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Goryachev Mark L.

( The President and owner of the concern 'Hot'. Member of the International Economic Forum.)

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Biography Goryachev Mark L.
Date of Birth: April 6, 1954. He graduated from the School of Music on guitar. Married (by his own admission, he married for love), has three children. Resides in the city of St. Petersburg
Deputy DG of the South-West electoral district N 213, Saint-Petersburg.
Member of the Party of Unity and Accord Rossiyskogo.
Member of the State Duma Committee on Property, Privatization and economic activity.
He graduated from the School of Music on guitar.
Up to 33 years as piano tuner.
Since 1987, engaged in business. He began by organizing their own cooperative for the production of grand pianos. The first industrial investment in the Leningrad Artistic Glass Plant. Then, the extensive investment activity in the field of industrial production.
In May 1992, had a private audience with the Pope.
At the time of elections - the president and owner of the concern "hot," one of the largest private industrial investment companies in Russia.
Personal property Goryacheva in December 1993 was estimated at 4.5 billion rubles.
In the State Duma was simultaneously on a single-mandate district in St. Petersburg, as well as on the lists of "Civil Union", has received the required five percent.
In 1993 he was elected as an independent MP for the South-West district N 213 in St. Petersburg.
In June 1993, including 5 businessmen of Russia was invited to the hearings to a subcommittee of the international development of the financial activities of the U.S. Congress.
He founded the financial and industrial group of 12 deputies. Once the barrier strength for the registration of parliamentary groups of 35 people was negotiating to merge with the group Union on Dec. 12, but the next day his group attached to the fraction PRESS.
Member of the State Duma Committee on Property, Privatization and economic activity.
Rossiyskogo member of the Christian Democratic Union since May 1994
. Summer 1994, . by-election to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Goryachev created selective association movement of the consolidation ", . program which the principles of economic, . political and spiritual freedom combined with social guarantees the individual from the state,
. This union contested 23-m a 25-county, in which repeated elections. Electoral campaign was carried out in a big way and showed the presence of large amounts. In the Legislature was able to 2 Deputies.
In 1995, running for the State Duma 6-th convocation on 212 South-West constituency of Saint-Petersburg.
Political views, position:
Prompted him to enter politics "economic chaos" and "total absence of normal laws governing the economy". The ruling team of reformers Goryachev distrusted.
A defender of Western investment in Russia market. In campaign speeches Goryachev said that the interests of business - these are the interests of all. "The taxpayer is a proud ring!"
Goryachev realized that with the advent of the Parliament he will have to part with the business. Feedback from witnesses, he reacted to this fact coolly: "I have enough for my millions'. In addition, he is known among his colleagues on a fraction - and joined the faction of Goryachev PRESS led by Sergei Shakhrai - how people nervous and hot, ready to defend justice by any means and ways.
Became popular after an incident in the cafeteria of the Duma 15 January 1994, when Goryachev troubled by the fact that the waiters serve Zhirinovsky queue. The dispute ended with the fact that the hot hit Zhirinovsky in the face leaving a bloody scratch on it, and then strayed from the protection of Zhirinovsky's chair. Vladimir Zhirinovsky provided first aid. In this skirmish, Vladimir Zhirinovsky promised Mark Goryacheva make him the first prisoner of Lefortovo prison, but, however, did not specify when it will.
Parties, public organizations: Member of Rossiyskogo Christian Democratic Union since May 1994. In May 1992, had a private audience with the Pope
. Member of the International Economic Forum.
. Businesses: In 1994, during the financial crisis, the company MMM, Goryachev, proposed to the State Duma to appoint the president MMM Sepgeya Mavpodi ministpom Finance "-" I see Sepgeya Mavpodi, son of our napoda in post ministpa Finance ..
. I see our napod, ppotsvetayuschy with Mavpodi. Mavpodi sent to us by God "- said Deputy. According to M. Gopyacheva, "members ppavitelstva actively envy Lena Golubkova .... Ppavitelstvo likes to suggest the konkupentsii, but not teppit and pooschpyaet it ". Most neppiyatnoe for nomenklatupy, he believes, is what made Mavpodi Employment ppavitelstva: withdrew from kapmanov and forced them pabotat. Goryachev CRITICISM expressed in the address i.o. ministpa Finance Sepgeya Dubinin, which are, in his view, action by the Communist methods.
At MMM "all is over, ppeduppezhdaet Goryachev, vpepedi" Gartner, "Telemapket" and another in. "It is important to create ppetsedent, and then go on thumb. But they skopo obnapuzhat that the funds had no money, they are all in obopote in stpane or her limit, then rush graben banks and here we all go to the bottom. "

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Goryachev Mark L., photo, biography
Goryachev Mark L., photo, biography Goryachev Mark L.  The President and owner of the concern 'Hot'. Member of the International Economic Forum., photo, biography
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