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Gorlov Alexander

( Director of Public Organization 'Association soldiers' promotion'.)

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Biography Gorlov Alexander
Date of Birth: March 1, 1952 goda.g.Nikolsk Penza
Higher, higher finished Baloshovskoe Pilot School. In 1994 graduated from the program "TACIS" at Manchester University and received an international award manager.
Professional military pilot, served in the military line units in Novgorod, Ivanovo, Zaporozhye. In 1982 he moved to the Office of Defense customer in Penza Military Representative MoD - to an enterprise development and serial production of aircraft simulators for the Air Force. In 1991 he was dismissed from the Armed Forces to the reserve with the rank of Major.
In 1991-95. organized a number of private enterprises, led by a public organization "Association of troops" Assistance "(has more than 3 thousand members, 12 representative offices in Russia, the Baltics, Central Asia)
. Last February 27, 1993 in Penza regional association conference reporting on social protection of servicemen "Assistance", . According to the newspaper Penzenskie lead ", . attended by senior officials of the Ministry of Defense, . Volga and the Trans-Baikal military district, . Northern Fleet,
. Speaking at the congress, Chairman of Association of Alexander Gorlov soschil that of the 5 integrated programs the association is the most important program "Housing". Until 1995 it will build housing for 3-thousand families of servicemen. The city will receive through this program, 950 apartments. The Association participates in the establishment of farms, horticultural associations, organizes the processing, storage and sale of products grown. Within the Association, an association of farmers, ex-military.
In 1994, A. Gorlov graduated under the TACIS program at the University of Manchester, received the award manager. February 26, 1994 in Penza in the III Conference of Regional Association of troops "Promotion" chairman of the Association Alexander Gorlov told reporters, . that among the priorities of the organization - housing, . development of farms, . retraining of military personnel and their families, . establishment of enterprises of different ownership and legal assistance,
. A. Gorlov also noted that the administration of the Association provided 800 hectares of land on which the ex-soldiers established 14 farms.
In autumn 1995, entered the electoral list of the association "A stable Russia, participating in elections to the Duma's obschefederanomu District. Newspaper "chimes" (N 130) was interpreted Gorlova participate in the electoral list for N 3 as a "remarkable fact". According to the newspaper, "it ... not too common in the start of the election marathon, the fact of entering politics major employer ".
In 1991-95. Alexander Gorlov organized a number of private enterprises, led by a public organization "Association of troops" Assistance "(has more than 3 thousand members, 12 representative offices in Russia, the Baltics, Central Asia).
Association, whose establishment began in 1992, became the union soldiers and their families, consisting of NGOs, industry, investment and financial companies. The purpose of the Association - the socio-economic protection of servicemen and their families, . The Association is engaged in residential construction contracts with the Defense Ministry, . military districts and offices and is the author of a comprehensive regional program "Promotion - 2000", . agreed and adopted to implement the Defense Ministry in 1993,
In 1994, led by construction firm Gorlov "Promotion", a member of the Association, won an international tender for the right to housing under the grant of the American government for the military, discharged their Baltic
. As reported by 14 fevpalya agency "PostFactum" Director General Association of Soldiers "Promoting" Alexander Gorlov, . in Penza began construction of 207-apartment home for reserve officers - Intergovernmental Agreement between the U.S. and Russia on grant assistance in the relocation of troops from former Soviet republics in Russia,
. On the American side in the project involved the Agency for International Development, and by Russia - an interdepartmental commission on implementing targeted program "Housing". The contract price was not disclosed, but it is known that the construction of houses will be used mainly in Russia's building materials and builders involved Penza.
Agreement provides for incentives for the project:
exemption from profit tax, VAT, spetsnaloga. Authorized Bank Agency for International Development identified the bank Menatep. Deadline home - June 18, 1996.

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Gorlov Alexander, photo, biography
Gorlov Alexander, photo, biography Gorlov Alexander  Director of Public Organization 'Association soldiers' promotion'., photo, biography
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