uzbekistan and Azerbaydzhane.Pochemu investigation began with Uzbekistan? One of the actors, an official from Uzbekistan named Karimov, . whether it is the president of Uzbekistan? thank you for the book and valuable information about the political system of vremeni.Spasibo.Idris Adikaev,
  • Rovshan for Gdlyan Telman Kh
  • Telman you still alive? really Uzbeks until they reached before you? that for a long time coming. still to come. Be careful brother.
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    Gdlyan Telman Kh, photo, biography
    Gdlyan Telman Kh, photo, biography Gdlyan Telman Kh  Co-Chair of the People's Party of Russia (NDP), a member of the bloc 'New Russia', the president of the All-Russia stock of progress, human rights and charity., photo, biography
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