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Erin Viktor

( Deputy Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia.)

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Biography Erin Viktor
Date of Birth: January 17, 1944. Kazan.
In 1973 he graduated from the High School of Interior SSSR.Nagrazhden Order of Red Star and medals (for the investigation of particularly serious crimes).
In October 1993, received the title Hero of Russia's Federation (for the actions of counter-insurgency 3-4 October).
Service in the Internal Affairs began in 1964, the district.
Eighteen years in the Criminal Investigation Department Tartary. His way from the operational to the Chief Commissioner of the Office of Criminal Investigation Department Tartary.
Last post was occupied from 1982 to 1984.
He participated in the investigation of serious crimes, exposing the highly dangerous criminal groups.
In 1973 he graduated from the High School of the MVD USSR.
In 1980-1981 he served in mission in Afghanistan.
In 1983 he was transferred to the system of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs to the post of Chief of the Main Administration of anti-theft.
In 1988-1990 was the first Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Armenia. First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan at this time was Viktor Barannikov.
For a long time after this career Erin has been closely associated with career Barannikova, Erin was his "eternal deputy".
Since 1990 - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR - the chief of criminal police, in early 1991 - First Deputy Minister of.
In early September 1991 was appointed First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs (Minister of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR and the USSR in this period was Victor Barannikov).
Erin on the post of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia has played a prominent role in quelling an attempted coup in August 1991
. Hosted a set of operational activities to collect and use information about the intentions of the plotters', . personally involved in the arrest of Boris Pugo, . Prime Minister Valentin Pavlov, and chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Anatoly Lukyanov,
Led the team to ensure prompt investigation of criminal cases brought against the coup, on the financial affairs of the CPSU.
Since mid-December 1991 - First Deputy Barannikova in the newly created Ministry of Security and Internal Affairs (MBVD) Russia.
He was one of the most active supporters of unification of the security and internal affairs under the umbrella of one department, which completely fits into its policy of strong and tough law enforcement. Acted as one of the main initiators and developers of President Yeltsin's decree on the formation of MBVD.
After the abolition of MBVD in accordance with the decision of the Constitutional Court of Russia in January 1991, Erin was appointed by decree of President Yeltsin on 17 January 1992 Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia.
A supporter departizatsii LAW ENFORCEMENT. One of the first senior leaders of the internal affairs came from the ranks of the CPSU in May 1991.
Erin enjoys a reputation as a highly qualified professional with extensive experience of working in the Ministry of Interior of Russia. Specializes in organizing intelligence work and combat organized crime.
Is the developer is now being introduced in the police the new scheme of public order and combating crime, in which priority is given to preventive measures.
The Interior Ministry of Russia under the leadership of Erin developed a draft "anti-crime program in the 1992-1993 year, which was submitted to the session of the Supreme Soviet of Russia
. Erin reacted negatively to the idea of transformation of the Interior Ministry of Russia in the part of the National Guard, believing that internal forces can effectively carry out its functions and there is no need to convert them into units of the Guards
. The idea was not implemented.
Since November 1992 he was the head of the operational staff to restore law and order in the Ingush-Ossetian conflict. In December 1992, as Minister of Internal Affairs entered the cabinet of Viktor Chernomyrdin.
In September 1993, expressed its full support for President Yeltsin's decree dissolving the Supreme Soviet and the Congress.
1 October 1993 Victor Erin was given the rank of Army General.
October 20, 1993 by Presidential Erin appointed a member of the Security Council Russia.
In late 1994, took an active part in armed conflict in Chechnya, has been criticized in many media. March 10, 1995 DG expressed distrust Erin B. and A. Ilyushenko. In disbelief, Minister of Internal Affairs 268 parliamentarians voted.
June 30, after the events in Budennovsk, Boris Yeltsin dispatched Interior Minister Viktor Erin resigned from his post at his own request.
July 5, 1995 Victor Erin appointed Deputy Director of Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia.

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Erin Viktor, photo, biography
Erin Viktor, photo, biography Erin Viktor  Deputy Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia., photo, biography
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